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FANGOR 12.5" 1080P Portable Blu-Ray Player with 10.5" HD Swivel Screen, HDMI Out & AV in, Multi Media Player, 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Supports USB/SD Card, Last Memory, Region Free

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An Fangor Portable Blu-ray Player is able to play HD Blu-ray discs with a higher resolution than a normal DVD player. Your vision will be more vivid and stunning. Your eyes will not be fatigued as a result.
A Blueray DVD player supports various formats of digital audio, such as Surround sound, Dolby Digital Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, MP3, MP4, etc. It also has an SPDIF jack, which can cause you to hear a much more astonishing sound.
A remote control is included for easy operation, and functions like anti-shock, slow motion, rotate, zoom, last memory, DVD memory and rotation are listed on this player. The design is designed with a handle so you can hold it more easily and it won't fall.
With this Bluray player, HDMI output is available, and you can connect it to devices that support DHMI input if needed.
We can be reached via Amazon or by FANGOR Customer Service team if you have any questions or problems with the product.

Questions & Answers

Can it be fully charged in a short period of time?

My game has gone on for 3 or 4 hours without a break. Additionally, it has a car charger that will come in handy in a journey.

My confusion has to do with what your product page states about The video resolution of the main player is 1080p and HD In which case is it ?

I'd like to tell you that 1024x600 is the physical resolution, 1080P is the display resolution. Our DVD player supports both HD and 1080P resolutions. The physical resolution is LCD screens are not able to be adjusted for parameters inherent to them. A maximum number of pixels can be displayed on an LCD screen according to this definition. The resolution is A higher number of pixels enables a finer image to be displayed on the screen since all points, lines, and faces on the screen are made up of pixels. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. Thank you so much *br> *br>Best regards from the FANGOR team

I would like it to be Is it possible to still watch old movies in 3 aspect ratio?

The player correctly plays the content from the third disc. There is however a problem with the screen quality. The score is quite disappointing on that front. Blue chroma can be seen in a lot of black and white movies. There is no way to change that regardless of how you tweak the settings. The book is going back to me, a pity. As a result of its size and shape, I find it extremely attractive. The features that it has.

What are the options for adjusting color density?

I will not be buying anything else. Even if she did work, the Fangor is too flimsy, not worth the money. It didn't appear that there was a way to adjust either the quality or color of the picture.

Selected User Reviews For FANGOR 12.5" 1080P Portable Blu-Ray Player with 10.5" HD Swivel Screen, HDMI Out & AV in, Multi Media Player, 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Supports USB/SD Card, Last Memory, Region Free

A Blu-ray/DVD/CD player has excellent sound and is easy to use

The Fangor 10 equipment I purchased was brand new. Play it at home and on the go with just one player. Although there were some negative comments, I think it is worth your time to check out and am so glad you A few people said that the sound was not of good quality, but I Hearing aids or no hearing aids, the volume I heard on the radio was more than adequate for me. Depending on the dvd I am watching, I have found the sound to be affected, which may be the issue others have noticed. Whenever you are watching video or listening to music, the operation is smooth and simple. remote control is a nice feature, as is the quick and easy setup. The fact that it came with multiple plug adapters was a plus to me. I am a US citizen, but currently reside in Europe. As an added bonus, it came with a car charger, which is yet to be used, but is handy to have as a Only minor negative is that depending on where you are seated, you may have to tilt the screen up or down to see clearly, as it is distorted if you are looking from a side angle, so you have to watch directly at the screen or tilt it slightly upwards or downwards. As a result, I have been very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it.

Colt Farrell
Colt Farrell
| Apr 24, 2021
The blue ray screen is excellent, and the price is fair

Blue ray portables are hard to come by in that price range, but this one seems to be a good deal for the money. In a portable, the picture is actually really good and I wasn't expecting that. This isn't so important for me that I would choose another at a higher price. The buttons are analog. A toggle switch is used to turn on and off. Plays on all kinds of devices so it is great for traveling. Plug in features allow it to play on any device you wish. In the event of a power failure, I plan to use it as a backup entertainment device. Even though it is good, I'm likely to use it at other times as well. I really really like the feature of the device itself having a handle built in. With regard to the screen, I had no difficulty moving it around or resizing it. It was a great job they did.

