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AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24

AOC C24G1A 24" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1920x1080, 1500R, VA, 1ms MPRT, 165Hz (144Hz supported), FreeSync Premium, Height adjustable Black

AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24 AOC C24G1A 24
$ 144.99

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23" class; 24" class; 24" class; 24" class; 24" class AOC Gaming Monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution and 6" viewable screen
For an immersive gaming experience, a 1500R curved monitor wraps around your vision. Multiple C24G1As can be purchased for a more immersive battle station.
Rapid 1ms (MPRT) response with 165Hz (via DP 1) is now available. 2 port) refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium for the smoothest competitive gaming experience (48-165Hz LFC via DP)
For the ultimate multi-monitor setup, opt for a 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders.
VESA mounting compatible wall/desk mounting options | Height-adjustable stand with swivel, tilt, and quick release for optimal ergonomics
RE-SPAWNED: 3-year no-bright-dot warranty, 3-year advance replacement warranty, and 1-year (one-time) accidental damage warranty
119 76% sRGB as well as well as well as well 29% color gamut coverage DCI-P3 for accurate color reproduction and lifelike images DCI-P3 for accurate color reproduction and lifelike images DCI-P3 for accurate color reproduction
For added convenience, there are DisplayPort, 2x HDMI, and VGA inputs with audio line-out.
AOC Low Input Lag Mode reduces input lag so you can react faster when it counts.
LowBlue Mode and FlickerFree from AOC are designed to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions.

Questions & Answers

I realize this is a future monitor, but has AOC stated or is it intended to be g-sync and freesync compatible? thanks! ?

It's a FreeSync monitor by default, but G-Sync is an option. With the help of a program called "G-Sync," Sync can support FreeSync monitors. Compatible with the SYNC protocol

Is it just me, or do the colors appear to be faded? I'd appreciate it if you could give me as many suggestions as possible. ?

It isn't particularly vibrant, but the colors are consistent. Although some of the pre-configured settings appear to be problematic, they can be adjusted manually. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. On a scale of one to ten, five out of ten is comparable to OLED vibrant. It's not washed out, though.

How do I get it to run at 144 Hz when it's currently set to 120 Hz?

In advanced display properties, you must set the resolution and refresh. Make sure to download the AOC g menu software as well as the AOC-specific driver rather than the generic driver.

Is this display USB-compatible with a Macbook Pro?

I easily connected this to my Macbook Pro with an HDMI to USB C cable, and it works great. br>br>One thing to keep in mind is that if you use it at native resolution at 60hz, it will go up to 100hz, which may cause some discoloration. There aren't any problems otherwise.

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Override=Strong (Updated) is where it's all at

