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Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless)

Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless)

Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless) Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless)
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Combining integrated 10GbE with an optional high-performance NIC can deliver sequential read and write speeds of over 3,100 MB/s
It has a built-in There are two 2280 NVMe SSD slots that allow cache acceleration without the need for storage
Increase storage capacity as demand grows with the flexibility of scaling up to 16 drives
With Snapshot Replication, you can backup critical data such as company emails and reduce recovery time objectives (RTOs).
Create your SAN using virtualization tools for storage or run virtual machines on a hypervisor for a complete SAN

Questions & Answers

The warranty of the manufacturer is how long?

It will probably last for four or five years without requiring warranty support, since they haven't been able to support any product in the last four or five

Are there any caches included in this product? What is the best method to stream 1080p video for a single user?

There are two empty m in the box. The m slots have 2 slots where you can put your own information. Running two drives at the same time. I bought 2 512GB drives from Microcenter. The SSD cache appears not to help with transcoding and as far as I've read, it won't speed up the process

How much RAM does it have? Two 2GB sticks or one 4GB stick? What is the difference between dual channel and one channel memory in a NAS?

The device I received came with 1 x 4GB of storage. If you use one memory stick (for example One 16GB drive). In the end, I upgraded to 32GB of memory using Arch's equivalent. You can probably get away with 4GB of RAM if you're just using the array to serve files. If you need more RAM to run your NAS, you might need to upgrade the RAM. It is good news that the UI provides a good amount of information regarding the usage of memory and CPU.

Selected User Reviews For Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621xs+ (Diskless)

It provides great performance, is reliable, and is fast

Upgrades of $250 should be done for maximum A DS1517+ was replaced with this one. It's super easy to The speed of the process is much Added disk space to the system. Nevertheless, the build quality and build is the same. A low amount of ram on a stock computer These unofficial upgrades are recommended for those on a budget (keep in mind that Synology has officially supported hardware if that is This is

A 32GB RAM system is recommended The device might have compatibility warnings depending on the manufacturer. You should be able to locate one for under $200 shipped total without any compatibility warnings. The DS1821+ and DS1621+ ECC RAM upgrade options can be found by Googling "DS1821+ and/or DS1621+ ECC RAM Upgrade Options". The words *br A 10Gbe NIC is required See if you can find Mellanox ConnectX The following 3 MCX311A are available There is a plug-in device, the XCAT LOW PROFILE for $45US. The following caution should be observed when using NVMe caching Almost no one benefits from it There is no use for it in my life! Virtualized home users operating their own machines may find this to be useful. Choose only Synology NVM Express cards or Optane cards for a cache if you really want it. NVME cards for consumer use WILL cause data loss when they inevitably and prematurely fail (check it out). It is not recommended to use DSM7 until its stable release later this year, but it will increase the NVMe cache performance.

Maxton DAVEY
Maxton DAVEY
| Jul 27, 2020
The best of the best

The quality of what you get depends largely on what you pay. You'll also have to pay a lot for this NAS. What do you get when you add it all up? This is

A close call UI that is foolproof - A responsive customer service team
In the spec sheet, it says you get both NVMe (cache) and PCIe, as well as 10GBe at the same time. That's so sweet! The words *br With two Xeons behind a 2x12TB RAID 1 and two NVMe SSDs, I am able to put about three virtual machines online at a time (over a 10Gbe, not DSM itself) and run an occasional game. There's no way to stop it it's just a machine that consumes You name it databases, Microsoft Internet Information Services, compilation, and Windows updates. Cached content is the first thing you feel, but what can A cache is what it is. You'll understand why this sucker is so costly if you learn why it's so big. The thing is overkill for users who just want to watch a few videos. However, if you run many VMs and do a lot of drive smashing, this is the one you should consider.

Neil Gill
Neil Gill
| Oct 28, 2020
It's a new media server for me

It is amazing how fast and reliable this NAS drive is. You won't have any trouble using the admin interface. Powerful and able to store many files on the device, it is a powerful computer. As a media server, I use it as a repository for movies, TV shows, and music (Emby) and for emails A Calibre (an electronic book). In terms of installation, Emby's media software was pretty straightforward. Getting the Calibre e-book reader was a little more challenging. My book manager set up was a little difficult, since I had to install the Docker container application first, followed by installing and configuring Installing and configuring the software is made easy by the user-friendly online tutorials. There are currently six 12 TB drives in my Synology system, so I will add more drives to double my storage capacity. . . . and if that isn't enough there is also an expansion unit that provides 12 more It is going to be a matter of adding more memory in the first place. I set up a Synology DS218+ with two 4 TB drives to serve as a smaller media server for my daughter in law. With Synology you can do most things with a NAS because the CPU is powerful enough to handle almost anything.

Nataly Schwartz
Nataly Schwartz
| May 22, 2021
I love the little nas box +

It will take a few days to transfer files from my old DS409+. In that case, I did a quick test of read and write speed. The drives I use in SHR are 4x WD Red 12tb I have 2 drives giving double I/O space, and two spaces available for future growth from my old Raid-5 system with 4x4tb red drives. I receive between 100 to 150 pages a day There is an array of spinning disks (not SSD) that reads and writes at 120MB per second, and if you add SSDs, it could go quite a bit faster. I am also running two network ports in bonded mode to improve performance.
**As far as USB speed is concerned, the review comments in the following way. Adding 10GB Ethernet is probably a better idea, but if you're going to be using spinning drives, it won't really matter as USB will be faster than what the drives will offer. I set up Plex server for the first time, which was relatively painless, and set up the reverse-login for the first time as well. The proxy support for http/https connections has really helped me. I was able to use another host name for the plex server and open/forward the plex port for host and media detection to work properly. I think my router/firewall may be responsible for this. Having installed Docker and enabled SSH, however, I still haven't tested this, and I am expecting new ram to arrive in another week and a half, so I won't be updating this review for a few days. Adding reverse proxy support to the Application Portal is a really nice addition, and we will definitely make use of it with the Docker support for a few projects I will add a few apps that are off apps. As I don't want to pollute the base install too much, I installed Plex via the native app since it is necessary for hardware encoding support. I will probably also install anything else using Docker as I don't want to bog down the installer. All in all, this is a world away from my old NAS, which hasn't had a software update in many years, and I'll be glad to have the flexibility to play around with it. A bonus is that I will be able to host the Ubiquiti UniFi controller software on a virtual machine Providing a permanent residence for the elderly.

April Robertson
April Robertson
| Apr 09, 2021

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