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Raymarine P70S Ap Control Head (Pushbutton)

Raymarine P70S Ap Control Head (Pushbutton)

Raymarine P70S Ap Control Head (Pushbutton)
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With a 5 Inch Bright Oversized Lcd, you will have maximum visibility
Low power, all weather, optically bonding technology produces brighter colors, and delivers sharper contrast, while allowing wide viewing angles
You can control sails and power applications either by pushing a button or by a rotary control. There is a 1 watt power consumption. The 3 Watts of power
It supports all the autopilot modes automatic, standby, pattern, track, wind vane, power steering and jog steering

Questions & Answers

What are the compatibility issues between this control head and ?

The company I used for my old ST7001 is Ray Marine who know better than anyone here in the U.S. The Raymarine service page provides the following information

What is the compatibility of this unit with ST6000+?

Across the Americas. The Raymarine service email address is [email protected] It is better to listen to them

What is the advantage of the ST8002 Smart Pilot over this?

Sorry, I won't be able to participate. Taking delivery of this kind of equipment is a little difficult for Russians.

This is compatible with raymarine autopilot x30 smartpilot course computer part # e12199, is it not?

Across the Americas. The Raymarine service email address is [email protected] If you contact them, they will be able to answer all your questions

Selected User Reviews For Raymarine P70S Ap Control Head (Pushbutton)

This version works well, but the backward compatibility is not available

You get a lot of bang for your buck! This is one of my old STs For 18 years, the 4000 + autohelm system worked nicely, but after about 15 years, the drive unit literally fell apart. I replaced it with another and the procedure was painless. Sadly, the control unit failed later on. Since the replacement P70S was not compatible with the older compass, I had to purchase the EV-700 In addition, there are 100 units. It costs more to buy pieces of something piecemeal. The package I would have bought if I knew that's what I would need would have been much better for me. In general, the P70S works great and installation was easy, since the existing holes were used. There is a lot of color and brightness in the display. One complaint I have is that the display disappears when I lean forward. Since the unit is mounted on the side of the cockpit, there is no shield to protect You have to use awkward body language in order to see it clearly. Instead of being mounted next to the wheel, the unit should be mounted forward. It's a costly system from Raymarine, but it can accommodate multiple control points and input sensors thanks to its flexibility. You get a lot of bang for your buck!.

Landyn Hays
Landyn Hays
| Jan 11, 2021
It's as easy as plugging and playing

In fact, I bought this display for my very old Raymarine autopilot, since the old one was not working very well, so I wrote to Raymarine and they told me that this display was compatible with the My purchase arrived yesterday, Sunday 30. It was easy to set up, just plug and play. Next weekend I plan to put it to the test on the water. Please stay tuned for more information, so far everything is fine.

Laylah Dunlap
Laylah Dunlap
| Mar 09, 2021
There are two buttons on the remote which are irritating and dangerous to use the standby and auto buttons

My preference is for this new model over the older one I have in my cockpit, which I would only rate a 3 out of 5. One thing I find really annoying and potentially dangerous is the standby and auto buttons, which are so poorly lit at night and share half of their function with other buttons. As a result of having to press standby in an emergency, I almost had a boating accident at night.

Dalary Peterson
Dalary Peterson
| Jun 13, 2021
We rate this as four stars

You used to have one and it broke after two years?.

Niklaus Tucker
Niklaus Tucker
| Aug 28, 2020

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