With this monitor, I have a few firsts: 1440P, VA, Curved, Freesync, and a 31-inch screen. 5". Coming from an AOC 1080P 27" 144hz monitor, the contrast issues of a TN panel were not an issue for me. This was also the time when I decided to upgrade to 1440P. br>br>This monitor scared me right out of the box, and I believe you can't use the OOB settings. When scrolling up and down in a browser, the text would dim and become fuzzy until I stopped scrolling, and then it took a fraction of a second for it to return to normal for reading. This was strange and annoying, but since the performance mode was one of the reasons I purchased this monitor, I quickly began fiddling with the settings. br>br>With any monitor I buy, I go into settings to get the brightness, contrast, and colors as close to perfect as possible. This one has a little more to it than the others. So here are the settings I came up with to make it work great in game or on the desktop: Luminance is a term used to describe how bright something is. br>Contrast 45br>Brightness 35br>Eco Mode Standardbr>Gamma 3br>DCR Offbr>Color Normalbr>br>Game Settings: br>Contrast 45br>Brightness 35br>Eco Mode Standardbr>Gamma 3br>DCR Offbr>Color Normalbr>br>Game Settings: br>Game Mode Offbr>Shadow Control 50br>Low Input Lag On (On for desktop work, Off for in game, less lag, much smoother, yes Off per manual and it feels correct)br>Game Color 10br>LowBlue Internetbr>Override STRONG (For Desktop Work. I was able to get the monitor to work and look great in all modes using this toggle and some tweaking in the Nvidia Control panel color settings. br>Freesync Onbr>br>By using this toggle and tweaking in the Nvidia Control panel color settings, I was able to get the monitor to work and look great in all modes using this toggle and tweaking in the Nvidia Control panel color settings, I was able to get the monitor to work and look great in all The contrast is excellent, and unlike a TN panel, moving your head around does not alter the contrast. This is a significant improvement over TN. br>br>I could do without the curve screen; it adds little to my experience, and the vertical lines near the edges take on a keystone-like appearance; this isn't true keystone, but it is an effect the curve creates. Curved screens will receive 0 points in the future; a flat screen would suffice. br>br>In the Nvidia panel, Freesync was already selected, which is a brand new feature that has only been available for about a week. It's encouraging to see it recognized independently. I'm going to do some research to make sure it's working properly. Tearing is no longer an issue with 144hz screens, so based on that in my tests (Is Freesync working? ) does not provide me with a definitive answer. br>br>Even though I believe I got everything I needed out of it in terms of looks and performance, I gave it a 4 star rating because there is no manual and no information about the settings. I knew what I was seeing at first, and I knew I needed to fix it or return the product right away, so I went through all of the settings until I found the ones I needed to change. I did, but I'm curious how many people who receive one of these think to themselves, "OMG VA is terrible!" " and then gives it back? EDIT: br>br> This monitor perplexes me, and half of me wishes I could return it. I can achieve ideal conditions, but I need to change two settings- outings and games The issue is that I have to go into settings every time I want to change something, and there is no way to save the presets. The settings above have been updated to reflect this change. As a result, I deducted two stars because I believe you should toggle this frequently to get the best results.

Presley Novak
Presley Novak
| Jan 11, 2022
The warranty they offer is a ruse

The monitor is very nice, and I had no problems using it except for the OSD being a little finicky. I bought it for a few reasons, including the price and the warranty. It was around $430 when I bought it, and it was fantastic. In about four months, I'll have severely scratched the screen. "OK, I'll just use their 1-digit code," I reason. year 1- It is covered by a one-year warranty against accidental damage. " My first call to customer service was cut short because there was construction going on in the background, and my voice echoed so badly that I had to put them on speaker. I request that my one-time warranty be honored, and I receive the following: They did not inquire about my order invoice, address, or serial number. That's not it. When they inquired about the damage, I explained that the screen had been scratched. They then proceed to tell me that the accidental damage warranty only covers cracked screens, to which I respond, "BS. " I then go to their website, where they claim that it covers "all accidental damage, including monitors falling on the floor, acts of God, or even nuclear war. " For up to 1-year, a single incident is covered. a year after the purchase date "So you're saying the warranty covers nuclear war and all accidental damage, but not a scratched screen?" I ask. "I suppose so," he says. " So now I've spent $430 on a decent monitor with a phony warranty. A complete ruse and outright deception. Either that, or they need to fire him in order to keep their good name.

Emersyn McGuire
Emersyn McGuire
| Aug 08, 2021
This is a fantastic product, but only after it has been properly configured (hint: it must be configured)

