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Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15

Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15" 2016/17/18/19 MacBook Pro (K64491WW)

Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15
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Using magnetic attachments that are already built into the MacBook frame, the MacBook Pro privacy screen filter is easy to install on any 2016 to 2019 MacBook Pro.
It is reversible with matte and glossy viewing options it restricts viewing angles to +/- 30 degrees, protecting private information from anyone trying to see it from the side it is TAA-compliant.
The matte and glossy viewing options offer two ways to experience this material the harmful blue light is reduced
When not in use, the privacy screen can be kept clean and protected from scratches with the included cleaning cloth and screen holder
As this privacy screen attaches with magnets, rather than mounting directly to the MacBook screen, a slight gap may appear when the lid of the laptop is closed with the privacy screen attached. However, the MacBook will still go to sleep and/or turn off if that feature is enabled.

Questions & Answers

The new Macbook air (retina, 2018) is coming out soon. Does this work with it?

My 2018 MacBook Air is equipped with the Kensington MacBook Pro 13 model. I've tried it and it works. While there is a small gap when the screen is closed, the laptop is still able to go to sleep.

This screen can be taken out and put back in multiple times while in use?

I would like to point out that the laptop privacy screen attaches to the magnetic frame, which makes it easy to detach and reattach. You asked a great question! Thank you!

How well does this work with the new ?

Definitely, this MP13 Magnetic Privacy Screen will work with 2020 13" MacBook Pros. You asked a great question! Thank you!

Selected User Reviews For Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen for 15" 2016/17/18/19 MacBook Pro (K64491WW)

A misleading statement I can't close my laptop There is a huge This is an awesome product that I purchased and I was impressed by the quality, but I was disappointed as I was unable to close my laptop even though it shows a picture of a laptop (like The same problem occurs despite the replacement of the old one with a new one, although I thought it was bent slightly

It is impossible to close the laptop (a good 1/4" on each side) and when you open it, this screen falls off completely. You should not spend even $10 on this unless you want to carry around flimsy plastic (that will bend) along with your laptop and attach it to the screen and drag it back every time you use your laptop.

Annabelle Johnston
Annabelle Johnston
| Dec 10, 2020
I purchased this book in 2016

It is good quality, but when I use it, my MacBook pro 2017 does not close completely. The Kensington privacy screen is nice as you might expect it to be. It has both matte and glossy finishes, which is why I like its reversibility. I am very sorry to inform you that my 2017 15-minute message did not go through While the privacy screen is attached to the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, it does not fully close. The privacy screen does however have a protective sleeve to be used as a protective cover when Had I known it needed to be removed in order for the laptop to close properly, I would probably have avoided buying it. In the coming weeks, I will attempt to test it while traveling and report back.

Blake Benton
Blake Benton
| Feb 03, 2021
The best you can do is This isn't a great deal of information

The privacy screens on PC monitors at the office are so thick that the screen is all but hidden at angles of more than 30 degrees, so perhaps I have an unrealistic standard. In fact, this does nothing of the sort. While it might dim the screen to the equivalent of 40% brightness compared to the original output, you can still clearly see what's on the MacBook Pro 15 inch screen Since there are no other options out there, I will stick with this solution since it is better than nothing, but I would not expect too much out of it. A magnet like this is a nice addition to a kit, but it should also command an 80% premium over other generic options. The display is no longer flush with the body as well when the laptop is closed, as other people have said. As soon as something better comes out, I will buy it, but for now, I will make due with this.

Augustus Moreno
Augustus Moreno
| Sep 22, 2020
There is no privacy under a privacy shield

You're doing well My Macbook Pro's magnetic strip assists in putting the screen together and it is nice that no tabs must be stuck to the screen or slid on with a tab-slider. This is bad Everyone can see your screen, no matter what angle they are facing. A screen that is truly private means every one in the room cannot see it. You need to dim the screen to a degree that even YOU can't see it. There are so many mistakes on the site that even at 50% brightness people can read the large text. It's a waste of money to spend money on a product that's supposed to shield your screen from people sitting next to you in a work environment or on a plane.

