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Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White
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WORK FROM ANYWHERE: This Mac Bluetooth keyboard pairs with your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone, and features a light, minimalist iOS layout that allows you to multitask at home or on the go.
TYPE ON ANYTHING: With an Apple-specific layout for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, this iOS keyboard connects to all Bluetooth wireless devices that support external keyboards.
SWITCHING IS EASY As a result, you can type on your iPad, then switch to your Macbook and continue typing.
COMFORTABLE LAPTOP-STYLE TYPING: The compact keyboard footprint reduces arm reaching and improves body posture. Scissor keys with a scooped, low-profile design provide a fluid, quiet, and familiar laptop-like typing experience.
WORRY-FREE 2-YEAR BATTERY LIFE: Pre-installed two AAA alkaline batteries for a two-year battery life. With an on/off switch and automated power-saving technology

Questions & Answers

Is this a Windows-compatible keyboard?

Yes, I purchased one, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The only thing I haven't figured out how to do with it is do a Control-F. Everything else in Windows works fine, except for the Alt-Del command.

Could someone please explain how to add more devices to my account?

To add more devices, press and hold one of the three buttons on the upper right (the ones that are in a different color, those are your quick switches) until the light flashes and connect it with your device.

Is it compatible with Apple's iPad Mini 5?

Yes. My husband has an iPad Mini 5 and occasionally uses my keyboard.

Is it possible to use this with the MacBook Air 2020?

That's exactly how I'm using it at the moment!

Selected User Reviews For Logitech K380 Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac - Off White

