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SanDisk SDCFH-004G-A11 4GB 30MB/s ULTRA CF Card (US Retail Package)

SanDisk SDCFH-004G-A11 4GB 30MB/s ULTRA CF Card (US Retail Package)

SanDisk SDCFH-004G-A11 4GB 30MB/s ULTRA CF Card (US Retail Package)
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A fast read/write speed of 30MB/sec is featured on this card
A high-performance card for cutting down on the time it takes to transfer data from an SLR camera to a
Having a larger capacity card allows you to take more photos and record
Fits great with digital SLRs that support Compact Flash as well as other compact cameras with great features
Performance that meets the demands of these more advanced cameras

Questions & Answers

The card is intended for Canon Rebel XS cameras, but will it work with them?

The Nikon D70 I own is a Nikon. There is an entry in the manual that states a card up to 2GB will During my phone conversation with Sandisk, I was assured that the 4GB would be fine. So far, I have not experienced

Do you have a Nikon COOLPIX 8700 that works with this?

Almost all the Canons I own work with it. In addition, it should also work with each digital single-lens reflex camera, regardless of the manufacturer, but if you are not sure, you should ask someone who has a

I would like to say hello to A defect has been discovered in my card. My photos have been destroyed. Is there a way to recover them?

I have no idea.

Would you please let me know what the shipping charges to Romania (Europe) are?

You have my thanks for your inquiry. By providing the city and zip code of the address, we will be able to provide you with a shipping estimate. Despite its year of manufacture, this item was actually manufactured in We would be happy to answer any further questions you have!

Selected User Reviews For SanDisk SDCFH-004G-A11 4GB 30MB/s ULTRA CF Card (US Retail Package)

You should pay attention to the speed at which you write

The speed at which Compact Flash cards write data becomes extremely important when mounted on a motor drive. At 30 megabytes per second, this card bogs down when I shoot sports at nine frames per second on my Nikon D700 or D300, which both have 12 megabytes of memory. It is because the buffer in the card is only able to handle the initial bursts, that the data becomes bottlenecked between the camera and the card on later output. It is when the camera stops firing suddenly while lying down on the motor that the lag and stall occur. Then, a few frames at a time will be shown as space opens up during the download. Once the clog hits, all images taken before will make their way to the card (just don't turn the camera off while the images are being inputted). According to the description, this card is exactly what it is. There are 4 gigs of space on it. This card costs less than other 4 gig cards because of its slower writing (or processing) performance. Please bear in mind that there are other cards with the same 4-digit code that are much more expensive This capacity is in gigabytes. In addition to being more expensive, their Write Speeds are much faster, ranging from 133 megs per second to over 300 megs per second. In the case of professionals, these speeds are primarily used when shooting sports. Also, they are likely to be on the motor for several seconds at a time. Almost instantly, the images are downloaded from the camera to the card. Supposing 40 images at once, there is no need for a break. Those are the benefits you get from paying the extra. I just thought you might like to know.

Braelynn Conrad
Braelynn Conrad
| Dec 29, 2020
In terms of Compact Flash technology, this simply means a device that plugs into a computer These inexpensive flash cards are ideal for engaging with the beginning of a great series of cameras in two manufacturers that I personally know about in their working order and reliability

As an enthusiast photographer who wants to be a professional photographer, I have not encountered any issues and am happy with the card. I have been able to transfer images to this "Ultra" flash card without any trouble and have done so after using many different modes of doing so with any device. I am reporting favorably for this card after using it with many old cameras and not experiencing any problems with it. Thanks for allowing an enthusiastic photographer and collector with future professional photography goals to learn from the ground up with each and every essential piece necessary to go beyond the internal functions of the image device. I really appreciate the opportunity to provide a good opinion of this product based solely on my experience.

Princess Lynn
Princess Lynn
| Jul 03, 2021
A dependable source of information This is my preferred CF card for photography, video and audio

The ULTRA card has a 4GB capacity and a high speed of 30MB/s. In my experience, I have never been disappointed with any of the cards I have purchased from this manufacturer. My impression is that these cards are very well constructed, and the company offers both amateurs and professionals a large variety of cards. It is my Canon 20D DSLR that uses the CF card for my martial arts training and belt tests, as well as sparring matches with my 6-year-old son. Since my camera can shoot five frames per second even when attached to a flash, I went with a faster card, one with a 30MB/s transfer rate. It is a fast card, and I needed it to get the job done. It was possible for me to capture fast action and pause it in milliseconds. A faster card is something you have to appreciate. Since I have been using this 4MB card for over 3 years now, I have been able to use it in Korea, the West Coast, and in the dojang, without any problems. My sticks and drives are solidly built and work as advertised
which makes me come back to SanDisk every time. The performance and build of this card earned this card five out of five stars. This card works for me, even though there are more expensive cards from SanDisk in the professional range.

Malaysia Case
Malaysia Case
| Oct 10, 2020
This won't work, the system is down

In order to use this card with my Nikon CoolPix camera, I purchased it. As soon as I inserted the card, a message appeared saying it was unreadable and asking if I wanted to format, so I did so. It went from there. I only got a message that said "system error," and the camera stuck at Nothing happened when I tried to use it. In order to use it, I removed the card and batteries. Once I did, I reinserted the old card and batteries. After contacting the seller on 26 September 2012 and asking for help, I am pleased with the outcome. You sent me an email saying you had an item shipped. Would you contact Amazon? I came to them with a question that they NEVER answered. If you are not interested in this seller or this product, I recommend that you go elsewhere.

Fisher Soto
Fisher Soto
| Dec 18, 2020
This is more than enough storage space, very fast, and a great price

As the title states, I think I have summed it up pretty well. As of now, I have been using it for a few months now, and so far it has been very reliable. In comparison to the $20-$25 A great deal of 30 or more dollars that local stores wanted for smaller, slower cards, the one I purchased on Amazon was also excellent. The only complaint I might have is that 4 GB seems a bit excessive. In no case am I on a shoot where that much space is needed. I may become lazy though, and if I don't dump my images immediately, they will accumulate due to the extra space. I'm sure it's not pleasant to have to go through and organize 4Gb worth of photos later on.

(Using this card in an Olympus E-320.

| Dec 08, 2020
There is a memory card called a Compact Flash There's no need to worry about it The system is pretty fast

I've standardized (for now) on 4GB cards as I can shoot a lot, download the images onto my computer quickly, and then burn the entire Compact Flash to a DVD (DVDs Furthermore, if you have a card with a lot of capacity, you might be tempted to fill it up with a lot of photos. Losing one, causing it to get damaged, or bringing it to an end is not ideal. This is an external hard disk from SanDisk. This is not my first SanDisk card and won't be my last. They have been the most reliable and fastest cards I have ever Please visit SanDisk's website to find out more.

Kaison Maddox
Kaison Maddox
| Aug 19, 2020
I just wanted to thank you for getting me what I wanted

began using the card as soon as it arrived and it has worked perfectly ever since. When I use the app with a 12 megapixel camera, it appears that it is very fast at saving When I had my previous card, I would be getting into the process of taking another picture and get a notification saying if I needed to It will take roughly three minutes for the image to be saved Between each image there should be a delay of 5 seconds. In the case of this one, that's not been a problem at all. I take pictures just a few seconds apart and it maintains steady speed no matter what. Now, I have over 300 high-resolution images on the card, and it's not slowing me down at all. The pictures that I have uploaded to my laptop have also been successful.

Reuben Barrett
Reuben Barrett
| Mar 19, 2021

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