Picture Boost) (adjust as needed): Edited on the 18th of August, 2019: Update your motherboard bios, especially if you're using new graphics cards such as the RTX and RX series. I had a problem with old board bios, which caused blurriness in games due to improper resolution output on new RTX cards. Because this monitor is 32 inches, it requires a powerful processor and graphics card to transition the screen pixels, so I recently upgraded my motherboard to an MSI gaming plus and added an Intel I7 9700k to my RTX 2080. This monitor is now fully functional; game textures are crisp and clear, and there is no more image/texture blur at this screen size; I'm not sure how it happened, but it appears that the screen pixels can transition faster with this new hardware. I was using an i7 8700 non-K version, which I thought was powerful, but with the new processor, I am consistently hitting 144 frames per second, which shows in the clarity of the games. Don't get me wrong, they were great before, but they're even better now. Get an i7 processor, preferably a 9700k or 8700k, if you can afford it. br>In addition, if you install version 436 of the GeForce drivers. The new texture sharpening tool is something you should check out. It's truly incredible. To use it, you must have GeForce Experience installed, then press Alt F3 while playing and then click one of the numbers 1,2, or 3 on the overlay. Select the game filter command and scroll down until you see sharpening. Adjust the sharpness slider to your liking and enjoy the visuals. br>br>After you connect this monitor to your PC for the first time, make sure to reinstall your graphics drivers. Nvidia allows you to do a custom installation with a clean installation, which will help to resolve any leftover conflicts with your previous monitor. Also, I noticed that when I used the displayport cable that came with the monitor, images in games were sharper than when I used any third-party cable. I'm not sure if it was just a placebo effect, but I tried four other dp cables and found that the images were inferior to the one included in the box. Now for the review: I decided to take the plunge and purchase this monitor. It's a 32-inch curved monitor, which is significantly larger than I anticipated. If you have a small desk, you should consider upgrading to a larger one. I connected it to my computer via an RTX 2080 and it looked nice, but it wasn't very good in games. I had a feeling something wasn't quite right. For four days, I tried every possible configuration, but nothing worked until I experimented with the picture boost menu, which I finally understood. The picture boost option adds a second virtual film to the screen, allowing you to fine-tune the brightness and contrast even more than with the luminance option. Simply enable Bright frame to On in the Picture boost menu, then increase the frame size all the way up to 100. In picture boost, I have the brightness set to 34 and the contrast set to 50. Adjust to your liking, but I've noticed that lowering the brightness improves the shadows in games. I did notice if I used any of the currently available game modes (Hint: I didn't). If I turned off Game mode in the game settings, Picture boost would be disabled, and I'd have to re-enable it and start over. I wish we had the ability to save our monitor settings preset files. br>br>Picture Boostbr>Bright Frame onbr>Frame size 100br>Brightness 34br>Contrast 50br>br>br>br>Under Game settings,br>Set low blue mode to off,br>overdrive to medium (If you have a very powerful pc like an intel 8700k or higher with an RTX 2070 or higher, you might want to leave the overdrive )br>Freesync to Onbr>br>Under luminance,br>Contrast is 45br>Brightness is 95 (lower if desired)br>Eco mode standardbr>Gamma set to gamma 2br>DCR is offbr>br>br>Under Color Setup,br>Color Temp is set to Userbr>Red is 43br>Green is 48 It's been a lot of fun playing games on it, and you really can't go wrong with it once you get it set up properly. br>br>Creative+ paraphrase: I just wanted to point out that this AOC monitor supports G sync. I used to have a Dell S2417DG TN panel G sync monitor, and I can say that this AOC freesync monitor in G sync mode gives me a much smoother and consistent performance. Since last year's Windows March update, G sync on native Gsync monitors has been broken on Windows 10, and the micro stuttering on my Dell monitor with Gsync was driving me insane. With adaptive sync on this monitor, I'm having a much better experience now. Far Cry 4 and 5 have a lot more fluidity to them. Because of the freesync range of 48 - 60 Hz, I don't think this monitor will ever be certified as Gsync compatible. 144hz. Only monitors with a 30-inch diagonal will be certified by Nvidia. 144hz. Even so, unless the game is broken, such as Gears of War Ultimate Edition, I never drop below 48 frames per second. To get the most out of this monitor, you'll need at least a GTX 1070/Gtx 1660 ti or Vega 56/Rx 580/590. In freesync mode, the monitor automatically caps your maximum frame rate at 144, and you won't be able to go any higher, even with a powerful GPU. It ensures a consistent gaming experience; native Gsync does not do this, so you must manually cap it. Once again, there are no regrets with this monitor, and it is well worth the investment.

Priscilla HARTLEY
Priscilla HARTLEY
| Jan 15, 2022

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