Osiris Stewart
Osiris Stewart
| Apr 04, 2021
As described, it's not the same as that

If you pack your laptop in a briefcase, it won't remain closed. Then and now Typically, I do not write reviews, but I thought it best to bring up my concerns with this product. If the computer is installed with a privacy screen, the seller claims it will shut down. You can fold it up so it stays closed, even if you only plan to use it in one place, open it up on your desk and never travel with it. The images show that it will remain closed when you do not move it. If you pack it into a briefcase or in my case, a Filson bag, I find that the laptop stays An inch and a half. The door will open and close with every step for the next few minutes. If you press it closed, it will automatically open again. If you remove the privacy screen, it will close and stay shut as it is designed to do. You can see the opening pictured attached. It is protected by an Incase textured case from Apple's website and was delivered to its owners on December 12th.

Ruben Simmons
Ruben Simmons
| Dec 19, 2020
This is an area that needs The installation of the magnet was very easy and the magnet itself is very strong
Joy Wu
Joy Wu
| May 18, 2021
Glare is effectively eliminated by this lens

The purpose of this screen cover is to reduce glare on my 2018 15" Macbook Pro, not to let out any private information. As I use my Mac in my home office (where privacy isn't an issue), I have to contend with glare from a large window directly behind my desk, which disrupts my nice glossy MacBook When I look at the screen during the day it's very hard to see. **Overall Despite its relatively small size, the Kensington MP15 Magnetic Privacy Screen does an excellent job of reducing glare (especially when the matte finish is turned out) as well as giving privacy to prevent snooping eyes from locating your bank login information. to the screen well and still allows the lid to close, although there is a slight gap and there is a slight reduction in the ability of the magnets to secure the lid. The non-profit organization is not a government agency When it is in a sleeve or on your desk, it poses a risk. This magnetic adhesive is excellent, allowing installation and removal to be done with ease. The fact that I can remove it easily whenever I wish makes it an excellent choice. Also, it comes with a handy little storage case. As my main purpose is to reduce glare, I use the matte finish side. (The glossy side actually enhances It is a wash for me since the reduction in glare reduces my need for as bright a screen, so that's a positive. Taking the screen out of the lid, the lid closes very smoothly, and the screen can be seen well despite it reducing the brightness of the screen to a point where it becomes The following is an example of a picture The screen is off without the MP15 (lots of glare)*pic Photo 3 Screen on the MP15, matte finish side (significant reduction in glare)
Picture 4 Picture 4 shows the MP15 screen with the glossy finish side facing you (increase in glare when compared to the uncovered MBP screen)
Picture 3 Picture 5 On the screen on the white background without the MP15 (high glare) ((Increase in glare as compared with an uncovered MBP screen)*pic 6 white background on a glossy side of MP15. The screen has a white background with MP15 and a matte finish side (reducing glare)*Pic The right half of the screen on the MP15 has a scratched finish on the left half and the left half is uncovered. (Pic 9 High glare, hardly readable). Black background on screen without the MP15 *Pic 11 A black background with a matte side of the MP15 (dramatic reduction in glare and easy printing). A clear shot of the MBP screen without the MP15 (Screen contents are still clearly visible)*pic Pic 13 MBP screen at low angle with MP15 matte (most of the content of the screen is obscured)* The screen of the MBP is perfectly visible through the MP15 matte (the screen contents are is magnetized to the top but not the bottom of your screen, which means that if your screen is angled at less than 90 degrees from the keyboard, there will be a gap. The magnets do not interfere with the lid closing on an MBP. The following is an example of pic Despite a slightly raised bezel on the 15" MacBook Pro screen, the MP15 frame fits perfectly inside it. The following are a few photos from Pic There's a small gap when the lid is closed on the MP15 with the MP15 in place, but it does not impede.

Duncan Hale
Duncan Hale
| Nov 04, 2020

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