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ASUS VG248QG 24" G-Sync Gaming Monitor 165Hz 1080p 0.5ms Eye Care with DP HDMI DVI

$ 190.99

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24 inch Full HD (1920x1080) display with overclockable 165Hz (144Hz support) rapid refresh rate and 0. Response time of 5 milliseconds (GTG)
For the smoothest gaming experience, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology eliminates stuttering and screen tearing.
Eye fatigue is reduced thanks to ASUS Eye Care technology, which includes a flicker-free display and a blue light filter.
DisplayPort 1 (v1 4) HDMI (v1 4) HDMI (v1 4) HDMI (v1 4) HDMI (v1 Dual-link DVI-D ports (two) and two DVI-D ports (dual-link DVI-D
For ultimate viewing comfort, ergonomically designed stand with tilt swivel pivot height adjustment and wall-mount capability.
Visuals Exclusive to the Game

Questions & Answers

Is there a displayport cable included with the ASUS VP249QGR monitor?

I purchased mine on July 29, 2020, and it included a DisplayPort cable. Sync is also compatible with my GTX 1660 Ti.

Is this monitor compatible with a VESA mount?

The monitor comes with a 100x100mm VESA mount. This mount is available for you to use. monitor-bestitems24com wall- mounting / mounting - dream- md2463/ md2463/ md2463/

Is this something that would work well on the PlayStation 5? With an hdmi, it'll be at 120 Hz. ?

Yes, for the PS5, it will be an excellent budget option. While it won't support 4K, it should be fine at 1080p and has a reasonable refresh rate. If you want to buy a monitor that supports newer features like 4k at 120hz, expect to pay around/over $1000. Most games, from what I've heard, won't support those higher capabilities. To sum it up, if you want a monitor that shows the best color during game play, I recommend a 4k monitor with a 60hz refresh rate (they are less expensive), but if you want to buy one to play first-person shooters (like I do), get a 1080p monitor with a higher refresh rate.

My computer can't handle anything more than a hundred-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand- 120 fps. Is having a 144hz monitor a bad idea if my computer can't handle it?

No, the bigger problem you're having is with your in-game settings. So, if you have a lot of your settings set to high or ultra, your performance will suffer, especially if you're playing newer games on older hardware. However, just because you have a 144hz monitor does not mean you can't use it. Your games will recognize that this refresh rate is available on the display and will allow you to see them running at a variable rate. For example, if you can only play a game at 80 frames per second but your monitor supports 144 frames per second, you'll be able to see smooth framerates up to 144 frames per second even if you can't reach that frame rate. In other words, you'd be able to enjoy the smooth 80 frames per second that a 60hz monitor would not allow.

Selected User Reviews For ASUS VG248QG 24" G-Sync Gaming Monitor 165Hz 1080p 0.5ms Eye Care with DP HDMI DVI

The title is misleading! Read this if you own a Console! The monitor's description states that it supports 144hz with a pixel pitch of 0

What they don't tell you is that if you have a console (PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4), the response time is limited to 5 milliseconds.

Adriana Estes
Adriana Estes
| May 15, 2021

wow & WOW. This monitor has been in my possession for about three weeks. I couldn't be more pleased. br>I've spent a lot of time fiddling with the monitor's settings as well as my computer's hardware. br>br>With both gsync enabled and disabled, I was able to get 165hz. There were no issues at all. br>Because of latency issues, I've never been a big fan of gsync. br>However, this monitor does a fantastic job of preventing tears. There is a delay in input! Apart from some minor input lag, I couldn't think of any compelling reasons to disable it. br>For the time being, I'll be using it until any issues arise. If any show up, I'll let you know. br>br>Notice: Some users have reported that Gsync isn't working properly, resulting in artifacts and flickering. On the screen, there will be black screens. br>The Gsync software is largely to blame for this. It is not the monitor's fault. br>br>There are multiple threads on how to adjust the monitor. By using software, you can assist in the resolution of those issues. br>br>(Keeping all Nvidia/GPU/Motherboard drivers up to date can help with any potential instability issues. ) )br>br>The monitor has a lot of features that aren't really needed or used by most people, but they're still nice to have. br>br>For a tn panel, viewing angles are pretty good. br>The picture gets a little washed out when viewed from an angle, but colors remain fairly accurate. br>When compared to other TN monitors I've seen, this one performs admirably. Overall Score: br>br> 5 starsbr> 1 Performancebr> 1 Designbr> 1 Compatibilitybr> 1 Featuresbr> 1 Pricebr>br>When I first bought it, I was a little hesitant about the price. br>It appears to be a $249 item. At the end of the day, there will be 99 monitors. br>However, it's a fantastic monitor with a lot of features. For the price, it provides incredible quality and performance. br>It also came with no dead pixels or defects, which is a huge plus. P. br>br>P. br>br>P. br>br>P. These monitors are not ready to use right out of the box. play. br>With picture modes and colors, some tinkering is required. settings. br>Take your time and customize it to your preferences. The end result will satisfy you.

