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GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver

GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver

GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver
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The following dimensions apply to the package This quilt measures 478 cms (L) x 18 inches. The dimensions of the print are 541 cm This is 478 cm (H) tall
This is the product type Using GPS or a navigation system
Approximately how many packages are in the package
A list of countries of origin is provided below The Republic of China
It is important to note The B- In the case where it isn't in use, 821 won't appear connected GPS receiver required to use Windows 10 apps if you don't already have one

Questions & Answers

Do you know if it's compatible with Android? Is there a wiring program for it if the answer is yes?

The two Android units on mine work together. The Dell tablet is the smaller of the two, while the Samsung tablet is the larger. There is no need for special connections just turn on This is a wireless device.

Do multiple devices have the capability of connecting simultaneously?

This unit is able to connect only one Bluetooth device at a time. Up to five Bluetooth connections can be made with the Bad Elf GPS.

Is there any password code you use?

In my research I have found that these bluetooth gadgets use 0000, 1234, or no code at all. It should work with at least one of those.

Are you able to use this with Fire he 8 for Pokémon Go?

This app works great for connecting farm equipment to tablets, although I am not sure if it is a new technology or not

Selected User Reviews For GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Combined with the fire tablet, this is an excellent product

The reason I did this was to make sure I could use my truck's navigation system with a fire tablet 10. Once I installed the Google Play Store and the Bluetooth GPS app, the Google maps and Google play store worked seamlessly. There are many more details than I expected, and it is smaller than I had thought. This would be a great resource for anyone with a WiFi connection Anyone who wants to use their tablet as a navigation unit must have access to Wi-Fi.

Lexi Sanford
Lexi Sanford
| Jun 04, 2021
It was purchased in hopes that it would hook up to a Fire tablet for use as a large screen GPS in the car, but there is no support for it

On the web I saw video of a guy doing that, and it was awesome. After downloading a map, connecting it to the GPS with Bluetooth, and using another app, displaying the GPS data on the map, he managed to discover the GPS data. It was an old ten inch (or eight inch) Fire tablet that was running Google Maps. Several months ago I modified an old Fire tablet so that it could run apps from Google Play Store. What a great idea! A few minutes later, I noticed the app used by the GPS video person had disappeared! The same issue has been reported by others in his reader comments. There is no longer any mention of that app. I've tried several other apps to read this GPS device, and none of them work. Even though the device is listed among GlobalSat products, I were unable to get a hold of anyone at the company who knows what it is. I have owned the device too long to return it, so I would appreciate if someone developed another app that could read it, and ties it in with one of the downloadable map apps Certainly, the device is more accurate than a mobile phone GPS (usually no more than Using only five feet instead of six feet), and it would run without data charges However, there is no app that works with it You won't get anything out of it.

Gerardo Ashley
Gerardo Ashley
| Sep 13, 2020
Your Windows 8 device can now have wireless GPS thanks to Bluetooth

The tablet stands at 1 inch tall. For some applications, it would have been better to have a longer battery life. Despite not needing to take the unit outside at all, the receiver is enough sensitive so that this unit works perfectly on my sailboat. The program works perfectly on my Windows 8 computer. The software (you can download for free) enables you to navigate the boat with an Android tablet. As long as the Bluetooth signal strength is strong enough, it allows the GPS receiver below to be used as a hand-held chart plotter in the cockpit, while the tablet remains down below. When the unit is plugged in, it can be charged for up to four hours while in use, so it can be used throughout the day or week without worrying about running out of batteries.

Annika McGee
Annika McGee
| Jan 24, 2021
The system works great Instructions that aren't very helpful

My original intention was to use it with a basic 10" tablet I purchased last year not realizing that it lacked GPS capability. Since some of the older responses provided instructions that I had already read, it was easy for me to accomplish it. The problem wouldn't have occurred if I had followed the instructions or listened to the confusing CD. I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to write and submit it. If you are using an Android device In summary you have to enable the mock GPS system in the developer system. However, any GPS should work) connect it to the GPS and then run any GPS-based software. Navionics marine plotter software is how I set it up to work with this charting device. My run around for an hour was flawless. I also ran it with Google maps on the same unit and that worked well too. One or two SO's The mock GPS should be enabled, 2 Then turn on the application after you have downloaded GPS software and connected it. I wish you good.

Marlon Parsons
Marlon Parsons
| Aug 20, 2020
The frequency can be up to 5 Hz! Using my old android phone as a navigation system for my car

It is a GlobalSat BT-powered satellite It is possible to use the 821C with a data transmission rate of
The system operates up to 5 Hz (response time less than 200 ms).
Be sure to set the developer options "Enable Allow Mock Location" and connect to "Bluetooth GPS Provider" and the appropriate settings. Bluetooth GPS Provider is recommended as a setting on your phone. The Force must be enabled - The GPS Connect Method is insecure (insecure (Reflection)
The Raw HDOP option should be enabled - The Geoid Correction needs to be enabled - Is a MTK type GPS -. The update rate is set to 5 Hz
A DGPS system using WAAS* The SBAS should be enabled.

Zakai Harvey
Zakai Harvey
| Feb 20, 2021
A quick and accurate translation

I am using a Galaxy Tab A tablet to run Globalsat. To put in mock GPS purposes, I had to set developer options to "allow". Then it was a matter of trying three different applications. My application did not work with the first two. I was able to use Bluetooth GPS. Once it is installed, the app runs in the background and works with most navigation applications. I use Litchi to get GPS data for my DJI Phantom drone (a DJI Phantom drone is a drone that I own). I'm very pleased with what I've seen.

Paloma Heath
Paloma Heath
| Jan 17, 2021
This is an amazing concept, but it is plagued by fatal flaws

For use on my motor yacht, I purchased this Bluetooth GPS. During this autumn I will travel hundreds of miles to the south to search for the sun. My favorite thing about the unit is its concept. As soon as I plug it into the cigar lighter aboard the flying bridge, I gain a signal. Moreover, the GPS paired with my HP Pavilion dv5 quickly on the first try. There are two helm stations on my ship. In addition, I can move from helm to helm with ease with a wireless GPS by simply closing the laptop, grabbing the computer and its power supply, and moving the computer from one helm stand to another. Having a GPS that doesn't need to be dragged down to a lower helm station (where a weak signal may be present) is very convenient. I have my Boat Navigation System program switched on and the GPS is plugged in, and the position on the screen of the GPS keeps ticking away while the boat is anchored. This is the crux of the problem After starting a cruise, and for a short while after, the boat's position will remain frozen on last acquired position, and the GPS stops talking to the laptop. This can be clearly construed as a bad thing. I suspect the Bluetooth connection is being shut down because some type of interference from the operating engines is taking place. As a result, I had to restart both the computer and program in order to re-acquire the position. This is an inconvenience and time-consuming task when navigating a vessel on open waters. There are many things I could do to fix this fatal flaw, but I do not know where to start. Since this flaw prevents the GPS from working as intended, I can't use it at all for my intended purpose.

Kailani Zhang
Kailani Zhang
| Dec 28, 2020
Satellite reception will be much better after this upgrade

In my GPS device, it uses whatever signal it receives from the available receivers. I found that this one was able to pick up the strongest signals. I have a great GPS, but if you're in a wooded area, it might take several minutes to connect. When using this product, the connection was instant, regardless of how thin or.

Leah Bauer
Leah Bauer
| Jun 06, 2021

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