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Koegel Skinless Frankfurters Qty. 39 (4lbs)

Koegel Skinless Frankfurters Qty. 39 (4lbs)

Koegel Skinless Frankfurters Qty. 39 (4lbs)
$ 48.99

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There are 39 skinless Frankfurters (per box)

Questions & Answers

Koegel Coneys? Is that what they're called?

Unlike our Viennas, which do have the natural casing, these franks do not have the snap when biting into them. The Coneys, on the other hand, are a different product from our Viennas, which do have the natural casing around There is no difference in the recipes for skinless franks and Viennas, which are made from pork and wheat The file number is 4566*M- Monday - Friday, 9am - 1pm The time is 4 pm

What do you want with the ?

A Vienna hotdog is a Koegel hotdog with the casing. Hotdog packages of 8 are available in 1 lb packages.

When it comes to 4 lb packages, how many do you receive?

There is one.

What is the temperature of the shipping?

The answer is yes

Selected User Reviews For Koegel Skinless Frankfurters Qty. 39 (4lbs)

I love it

Having eaten Koegel products for at least 30 years, I know they are good. As a result, we no longer have access to Koegel products since we moved. That's why when we got the hotdogs, we were very happy. I've got to save up for a.

Oaklyn Simmons
Oaklyn Simmons
| May 25, 2021
I was so surprised to find Koegel's skinless franks at the store

My grandson loves Koegel's but can't find them in Georgia. As soon as his package arrived, he was over the moon. It was a surprise that also pleased his golden retriever.

Harlow Joyce
Harlow Joyce
| Aug 29, 2020
Koegel's is sure to be a For my son-in-law's Christmas surprise, I bought a pack of mini candles and he was delighted with them
Sawyer Murray
Sawyer Murray
| Jun 22, 2021
You can taste the comfort Having this reminds me of home, and it tastes very good

Delivery within a day or two.

Lucia Meyer
Lucia Meyer
| Dec 29, 2020

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