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KEF Q650c Center Channel Speaker (Each, Walnut))

KEF Q650c Center Channel Speaker (Each, Walnut))

KEF Q650c Center Channel Speaker (Each, Walnut))
$ 699.99

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Its improved Unit-Q Driver Array is designed to smooth out treble frequencies making the KEF Q650c a beautiful addition to the award-winning KEF Q Series.
A closed-box midrange cabinet is a huge advantage to the Q650c, enabling it to have even purer, more punchy
A central 6 speaker system is featured on the center channel. A 5" array of Unit-Q units is flanked by two 6" arrays. The bass driver is 5" in diameter.
In addition to the matte black and white vinyl finishes, the Q650c is available as a touchscreen version.

Questions & Answers

There is a possibility that it could be bilingual Can we use IR to control the relays and the LCR at the same time (3 in 1)?

As long as the CDK input is bypassed and the high-impedance connector is connected A MODAL pre-release is available for downloading Each of the three channels is sent separately There is one subchannel for audio rectifying.

It can be mounted to a wall, but how?

My guess is that it wouldn't be the case. I don't have a mounting mechanism for this 30 lb speaker, and it also weighs 30 pounds. There may be a way to mount the device on a shelf.

Due to the reduced number of speaker connectors at the back of this model, only 2 speakers can be used, whereas Q600c has 3 The ability to amplify. Do they sound inferior if this is the case?

Although biamping is an option I always prefer to have on expensive

Is it possible for me to be bilingual Do you have any idea what it would take to use this thing as a height sensor left and right (2 in 1) in one side of the room? Are you having a problem with your personalroom?

Only one set of connectors is available

Selected User Reviews For KEF Q650c Center Channel Speaker (Each, Walnut))

The dialogue is clear and the high end is not harsh! The RP- method worked for me The KEF 450CA and 450CA from Klipsch knock it out of the park

A very clear dialogue is provided, along with a solid platform. There is synchronization between the lips and the sound. A Klipsch lacks harsh horn tweeters on the top end, which brings everything to life. The new 450 bookshelves will complete my Surround setup, so I'm looking forward to purchasing them! I only regret that there is no speaker grill on the speakers! $650, on top of that you should get a grill and not an additional $30. Although they look pretty good without the grill, they do look good with it. Taking into account my entertainment center's black color, this is a great fit.

Rayna Cross
Rayna Cross
| Apr 02, 2021
The center is awesome! This is a very clear and well-rounded essay

Does not match the rest of my Q- The speakers of the series.

Henley Bonner
Henley Bonner
| Sep 19, 2020
A speaker is located in the center

The sound quality is excellent.

Zyair Fischer
Zyair Fischer
| Feb 08, 2021
The grille is very bland and doesn't add any character to the speaker

I didn't want to use as but my grandchildren were attracted to them.

Jaylee Olson
Jaylee Olson
| Apr 26, 2021
This award is for four stars

This speaker should have come with my speakers, so it is pricey. However, it is made well and fits and looks awesome.

Koda Warner
Koda Warner
| Oct 31, 2020
This is a 5 star rating

I like the sound of the speaker, but it is a little too big for me.

Alistair Shaw
Alistair Shaw
| Nov 23, 2020

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