Kyson Callahan
Kyson Callahan
| Apr 04, 2021
My Nvidia card handles FreeSync flawlessly at 1080p 144hz IPS 23

Version with an 8" diameter I've only had the monitors for a few days, so I can't comment on how they will perform in the long run, but for now they appear to be excellent. It was the 1080p 144hz IPS model that I ordered two of. They all have the standard light IPS glow that all screens of this type have. There are no extreme glows coming from any of the corners or edges, and there are no dead pixels. I'm using Nvidia's Gsync control panel to run FreeSync, and it works perfectly with the monitors' displayport cables. The monitors have a FPS counter that works with FreeSync, which is a welcome improvement over non-FreeSync monitors. I am a huge fan of FreeSync monitors. I can't speak to the color accuracy, but I can say that there are a variety of modes to choose from, each of which can be customized to your preferences. br>br>It's worth noting that the monitor's built-in speakers are terrible, but I never use them because you can't expect much from monitor speakers. br>br>I am very pleased with this purchase, and would recommend them to anyone who is a gamer who wants to stay with 1080p rather than moving up in resolution.

| Jul 30, 2021
For gaming or general use, this 1080P IPS display is ideal

- My monitor has no dead pixels (which is one of my main concerns when buying a monitor online). br>- br>- Ideal for 1080p (high pixel density at this size) The contrast and brightness of the image are excellent. br>- There are a lot of options in the menubr>- The construction appears to be of high quality. br>br>CONS:
- The speakers are adequate, but not outstanding; I personally wear headphones, so it makes no difference to me. br>- The power button should be placed directly beneath the LED indicator, not half an inch to the left. br>- Although the border appears to be only 1/16 inch thick, the usable portion of the LED panel actually ends about 1/8 inch from the plastic frame, so keep that in mind if you plan to run two of these side by side. On each side of the monitor, there will be a 1/4 inch black border (including the frame part). It's a minor point, but it deserves to be brought up. br>br>As you can see, this monitor has very few flaws. I chose 120 Hz because my current GPU is incapable of running games at 144 frames per second. br>br>It was simple to set up. Because those games stored settings from my previous monitor, I had to delete content from the game's Settings folder in order for them to work with this monitor (namely Doom 2016 and RDR2). br>br>It's difficult to find a 1080P IPS monitor that's this fast and has all of these features in such a small package; most IPS 1080P monitors are now 27" or larger, which, in my opinion, is excessively large. For 1080P, this is the ideal size.

Dalton Salas
Dalton Salas
| Dec 22, 2021
Finally, a fantastic 24-inch IPS gaming monitor! For the past few months, I've been looking for an ips monitor to replace my Asus vg248qe

The issue with today's gaming monitor market is that the majority of ips gaming monitors are 27" in size. This would be too big and uncomfortable for my eyes because I sit so close to my monitor. br>br>I was about to give up and settle for a 75hz ips monitor when I came across the Asus TUF 23. The VG249Q gaming monitor measures 8 inches diagonally. This is a genuine monitor. I used to game on a TN panel, and the transition to IPS is fantastic. When compared to TN pannels, the colors are much more vibrant. The monitor's color temperature was the only thing I changed. Because it appears more realistic, I changed it from warm to normal. I haven't changed any of the monitor's other settings aside from that. That's how fantastic it is! Not to mention that gaming at 144hz is a unique experience, and I'm glad I didn't have to forego it in order to get an IPS panel. Furthermore, the monitor's almost non-existent bezels give it a very sleek appearance while saving desk space. br>br>If you're looking for a cheap 24" IPS gaming monitor with 144hz, I'd highly recommend this product; despite the fact that I only had it for a short time, it far exceeded my expectations! Get this as soon as possible!.

Eloise Conner
Eloise Conner
| Mar 26, 2021

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