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Shakespeare 4700-2 Extension MAST HD 2'L

Shakespeare 4700-2 Extension MAST HD 2'L

Shakespeare 4700-2 Extension MAST HD 2'L
$ 45.49

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What is the interior thread on the other end of this joint. ?

The interior of one end of the thread has threads, and the exterior of the other end has threads. Extensions are part of the solution.

Selected User Reviews For Shakespeare 4700-2 Extension MAST HD 2'L

I don't think 1" is a great The purpose of this purchase was to attach this burgee holder to an old antenna mount for my VHF receiver

The swivel mounts on the flag would not fit the 1" flag, even after it was screwed in well. As far as I can tell, the new mast has a diameter of 1 inch. There is a typo in "04" and not "1". Approximately 1 inch is the distance between the swivel mounts. It would be appreciated if the description were changed The diameter of the wheel is 04". A swivel that fits a 1 is not available in stores. A mast with a diameter of 04".

Axel Mercado
Axel Mercado
| Feb 03, 2021
I give this review five stars

This is a very well-made part and it There is not much more you can expect from.

Emersyn Katz
Emersyn Katz
| Nov 10, 2020
The item is of high quality

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a high quality mast such as this one. It is highly polished and the threads.

Aylin Robertson
Aylin Robertson
| Apr 02, 2021

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