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Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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Product Description

An automatic changer for five CDs or Super Audio CDs
SACD playback is optimized with the Time Alignment function CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and SACD playback is handled with the dual-laser assembly
With multichannel analog audio outputs, receivers and amplifiers can be hooked up to compatible audio and video equipment
With the optical digital-audio output (CD only), the device is easy to connect to CD or minidisc players
You can adjust the output level of your system by using a speaker-management system

Questions & Answers

What about speakers? Do I need to purchase them?

If you need speakers, you will have to purchase them It is necessary to purchase an amplifier (receiver) in order to power the speakers since the CD player only accepts line level outputs. You can still use this CD player with headphones, however.

What kind of DVDs does it play?

This unit is not compatible with DVD playback, QUENTIN.

Is it equipped with a remote control?

The remote is not a receiver, but it comes with one

I have a problem where my CDs will not transition to the next one after one is finished. In order to start a new CD when the previous one has ended, what buttons should I press?

If the display screen shows "ALL DISCS" rather than "1DISC" then this is an issue. When "ALL DISCS" is selected, the CD will transfer from one to the next in the way you desire. If you choose "1DISC," the player will stop after it has played one CD.

Selected User Reviews For Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

It may be prone to failure when used with hybrid discs, but a recalibration may be able to help

As a replacement for an identical unit purchased when SACD was still new, I decided to purchase this one. A second player seemed perfectly adequate for the old player, because the old player would no longer initialize discs. several weeks of use, the SACD layer of hybrid discs will no longer be read by the player. Although it still plays SACD discs, the player still will not read other formats There are still a number of CBS reruns I need to watch At the end of the twentieth century, Leonard Bernstein, George Szell, and Bruno Walter issued albums. In some cases, SACD only discs can take up to a minute to load When blue came out, it was like the early days There is Ray. I have found that the repair shops in my area will not take on the job. Various online sources indicate that this problem is actually quite common, and it occurs on other Sony SACD players as well. If the person who invented SACD had built a better mousetrap, you might think he would have. The laser lens has been successfully cleaned with alcohol by opening the case and gently wiping it down. The following items have been added to the 9/2018 Addendum The failure of the player to read the SACD layer of hybrid discs was discovered to often be caused by short-circuits in the calibration system that can be resolved with a SA- provides detailed instructions on how to conduct the test By turning the power off with no disc in the tray, thereby entering the diagnostic mode, pushing the rotary enter knob and the menu button and then periodically turning the power on while holding these two buttons, you are able to access the diagnostic menu. The first step in diagnosing a computer is to open the CD tray, insert a hybrid disc, and close it. Push the "enter" knob until "B0" appears on the display. Then rotate clockwise until the "enter" knob appears again and the display will read "FFFF. ". The "enter" knob should be rotated clockwise until the "B1" icon appears on the screen. ". By pressing the enter key a third time, the display will count down a series of negative numbers until a string of four characters is displayed. Once "enter" has been rotated clockwise once more, it will appear "B2". Once the "enter" box appears, click it. You will see the four character string Discs can be removed from the tray by opening it up. The tray should be closed and the power should be turned The master channel) of your hybrid discs is an extremely important feature. As I mentioned, it wasn't a difficult procedure and no longer than a few minutes for me to perform. SA thanks you for your help! Thank you to service manuals. net for providing the instructions for the model. This is a decent portable media player that can usually be purchased used at a bargain price, unfortunately the sound quality isn't that great when compared to my Oppo (either using the analog or HDMI output) and Marantz. In comparison to those competitors, Sony's internal DAC simply doesn't achieve the same level of clarity and saturation.

Wynter Pratt
Wynter Pratt
| Oct 03, 2020
It stated in its description that the product was in "good condition and had been tested", but I purchased this thinking it was "used

" Moreover, it stated the product was still in "very good condition"! I believe both of them to be untrue. My receiver made a loud noise while it was spinning the CD once I set it up to play once I inserted the CD and hit play. There was a similar noise on other CDs I tried. The music was distorted on top of that. This disappointed me so much! Then, after returning the item that was damaged, I was charged a $24 restocking fee for an item that had not been damaged or used Condition in which the machine works. Those were two blows to the ego. This seller is no longer on my list of sellers to order from.

| May 19, 2021
It should work if you make sure of that

My SACD player did not work with the original I purchased years ago, so I purchased this hoping it would work with my original. As far as I can tell, these players have been playing SACDs again. I've seen an article on how to recalibrate these players to play them again, but I've not yet tried them on the old one. With the exception of the SACD function failing, the CD Player works great. Great Performance at an Affordable Price. I would purchase one of these players.

Gerardo Dyer
Gerardo Dyer
| Sep 30, 2020
This is a great sound/SACD at an incredible price

I received the Sony SCD-A320 My favorite class in CE 595 has been CE 595 for the past week. In the beginning, my wife gave me an OPPO 970HD for My only complaint was the picture quality. After recalibrating and TV adjustments, I did not think it was up to the standards of my Sony NS70H. We should have gone with a five disc multi-changer instead of a three disc one. The player has a number of adjustments you can make, so it's fairly simple, but can still be controlled. It is interesting to see that adjusting the multichannel output has an impact on the digital output. Originally, I had the Sub Woofer output turned up pretty high for multichannel, but I found the sound of the digital optical receiver to be somewhat dull on the highs and heavy on the As I recall, I had read a review here stating that the Bass Management setting seriously affected CD quality. Sure enough, I turned down the SW output a few notches and the difference was noticeable. It is most convenient for me to listen to music in surround mode when I listen to regular CDs through my receiver. In terms of negatives, the only thing to worry about is that it takes a little while to read the discs at first, but after that it reads fast. Among the benefits - - - A SACD player and CD changer for the price of a normal CD changer*- The ability to adjust speaker distance and speaker output from some of the speakers on the multi-channel system. A great sound quality on SACD's and CD's - The CD player holds five CDs - You can switch a CD while it is playing and you can swap a CD while another is playing. - - - A power button is not provided on the remote (the power can be controlled by receivers in some cases)***- Does it take a few seconds to read the disc initially (due to the dual laser of conclusion, I am delighted with the multichannel and CD outputs. For SACD and CD, I have it adjusted just the way I like it. There is a Diana Krall SACD that I own and it sounds good. With my Sony STRDE998 receiver, I can control it through the main remote and it turns on and off with the receiver. The CE595 has a simple remote without a power button, but I can easily turn it on and off with the receiver. The combination of this plus my awesome ASCENT ACCOUSTIC speakers allows me to listen to a lot of music Over the last month, I have gone from listening to music almost no time to over a dozen times The unit offers less performance and cost than most other options, but it has a great price and is easy to use. You'll love it!.

Finley Boone
Finley Boone
| Mar 18, 2021
This one replaces the original one that Having loved this model since it was released, I hate that Sony no longer manufactures it

My only hope is that this one will last me the same amount of time as the first one. I've been working on it for about.

Iris Holloway
Iris Holloway
| Jan 06, 2021

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