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Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted

Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted

Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted
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Our Lightly Salted in-shell pistachios are available in a convenient, resealable bag that holds five pounds of nuts.
Gluten Free and Non-GMO, this snack is delicious and healthy.
Pistachios grown in California that have been naturally opened.
We process our pistachios in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.
Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays, and any other special occasion, these delicate truffles are the perfect gift.

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how much sodium is in a ?

I am Judy, and 120mg of sodium is in each serving. Thank you. Pistachio Kernels come in a serving size of 49. We are grateful for your support, Frank Tamayo *br> Fiddyment

Can you tell me how many servings come in a ?

There is one bag, weighing five pounds. A serving depends on what you consider a serving to be. There are a lot of pistachios in this bag

Can you tell me whether these pistachios are How is the oil used if the meat has been roasted?

On their web site, www., you can find the best information. Farms with fiddyment. Visit our web site www.com Although they mention that the nuts are roasted, they do not mention what oils are According to the bag, the ingredients are pistachios and sea salt. It is also specified that the bag has 0mg of cholesterol, 120mg of sodium, and 8g of Having these as a snack helps me cut down on carbs A little bit at a time.

Do they contain salt from the sea?

Thanks for visiting! As far as I know, this product contains pistachios and sea salt. I hope

Selected User Reviews For Fiddyment Farms 5 LB. In-Shell Lightly Salted

We appreciate you as a frequent buyer! For the past three years, I've purchased the 5lb bag multiple times and will continue to do so

Whenever you order these, you can expect freshness and great taste! I found that buying them often kept them fresh, so I bought them often. My first step is to separate them into a number of small plastic bags as soon as they arrive. It is also convenient to grab a baggie and grab a snack on the go if you keep them airtight until you are ready to eat them. By staying like they did the day they got there, instead of continuing to open and close the big bag, which lets air in and reduces freshness, they stay like that. My attempt at using a big plastic bin failed, as it was the same as a big bag, and I had to open and close it repeatedly, exposing the ones that remained. I think that's the best way to divide them up.

These pistachios are great, and there are no wasted shells. There are plenty of nuts without shells at the bottom.

Zyair Valencia
Zyair Valencia
| Feb 17, 2021
A wonderful price per pound for excellent quality This is a great product

It has been 18 months since I have offered pistachios at my desk. Because of my medical condition, I switched to low salt, and I have tried a wide variety of products over the past several months. I can honestly say that these are the best. The pros include - The five-pound bag opens easily without damaging the zipper! - The five-pound bag comes with a lifetime guarantee! The door hasn't changed since it was first opened three years ago! Pistachio nuts are large for a pistachio. If you have a 0 and a 1 The size ranges from 0 to 10 with 0 being like a pea and 10 like an almond, so these are about a 7 or a This is a very plump creature! 3 Both the pistachios and the nut smell and taste freshly picked. The texture is extremely fresh, and the flavor is absolutely superb. There is just enough moisture to give it a beautifully fresh feel. 4. For Amazon Prime members, the free shipping price makes these nuts cheaper than those sold by the large grocery store near me, and they are better in quality than those offered by WallyWorld for about the same price. One pistachio does not have an empty shell (empty shells are rare)

After conducting extensive research, I believe these are by far the best value for pistachios. The average price of the product here on Amazon was nine dollars per pound at the time of this review.

Iker McNeil
Iker McNeil
| Nov 29, 2020
Salt is less flavorful, and flavor is more flavorful

Having ordered these to replace a "wonderful" grocery-store brand, I decided to give them a shot Nuts that often get lost around the home can be saved in a nut jar. The pistachios in this bag are bigger and tastier than the ones in those bags. The bag appears to be very low in nuts There's a lot of stuff in there Those that can't be opened and are hard It's likely that the nuts here have less salt than the typical grocery store nuts It's the brand of the store. It's not such a big deal to me, because I also think that the frozen ones have more flavor than the grocery-store varieties You can taste the difference between store brand and store brand. There is lots of salt in these, so if that is the case, these might not be the products Make these pistachios a part of your meal if you enjoy fresh, chunky pistachios.