For Apple users, this is the ideal keyboard

  OVERVIEWbr>The Logitech K380 for Mac is a small Bluetooth keyboard that works with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. . . or all three! br>br>The keyboard is approximately 11"x5" in size and weighs just under 15 ounces. It has four rubber feet on the bottom to keep it in place, as well as a slight incline for a comfortable typing position. The keyboard is just heavy enough to feel solid while also being light enough to be portable. br>br>POWERbr>The device is powered by two AAA batteries (included), which Logitech claims will last two years in normal use. I like that it runs on regular batteries because you don't have to worry about charging the keyboard or carrying any special cables like you do with some other wireless keyboards if it runs out of power. When you have the keyboard in your bag and don't want it to control your devices or drain the batteries, there is a physical on/off switch on the left side of the keyboard. When the keyboard isn't being transported, simply leave the switch on, and it will go into power saving mode when the keys aren't pressed for a while. br>br>KEY LAYOUTbr>The keyboard features all of the usual Mac-style keys. Control, Option, and Command are just a few of the key labels and icons available. If you've ever used a Windows keyboard with your Mac before, you'll appreciate the Mac-specific keyboard. specific keys, and that they are in the correct location. When you use a Windows keyboard, the Option and Command keys are usually swapped from their proper positions. Everything is in its proper place for the Mac on the K380. br>br>The usual function keys are located along the top row of the keyboard, and they can be accessed by holding down the FN key in the lower left corner of the keyboard while pressing a function key to access their native functions. br>br>The overall width of the key layout is nearly identical to that of a standard Apple Magic Keyboard, minus the number pad (as shown in my photo). br>br>SPECIAL FUNCTIONSbr>The function keys also serve as shortcut keys, with different functions depending on whether you're using a Mac or an iOS device. br>br>Using the function keys on the Mac, you can adjust screen brightness, switch to Expose view (which shows all open windows), control media forward/backward/play/pause functions, and mute/lower/raise volume. There is a key for displaying the Launchpad view, similar to the one on my MacBook, but it did nothing when I pressed it on the K380, despite the fact that pressing it on my MacBook keyboard does so. I've never known what that key's purpose is because I never use it, so whether it works on the K380 or not is irrelevant to me. There's also an eject key, which most people won't use, but it will eject the disc if your Mac has an optical drive. The function keys on the iPad allow you to control all of the same things as the function keys on the iPhone, with the exception that two of the keys change functions. The Expose key activates the task switcher, allowing you to scroll through the open applications (much like Command-Tab on a Mac). You can quickly return to the home screen by pressing the Launchpad key, which works in the same way as the Home button on the iPad. It's also worth noting that using a keyboard with the iPad unlocks a slew of other benefits, such as the ability to copy and paste using Command-C and Command-V instead of the on-screen keyboard. menus on the computer screen br>br>On an iPhone, everything works the same as it does on an iPad, with the exception that the Expose key has no effect. br>br>KEY FEELbr>Because the keys are rounded rather than squared off on the edges, they may take some getting used to. If you have a habit of hitting the edges of traditionally-shaped keys, If you use shaped keys, you may need to make a minor adjustment. You might not even realize you're doing it until you use this keyboard and miss a key every now and then. It took some getting used to for me at first, but it isn't a major issue for me now. I would have preferred Logitech to stick to standard rectangular keys, but there was clearly a mechanical or aesthetic reason for the choice. br>br>The keys have a nice bounce to them and respond in the same way that my older MacBook's scissor-style keys do. Like the K380, it has action keys. Typing on the K380 is extremely quiet, so there's no need to be concerned about disturbing others. br>br>DEVICE SWITCHINGbr>In comparison to other keyboards, this one has the ability to store three different Bluetooth configurations. This enables you to connect it to your Mac, iPad, and iPhone and switch between them all at the touch of a button. The F1, F2, and F3 keys are used to change between devices. It's very easy to pair a new device: Simply press and hold the key you want to assign to that device until it begins to flash. Then, using the Bluetooth menu on your device, locate the keyboard and follow the on-screen instructions. Done! When you use the F1, F2, and F3 keys to select a configured device, it will reconnect in a matter of seconds (see my video for an example). Holding down the FN key and either O for Mac or I for iOS until the light over the function key turns on to indicate your setting has been applied will also switch the keyboard to iOS or Mac mode. br>br>SUMMARYbr>If you're an Apple user with multiple devices, Logitech has created one of the best keyboard solutions available. Because of the speed and ease with which you can switch devices, you can use this keyboard all day with your Mac, then toss it in your bag with your iPad and switch it to control the iPad with a single key press. br>br>The rounded keys will take some getting used to, but you'll get used to them, especially if you decide to use this as both your desk and mobile keyboard, as you'll be using the same keyboard for all tasks on multiple devices. br>br>If you've always wanted a keyboard for your iPad, I believe this is the best option, even if you don't plan on using it with any other devices. Because I don't always want to use my iPad with a keyboard, I've avoided keeping it in a "keyboard case. " This keyboard is ideal for keeping in your bag while your iPad is protected by a standard, slim case. If you need to use the keyboard, simply pull it out and use it instead of leaving it attached to your iPad when not in use. PROSbr>- br>br>- br>br>- br>br>- br>br>- Pairing and switching devices is extremely quick and simple. br>- Both Mac and iOS devices have unique functions. br>- For Mac users, the correct keyboard layout is:br>- It runs on standard AAA batteries and has a 2-year battery life. Battery life is expected to last a year, and power-saving features are included. When not in use, save modebr>- Quiet, scissor-wielding -br>-br>-br>-br>-br> The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. br>br>CONSbr>- It takes some getting used to the rounded keys. br>br>VERDICTbr>5 stars - This book comes highly recommended. This is one of the best wireless keyboards for small hands.

