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E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count

E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count

E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count
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Scrubbing has never been so easy with these E-Cloth Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pads — without the hard work or scratches. You can easily do away with cooked-on food, grease, and up to 99% of bacteria with only water from cookware, cooktops, and counters - without damaging finicky surfaces (hello, cast iron).
We work with microscopic fibers that make up the muscle of our thick pads easily. You can wash it in the washing machine or put it in boiling water to refresh it
Our environmental concerns - We would prefer to skip the additional cleaners and pads that break down the moment we use them. Why bother using them when you could use precision-engineered microfiber and water to accomplish the same task?
The Eco-savvy solution — With our 3-year or 300 wash guarantee, you'll be able to clean for a long time without buying new equipment. Keeping surfaces scratch-free and pristine will benefit the environment - and you will thank yourself later
You Can Do It With Just Washed E-Cloth and Water -- Too much elbow grease will lead to The result is a subpar clean when too little is used. With the E-Cloth Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pads you can count on it

Questions & Answers

Where can I find sponge in these?

The answer is yes, based on my observations. These have been my go-tos for the past 3 years I was in the military for five Their love for me is unconditional. I've never had an issue with a smell when I rinse them out. Dishwashers are my preferred method of cleaning mine. In between use, the dryer rests on a rack so that it can dry out.

Can you tell me where the products are ?

There is a tag on them that says they are manufactured The cloth is better than the sponge, and it works well!

Would these work on quartz counters?

I agree - all the E's The following non-stretch fabrics are available We offer scratch scrubbing pads, that are safe to use on all hard surfaces, including quartz !

The old and new versions are very different. How can I tell the difference?

We're all dealing with the same product! Our old and new version options only refer to how we package our software.

Selected User Reviews For E-Cloth Non-Scratch Microfiber Scrubbing Pad, 2 Count

Sponge that is good, but has a few A package of 2 sponges is included in this purchase

My first attempt to wash the sponge in the washing machine (after placing it in a zippered garment bag to protect it) resulted in the stitching ripping and the inner foam became Two cycles of wash have been completed with no damage to the other sponge. There's no doubt that the sponge is nice and does a great job of cleaning The smell has not been present because I rinse the clothing well and wring out excess water. It would be appreciated if I could get a replacement sponge for the one that's.

Alvin Krueger
Alvin Krueger
| Jan 09, 2021
Scrubber that does a great job

This has just been used to clean my bathtub. Although I did use some liquid soap with it, I will tell you that it did an excellent It's so nice to catch a glimpse of my sparkling tub! Both the spout and handles are similar to that of a cup. I am very pleased with the email you sent me A cloth that is not machine washable Scrubbing pad to clean scratched surfaces. This is definitely worth a try.

Kinsley Jenkins
Kinsley Jenkins
| Sep 18, 2020
It is difficult to maintain the sponge for the price

I like everything about it except the idea that it is supposed to last for a long time. In a household with two adults, this frayed very quickly when only moderate to low usage was involved. I like the scrub texture and the way it cleans, and I like that it is washable, however I cannot justify the price and the low quality of the product. For this reason, it is disappointing. The same exact experience with this sponge will be shared in my review of the "washing up" sponge by this brand. Frayed quickly and began unraveling- These photos are from 2 to 3 years ago There's nothing heavy duty here.

| May 01, 2021
It is economical and effective, but it takes a lot of effort They are the best scrubbers I have ever used

Because the fuzz from typical scrubby sponges would come off when they got worn and go down the drain, creating plumbing issues. Furthermore, we were moving to a new house where we would be using a septic system, so I didn't want to create any additional A second thing I liked was the 300 wash/3 year guarantee, so they paid for themselves since I’d no longer need to purchase regular sponges frequently, so it was a no-brainer for me. The pros are I love them because they have a good scrubbing power and are gentle on the Hands are not hurt by them You can use them on dishes, pots, and pans (gentle on aluminum, non-abrasive You won't believe what you're going to learn! ). As well as It is true that they will have some an odor after a few uses before washing, but it isn't as bad as the odor of classic After every use, you should take care of them and rinse them really well It is great to use a kitchen sink sprayer for this purpose. The cons are The grease is not as easily removed without dish soap as advertised, and when it dries it leaves a white film It is especially hard on the fibers on food and knives The only time I have used mine is for six months, and it already has holes. In addition, after a few washes (just detergent, no additives), the gloves no longer come clean and seem dingy, like the grease won't come out, and through the holes, it's clear that the foam has turned a gross brown color.

Colin Richards
Colin Richards
| Jun 05, 2021
My first impression was that I would not like it because it is so easy to use and so cheap

There is no way this is possible. The software has been a great help to me for months now, and I love it so much. Great results when it comes to washing up. I have been using them every day for years, and they are still as good as The product is cheap and good. If these ever wear out, I will buy them again.

Rylee Dorsey
Rylee Dorsey
| Jul 03, 2021
The bag is reusable, but it doesn't meet the quality standards

These were bought because I liked how reusable they were. My goal is to switch to fewer disposable products, and I love that these are sponges since I do not like using rags to wash dishes. I did develop a whole in the side of one of my sponges from the starter pack after using it for a week. This appears to be a case of the stitching coming apart, so I'm a little concerned about how long the sponges will really last. However, I am wary about buying more sponges. I still use the other sponge.

Eliana O’NEILL
Eliana O’NEILL
| Aug 13, 2020
It's great but the quality is inconsistent, so it's tears all the way! They are excellent, but we have issues with the cloth ripping about every third or fourth time we use them

The only reason it doesn't get five stars is because of that. Despite the price, I am likely to buy more and hope for the best. If sponges did come with warranties, that would be perfect.

Finnegan O’CONNOR
Finnegan O’CONNOR
| Oct 29, 2020
I have never found a better scrubber

They are the best scrubbers I have ever used. No matter if they use soap or not, they are excellent. Moreover, the disinfectant quality of their products is excellent. This is a necessary item in every kitchen. Put them in the washer when you need to for extra clean effects!.

Boone Barker
Boone Barker
| Oct 20, 2020

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