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simplehuman Code P Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 50-60 Liter / 13-16 Gallon, White, 200 Count

simplehuman Code P Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 50-60 Liter / 13-16 Gallon, White, 200 Count simplehuman Code P Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 50-60 Liter / 13-16 Gallon, White, 200 Count simplehuman Code P Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 50-60 Liter / 13-16 Gallon, White, 200 Count

simplehuman Code P Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 50-60 Liter / 13-16 Gallon, White, 200 Count

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LINERS THAT FIT PERFECTLY - Our liners are tailored so they fit perfectly in our cans, making it impossible to store the bag when the lid is closed, as well as prevent them from slipping during transit.
DOUBLE SEAMS - A blend of extra-durable plastic and thick double seams prevent ripped and torn materials.
Drawstring handles are convenient for lifting, tying, and carrying.
Handling and dispensing are made easier with these convenient dispenser packs.

Questions & Answers

I'm looking for trash bags 25" to 30" in height The width is 26" and the height is 31" The height of the person is 32". Can you please tell me which code I should purchase?

The bags are shaped specifically for use with Simple Human cans that have a built-in bag dispenser. It is indicated on the cans by a letter code. These won't do much good if you don't have a simplehuman can. Buying a generic bag at the local market might be a better option. You should be able to tell if you have a Simplehuman can by the sticker on it, if not, look it up

To find out the height of these bags, I need to know their height. Could you please tell me what your 50-word sentence is about As a result of 60, we can- What are the dimensions of the 10" range? Height is more of an issue than strength since they will be used for storage. ?

I am not exactly sure what you mean by your question, but the "N" series can liners measure 31 inches tall (up to the pull strap), 32 inches overall. A width of 23 inches is required. Thank you, I hope that helped

An example of a 20-pack is shown in the picture. That means that this is 10 packs of 20 compared to 200 packs in one box? One review said that there was a box of 200 and another said 10 per box of ?

Thank you for contacting me. This set should come with two boxes of 100, each one with five packs of twenty.

How many of the 200 count bags will fit in the internal ?

There are two commercial 200-based There are no separate packs of 20 in a count box. As a result, Boxes that contain fewer than six cans cannot be stored in the liner pocket of lines with rims.

Selected User Reviews For simplehuman Code P Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 50-60 Liter / 13-16 Gallon, White, 200 Count

There is a box containing all 200 bags

All 200 bags came loose in one box, which I didn't expect. It seems that these are not quite as good as the ones I purchased from BedBathBeyond for a lower price. There was a SimpleHuman box, but the bags had changed, so it might not be there anymore. In contrast to the smaller bags you buy at the store, the commercial 200 pack is not the same. The next time I'm ordering directly from simplehuman, I'm going to pay a little more. Packs of 20 are available in 100 (8 packs of 10 each) or 240 (four boxes of 60 which end up being twelve packs of 10 each). My next purchase from Amazon would not be the 200 pack.

Saint Sexton
Saint Sexton
| Dec 26, 2020
The price is slightly higher than a normal trash bag, but they are All the other trash bags I've found in - Due to the square shape of the store, I feel like the trash container isn't being used to its full capacity

My budget is pretty tight, but I realize that this 200 pack of these (which I purchased) works out to be slightly more expensive per bag (more expensive being only a few cents more per bag) than other standard trashbags, so this purchase is worth it to me.

Brooks Camacho
Brooks Camacho
| Mar 26, 2021
Although the product is awesome, I am disappointed in the listing because it does not mention any of that

The product is excellent, but I was disappointed to see that the listing does not mention that they come as 200 bags in a cardboard box without anything else to protect them. If I remove them from the box, they end up making a mess in my closet since I don't have an appropriate place to store them in my kitchen.

