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Lowrance Navico Fuel Data Manager, Black, Medium

Lowrance Navico Fuel Data Manager, Black, Medium

Lowrance Navico Fuel Data Manager, Black, Medium
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Data Manager for Navico Fuels by Lawrence Navico
The EP- replaces the EP-
Manufacturer number 0000 The number of 11522 is
Monitoring will be possible for up to three engines with one sensor

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to connect this fuel data sensor together with a fuel level sensor so that the fuel level monitor updates automatically whenever the tank is refilled?

The only way to reset it is manually

How can I find out if this comes Does it have to be bought ?

He did not get it with him.

Does the dongle have a connection with anything or is it getting its information from somewhere?

In conjunction with this is the fuel meter you want it's a simple flow meter with barbed ends that inserts into the NMEA 2000 network the flow meter pumps raw information into the NMEA 2000 where it's processed into the information you need. It is handy if you have a second head unit on a fly bridge for example, because all you would need is a different NMEA 2000 cord to connect to the network and your head unit to receive all the data like your primary head unit.

Do you know if it comes with a T connector like the one in the photo?

You can plug it in to your NEMA2000 network straight away. The Lowrance HDS 7 and Yamaha 225 are what I use my dock with. The program works perfectly.

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The fuel sender is a very nice alternative to unreliable ones

Connecting this fuel manager to my existing nmea2000 system is how it works. The Honda outboard motor is connected to the lowrance hds7 gen3 using the NMEA2000 technology. It seems that some reason this part is necessary so that the lowrance can display the Honda's total fuel consumption. I'm very pleased with how well it works and how easily I was able to install it. In this purchase, we were hoping to bypass the faulty fuel sender and gauge combined with the inability to read the fuel level. In the future, I will set the onboard fuel amount when I refuel the tank. This way, I can see the remaining fuel amount on the display while it is being refueled.

Ellen Greene
Ellen Greene
| Feb 23, 2021
My installation is finally complete! After having spent what it took to get NMEA up and working, I am very grateful that this item did not disappoint me! During trips I have taken (i

e. , in my boat), I have noticed that the gas gauge is off significantly. Using fuel data manager I was able to get the results I needed, my calculations showed that it was around a. This is 5 gallons less than I estimated to be the volume of my "full" tank. I find that impressive.

Canaan Ayers
Canaan Ayers
| Nov 23, 2020
I gave it one star

In the last five years, I have purchased three of these and none have lasted that long.

Nellie Barnes
Nellie Barnes
| Jan 07, 2021
We would buy from this seller Exactly as it should work and arrived within the expected time frame
Morgan Griffith
Morgan Griffith
| Jan 10, 2021

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