Austin Buchanan
Austin Buchanan
| Jan 15, 2022
SET UP YOUR iPAD // PRESS ENTER! It's a masterpiece

When I type, I really enjoy the sound it makes. It's more comfortable to type on than my MacBook, and it's also smaller than the other wireless keyboard I had. I LOVE that it's bluetooth, because that means I don't have to keep a mountain of cables just to connect the charger, keyboard, and mouse to the single USB port. br>br>Now let's talk about the setup. br>br>CONNECTING TO YOUR MACBOOK: br>br> To be honest, I skipped over the part that said "HOLD FOR 3 SECONDS. " Because the instructions are so brief, you'll need to read all of the words in the photo to figure out that you must press and hold the F1, F2, or F3 button for three seconds. The MacBook will then ask you to enter a six-digit code on your new keyboard, which is not included in the instructions. Then, directly next to your left and right "SHIFT" keys, you'll be prompted to press the two keys. These are not listed on the instruction sheet, but the computer will guide you through the process. br>br>CONNECTING TO THE IPAD PRO: br>br> I had a few problems here, but they were only for about 45 minutes. I couldn't get my iPad's bluetooth to pair with the keyboard at first; after holding the F2 key down for three seconds, the keyboard appeared in the bluetooth list; however, nothing happened when I tapped on the keyboard option on my iPad and entered the six-digit code. I repeated the process several times and even watched a few YouTube videos in the process. On one of the videos, the guy mentioned that he had an iPad Pro. As a result, I began to wonder if I was in possession of a Pro. (I have, but it shouldn't be an issue. ) ) I then realized I had a 14 on my report card. So I went ahead and updated it. and by the time it restarted and I was ready to connect again, I'd made up my mind that I'd never use this keyboard with an iPad again, so I'm only going to try it twice more. So here's the 147th attempt. I even tried pressing F3 to see if it would connect, but it didn't work. To see if the "signal" was being intercepted by my MacBook's bluetooth, I turned it off. Finally, the last time I tried, I held down the F2 button for three seconds, Bluetooth recognized the keyboard, I entered the six-digit code, and in the heat of the moment, I pressed the Enter key. and then BOOM, it was linked! So, even though the instructions don't say so, it's critical that you press enter. br>br>On the MacBook, the screen prompts told you to hit enter, and as you type in the 6-digit code, the screen shows that it is recognizing each number separately until you get to the part where it says "enter. " On the other hand, there is no guidance on the iPad.

Valentino Vance
Valentino Vance
| Aug 25, 2021
Delete using fn is not a Mac feature

I really wanted to like this keyboard because it reminds me of the batter life and it's quiet when I'm on the phone. Unfortunately, the fn delete combination does not work in the same way that it does on a Mac keyboard (i. e. delete in the future). I've done some research and submitted a request to Logitech for assistance. Rather than simply saying "this functionality is not supported," they led me down a rabbit hole, telling me to download the Logi Options software, telling me I could reprogram the keys, and then telling me, "Well, if the keys don't have an outline in the software, you cannot reprogram those keys. " Grrrr. I lost a lot of time due to a lack of functionality and support.

Cairo Roberts
Cairo Roberts
| Aug 23, 2021
Issues with the 2020 Macbook Pro's Internet Connection - Do not make a purchase

Unfortunately, I will have to return this adorable keyboard because it keeps disconnecting from my 2020 Macbook Pro. I've had it for a week and the keyboard has randomly disconnected four times. Although the Mac indicates that it is connected, the keyboard does not function. I have to "forget" the device each time, turn off and on the keyboard, restart my computer, and set-up the device each time. reconnecting with the network I've also gone through the logitech troubleshooting, but the issue still exists. I've never had a problem with other bluetooth devices and this computer, so I'm guessing it's the keyboard. However, a recent development has pushed me over the edge to return: while connected, the keyboard occasionally lags 10-seconds. It only takes 20 seconds. It's a bummer because the keyboard is otherwise super cute, comfortable, relatively quiet (though not silent), has a small footprint, and uses Mac keys. br>br>It's a bummer because the keyboard is otherwise super cute, comfortable, relatively quiet (though not silent), and uses Mac keys. All I want is for it to stay connected!.

Destiny Zamora
Destiny Zamora
| Jul 29, 2021

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