Hanna Jordan
Hanna Jordan
| May 21, 2021
This is not a Bulk Price, but it is a bit better than average

My review is based on a purchase I made after going along with It is important to me that I give you an honest opinion. I. A. 1. There is something fresh about them. Does it make a difference if they are fresher than store bought items? There is a bit more freshness to them now. The answer is really difficult to determine! 2.

What is the state of the empty shells in the big bag? In short, yes. It is not uncommon to find dozens of such items. However, the nuts are on the bottom of the bar, so it is offset. 1. 2. 3. Does the value they provide outweigh the cost? I don't agree! Purchasing the bulk five pound bag of pistachios from the store is actually less expensive than purchasing them in the packaged form in In terms of price per ounce, these are less expensive than store-bought ones. There is an additional charge of about a dollar per pound for these. There are two reasons why this is an important point There are 5 lbs. in this package. There are one or two in the store bought. For volumes greater than five times the volume, you normally get a better price, but it's still more expensive. 4.

Is the taste so different that it will be a memory as soon as you eat it? I don't agree! After eating fast food, you may not be as surprised by them as you would be if you had eaten some superb burgers. 3.

4. Do you think they'll become a regular purchase? Yes, I am thinking of doing this. These are more of a quality product than regular supermarket fare, come in a larger bag, and support local businesses. Take a look.

Clay Watson
Clay Watson
| Jul 31, 2020
These are really good

I liked them These are really good. I liked them It's a light-weight material A snack with a salty flavor is a good compromise between keeping your health and getting a bit of extra flavor. In spite of trying these and the unsalted ones, I will head to the unsalted ones due to health reasons However, i couldn't take them because of my blood pressure, not because there was anything wrong with them. Fiddlyment 5 lb. has been the perfect tool for me. Throughout my life, fresh and high-quality pistachios have always been available. With my somewhat arthritic hands, I am able to remove about 90% of the shells by hand. In about 10% of cases, you just need to pry them open with something like a screw driver or something similar. Only 1% of the nuts would be difficult for me to open today if I had the hands I had 35 years ago. The bag is very easy to open with scissors and seals very nicely multiple times as I consume it - no tearing or stickiness. The freshness of the food remains intact while any bugs are kept *Pistachios are expensive, but they are still cheaper than what you find in your local grocery store (e. price per pound are all factors that make me plan to stick with them as long as the quality remains consistent.

Zyair Bautista
Zyair Bautista
| Mar 06, 2021
Pistachios de haute cuisine

The second bag we bought just arrived. I have purchased a lot of pistachios during the past decade, mostly in the grocery produce section, thinking they were very fresh. Though they are in a thick resealable bag, they stay fresh for a very long time. There is surely no comparison to the taste of these. They are hands down the best I have ever had. The decision has been made, and there is no turning Our whole bag of nuts were perfect! There was not one "bad" nut in it! This delicious, healthy, superfood snack is just what you need!.

| Dec 22, 2020
I have found the answer to my problems! Oh my gosh! It was totally honest from everyone's point of view

I have never tasted anything better than these pistachios. The pink and white warmed Pistachios (I am now 74 years old) are something I remember my mother buying for me many many years ago from "The Nut House" in downtown San Francisco. Having both pink and white in your mouth turned your lips and tongue pink and left them salt-crusted. The pistachios were terrible, but that's when I started my quest for the perfect snack. That is how long it took me There is no way to get these gorgeous nuts for a cheap price As much as I hate to bring back jars, cans and quantities of food, I have grown tired of them I threw away pistachios that were too ripe A little salty, but not enough The turkey is roasted and soggy, and they do not taste good. Crispy, surprisingly sweet, and delightfully flavorful, Fiddyment Farms pistachios are one of the best snacks you can find. It will be hard for me to wait to try Honestly, I can't imagine a better way to spend my time.

Adriana Steele
Adriana Steele
| Sep 17, 2020

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