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HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA

HP Pen - 1MR94AA

HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA HP Pen - 1MR94AA
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You can find it at www.com (check it out
The N-trig technology makes it easier to write, draw, and navigate with greater speed and precision when using Windows Ink
For use on
Please note that this product is only compatible with HP Spectre x360 15-bl0xxx, 13-ac0xxx, Spectre 13 13-aexxxx, Spectre X2
With its precision tip and pressure sensitivity, you have full control, just as if you were writing with a pen on a piece of A Windows 10 device equipped with a pen is the minimal requirement.
A customizable buttons setup will allow you to seamlessly switch between functions while accessing your eraser easily
It is highly recommended that users first refer to the Instructional Video in the Image Section and the User Manual in the Technical Specifications before using the software

Questions & Answers

Can this pen be used with the HP Pavilion 360 I just ordered today?

There is no way to tell for The pen interface is only available on specific HP laptops. In order to keep my HP Elite 360 2 I had to return it We did not work with the pen and number 1. Visit HP's website to see their compatibility chart. I bought the new Spectre package with the pen after checking HP's website.

it still detect my hand as I draw while it is connected to the computer?

In regards to whether the answer is yes or no, it depends on your intentions. The Pen & Pick can be turned off if you do not want it to detect your hand

For some reason I am unable to get this product to work on my HP envy. ?

i just brought grandson an HP Envy 15t laptop to go with his HP Pen - can't wait to get started! The function is not functioning! That's not good!

Are you able to use this with 15+ ?

Your laptop cannot support it due to incompatibility.

Selected User Reviews For HP Pen - 1MR94AA

My laptop is unable to detect this active pen because I am not an artist, and I have no prior experience with active pens

Using the Windows Ink apps and OneNote, this active pen works as well as a pencil on paper - it completes most tasks as smoothly as if you were writing with a pencil. This is a very impressive piece of work. Since the tip glides nearly frictionless over the surface, it will take some getting used to if you write with a pen or pencil. This is an extremely accurate description With the same precision as if you were writing on the real thing, you can cross your t's and dot your i's. As a result, I wrote some things down and drew some sketches and the end result looked almost like it was scanned from a real notebook The tip of the brush has a pressure sensor so that when you press harder, your lines will look different. As you use the virtual pencil, your lines will be darker, and as you use the virtual pen, they'll be As I wrote and drew, I was able to rest the edge of my hand on the screen like I would rest my hand on paper and my hand was simply Additionally, when I wanted to use my fingers to pan around or pinch to zoom, I was able to do so with no problem. Among its features are a battery that supposedly should last many months, two buttons that perform different functions depending on which app you are in, and a camera that supposedly takes great pictures. It is usually possible to turn the bottom button into an eraser by holding it down. As far as I can tell, the build quality seems to be good the pen feels sturdy and durable. The battery needed to be put in the pen, and then I tapped the screen with the tip of the pen, and it started working immediately. There was no setup needed. In my opinion, the only negative aspect of this product is that it is quite expensive. I have little doubt that in a few years, products like these will be much more prevalent and much more affordable. In any case, because it's still cheaper than Microsoft's official Windows Ink pen at the moment.

Monica Humphrey
Monica Humphrey
| Aug 17, 2020
Product is good

I bought it for my HP Pavilion x360 laptop. When I got to use it, I was so excited. My understanding of the buttons was a little hazy. As I have the options on my laptop, I thought they would have more custom features. I believe the descriptions of these pens and the things they do and do not do should be more detailed. Besides that, it works fine. I do not have any complaints about it.

Darwin Camacho
Darwin Camacho
| Dec 25, 2020
There are some models of HP Pavilion x360 that do not work with this application

Despite the fact that it is listed as compatible with my HP touchscreen x360 laptop, I was not able to use it with it. much frustration, I found that not all HP Pavilion x360 notebooks are compatible with Active pens with batteries, according to the HP support website. As a result, I downloaded the HP Pen Control app and found out it does not have the capability of working with active pens. It can only be used with a passive pen (the cheap type that has no power) and is a M3 convertible. Go to HP support and search for Touchscreen Compatibility if you have an HP Pavilion x360. A list of all their PCs that can work with a pen is provided, as well as what type of pen they support.

Avah KAY
Avah KAY
| May 12, 2021
HP ENVY x360 Convertible product # W0U47AV is not compatible with this cable

As I believe that the description is not sufficiently clear, I was wondering if it would work. When I sent the question, I mentioned the model and the product number. You will receive a reply from Amazon confirming its usability. Well, I received it in just one day (actually in just a few hours), I unpacked, I put the battery in the right direction, but I simply could not get it to function. What if the pen is incompatible with my laptop or the laptop's pen is defective? There is no way to know. This item will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Emerald Rice
Emerald Rice
| Jan 12, 2021
Excellent, but the quality seems to have been compromised

It was very easy to use, you literally just put the battery in and it immediately works however, I had been using my boyfriend's pen that came with his HP Spectre, and upon taking this one out of its original packaging, I immediately noticed how different it was from his pen. I would prefer to use my boyfriend's pen, which is so much heavier and sleeker, and also metal, which I find to be so much more comfortable to use. One of the components had a light, cheap feel to it, and it actually felt like coated plastic to make it look and feel It works great, the touch screen is as good as I have seen. If you try to tap too much of an angle, it won't read. But use it like a pen and it will. There's no reason for it to be at an angle that it won't I really like this product for what I bought it for. It works well for what I bought it for. The feeling of giving him back his nice, heavy and expensive pen and giving him this light, cheap plastic pen was somewhat disappointing.

Rylie Ballard
Rylie Ballard
| Apr 30, 2021
Unless you are looking for a good deal, don't buy this

5 minutes were spent on it. I think this is a horrible product for the price. The replaceable stylus tips do not sit fully in the pocket of the stylus, so the point hits the screen as it comes out of the pocket just before it is pressed. It is very annoying and not something I could overlook on an accessory with such high price. One of those stupid discs is on the point of another stylus I have (another Mixoo), but I like I like it better and I can't tell the disc is there for a couple of minutes The use of this product should not exceed ten minutes. As well. I think it's like ten dollars!.

Marceline McIntyre
Marceline McIntyre
| Oct 12, 2020
Despite the fact that I'm not absolutely in love with this pen, I'm quite enjoying it

While I'm drawing on it, there are some times when the lines don't come out as smooth as I would like. A ballpoint pen of that length and width may be more comfortable for someone who is accustomed to using a cheap brand. Using the button on the side works as an "eraser," which is extremely convenient to not have to switch brushes every time you wish to erase a small part of your work. With the sketchbook app on the HP Spectre 360, I have used it for more than 25 drawings and have not observed any degradation of Several replacement tips are included in the package in the event this one eventually wears out.

Berkley Hahn
Berkley Hahn
| Jun 13, 2021

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