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Humminbird Autochart Zero Lines Map Card

Humminbird Autochart Zero Lines Map Card

Humminbird Autochart Zero Lines Map Card
$ 82.69

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Do you think this card will work in my hummingbird helix 10 g2n, and if I live in the northwest part of the country, will it display rivers and lakes there?

In this case, it is a card used to record depth data (for creating topographical maps). Humminbird graphs that have the map create feature will be able to use this.

Can I use this with my Bird 8 G4N Mega Plus DI and SI?

As long as the bird has an autochart function, this will work with it and will hold a tremendous amount of data.

A micro sd card is required for Helix 7. I have an SD card, but there is no micro card. How can I make a regular SD ?

When you asked if the full sized SD card was a micro adapter (with small micro cards slid into the bottom of it), they sent you a full sized card for "older" models of Hummers. br> To return it you must get an RA number, call them and have them send you a new This would also be an excellent time to tell them that it is really foolish of Humminbird to charge for a trick card (adding something as simple to a serial number that only they know) but is totally unfair of Garmin to do the same.

Selected User Reviews For Humminbird Autochart Zero Lines Map Card

I think it works well, but I don't think it's necessary

This ad company does not care about its customers as it charges $100 for an SD card that could have been served for $4 with a standard ad card. They merely code the card so that it can't work with a plain one. This is an outrage. The Garmin Company does NOT use this method.

Elle Jarvis
Elle Jarvis
| Apr 06, 2021
A 100 dollar SD card is a lot of money

It's a shame that Humminbird should be ashamed of itself. Our wonderful mapping feature is shown here. You'll had to pay 100 bucks per card to use it. The HELIX, the SOLINX, and the network hubs that I use are all my hardware. I'll have to turn on IP LInk on everything, including the Minnkota. On my next boat, it will be traded for brushless troll and Lowrance or just go straight to It will end up costing you a lot to buy the same map over and over again. There is no better customer service model in the fishing industry than this one. I can't tell you the amount of times I've been on a destination body of water, only to have to sign in to my map account and redownload the In the fishing industry, billions of dollars are spent each year. It is unclear why a company that charges for air does not have competition. This chip has zero lines, and that's what it There are 3 dollar chips made in China with less than 4 percent space. It's your head unit that keeps you in touch with the outside world. It is purely a storage format with a lock.

| Nov 26, 2020
Company that is dishonest That is a rip-off from Humminbird

If you want to use the autochart feature, you will need an outrageously priced SD card which is not readily apparent when you buy the unit. A star for used car salesmen who try to squeeze a little more money from their customers through their techniques.

Norah Cruz
Norah Cruz
| Jan 17, 2021

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