Milan Yu
Milan Yu
| Dec 21, 2020
This Blu-ray player is excellent for traveling It is Ray You can count on us! A Blu-ray copy of this was purchased In lieu of a brand-new Sylvania player that was constantly breaking down, I purchased a blue ray player

I have been very pleased with the Fangor player thus far. There is a lot of vibrancy and clarity in the picture on the ten-inch screen. This remote control is easy to use and is easy to set up. The remote works well when pointed at the sensor on the unit's front. It was nice to find a carrying handle, which I did not see in all the other models I examined. As well, this device is easy to connect to my TV via an HDMI cable, and it has all kinds of other connections on the side panel. The built-in speakers are the ONLY part of the unit that is a bit lacking in terms of sound quality. The sound quality is excellent, but it's very narrow and very high-pitched In the middle. However, when playing through my high-resolution headphones and on my TV, it sounds great. Moreover, I'm an audio producer by trade, so I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve This is crucial.
Variable battery life can usually be reached in about three days with a full charge. The charge time seems to be much quicker at about an hour as opposed to 5 hours. It is easy to tell which state the charger is in by LEDs, and how long it has been on A screen battery meter makes it easy to keep track of charging. Watching new Blu-rays was my primary purpose for buying it There are blu ray releases of Japanese tokusatsu shows like Ultraman, as well a hilarious in-joke The joke here is that the company bears the name of a villain from the Johnny Sokko Japanese television show My God, Fangorian! Then, that's a big.

Diana Merrill
Diana Merrill
| Mar 21, 2021
Whenever the movie is two-thirds of the way through, it stops working

About two thirds of the way into the movie, the player makes a lot of racket and then stops. The player is sitting on a solid laptop tray but it still overheats after a few minutes. After about 40 minutes it cools down and I can watch the film. There will be a return of There's no way to compensate for my disappointment!.

Lena Forbes
Lena Forbes
| Dec 20, 2020
It's a very good Blu Ray player! It is so cool to use a Blu-ray She is a special needs child, so I bought her this player

I really like its features, it's light weight, and it captures good pictures. This sound system sounds good, but you shouldn't hear any spinning on the DVD if you wear earbuds. My favorite feature of the screen is how it It's that way that my daughter will not be tempted to mess with the buttons, and I can swivel the screen around! However, I have to supervise her when she uses it, but so far it is working perfectly! Here is a player that I recommend!.

Misael Espinoza
Misael Espinoza
| Jan 24, 2021
You can watch movies wherever you are

I got this as a Christmas gift. I loved it, I loved it, I loved I like the clarity of the picture and the sound quality is good. I can play my blue rays and music CDs on it. It comes with a small remote control as well. I like the fact that, on an airplane, or while laying in bed, on a beach, or on a deck, I can watch movies.

Rayden Rivers
Rayden Rivers
| Oct 29, 2020

This model is 5" wide. The player does what many others fail to do very, very well, from the convenient carrying handle to the clear, crisp images on the screen. Everything is fine- As a result of its stand alone audio from the player, perfectsville can be burdensome to listen to over the course of an entire You can easily fix this issue by using a high quality headphone/DAC amplifier that can be found on the market for a very low price. I'm not sure what to make of the 'toot' In order to complete the set I will purchase a 2nd unit for one of my family members. FANGOR, you did a great job!.

Halle Reed
Halle Reed
| Jul 24, 2020
The video quality is super and the versatility is great

In order to satisfy my wife, I asked her for a Blu-ray player To replace her very old and small DVD player, she decided to upgrade to a Blu-Ray My search for every electronic store on the internet led me to this store and it had everything she needed and wanted. I was very pleased with the picture quality and the speakers were also very Using it was super easy, and putting it together was incredibly simple.

Sky Alvarado
Sky Alvarado
| Mar 20, 2021

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