Oaklyn Goodman
Oaklyn Goodman
| Oct 25, 2020
Taking out the trash is what I do as the husband

After 8 or so years, our Simple Human trash can (which still looks and functions like new) has lasted us quite a while, and I have used both the Simple Human bags and store-bought There is a price difference between these two. The bottom line is that you get what you pay for here. There are no comparisons between these and the high-quality "tough" bags provided by Hefty and Glad. Unlike many other brands, this one is extremely unlikely to tear, to pull a drawstring out, etc. They are made to last, and do the job intended. Therefore, although others might want to save money and not buy the best bags, I will continue to buy them and have all my needs met without being frustrated, disappointed, or annoyed that another busted bag must be replaced. This is a product that is well worth every.

Desmond Morrow
Desmond Morrow
| Oct 31, 2020
You will not find a better trash bag anywhere on earth! I resent the smell of garbage bags in the kitchen, which is one of my pet peeves

It's hard for me to comprehend how dumb and worthless These bags rip easily, and if they don't tear easy, they don't tie closed all the way, and if they don't do that, then they leak and drip garbage juice on From every home center on the planet, I have purchased the toughest heavy duty bags on the market. These are all a bunch of When I was a child, I had to double bag everything to get satisfaction, using twice as many bags as needed. In addition to that, they are quite pricey! In contrast, these bags are the stuff of dreams. My new can came with these, and they are perfect. They do not leak, do not tear, the ties do not break and spread out, and they are easy to use. I have finally ordered a large supply, so I can put this problem behind me. There is no rocket science behind garbage. Thanks for introducing me to a company that not only makes a decent bag, but also doesn't rip customers off by selling them a sub-par product. It was a very very good experience. Ordering again will be my next move.

Sutton Krause
Sutton Krause
| Jun 08, 2021
This is a cultural event not to be missed! You get a lot for your money! The Simple Human was found after we rummaged through many trash cans and bags of trash

We absolutely love the trash can and these bags, though they are a bit more expensive than the ones that you buy from a store. Are there people who are in love with their trash cans? I really like these bags because they are sturdy and fit in the trash can perfectly. A gimmick will not work here. You can purchase the trash can and the trash bags shown here at a discount on Amazon (if you can spare the cash). This movie will not let you down. The cost of my purchase is being kept low by purchasing in bulk. I'm actually enjoying it now when I watch my kid take out the trash. It is not possible to buy trash bags from stores that perform as well or fit the way Though I am convinced that this is by design, I still believe the money is worth it.

Bellamy Serrano
Bellamy Serrano
| Nov 09, 2020
The Code P trash bags have been a staple at SimpleHuman for several years

They are always high quality and the perfect size for the trash can. This bag can hold an incredible amount of trash in the kitchen, the household, etc. By ordering in bulk through Amazon you can save much more money than ordering from SimpleHuman directly. Please note the following packaging notes for 2019 Two hundred bags arrived in one large cardboard box that dispensed them. Each bag is folded and stacked within the dispenser box so that it can be easily removed. Due to the size of the box of 200 bags, it cannot be placed under a sink. So we will have to keep the box in our large hall way You can find it in the In order to reduce the amount of internal packaging, I understand the need, but just to give you a heads up if your needs will require more than 20.

Nico Stein
Nico Stein
| Dec 13, 2020
Product that is sturdy and solid It's only leaked once every three years! There were NO leaks from these bags while we were using them, but the ONLY time it leaked was when it was filled beyond capacity

In those days, it did not leak or break because the container was large and held bottles. At the time, I was shocked it did because for over 1-year, it was not used. It was a year that I will never forget. As soon as the trash is purchased- Since we do not have a bin to fit these bags, in late 2018 I decided to purchase this lot of bags on Amazon, even though it was much more expensive than the "Hefty" bag equivalent that would have saved me money. It was a very economical purchase compared to what you can buy in the grocery store. We ordered it for about 15 months, and it ended up lasting us a long time. The most important thing is that they never leak. I find that to be There's no reason not to put them on your list.

Aliana Vaughan
Aliana Vaughan
| Dec 12, 2020

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