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WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN

WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN

WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN
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The Pentium N3710 Quad-Core processor from Intel comes with The first core idea. The processor has a clock speed of 6GHz and 4GB of memory
Transcoding of HD videos for streaming through Plex is built-in
You can improve your workflow by storing media in one place
With My Cloud OS 3, you'll find an easy to use Device Manager and a quick and easy setup process
Complete security through AES 256 bit volume encryption, password protection, and remote access control

Questions & Answers

Is it equipped with the necessary hardware to be a full-featured system Would Plex run on a dedicated ?

I have streamed three movies to three separate devices (Apple TV, iPad and iPhone) at the same time using Plex Server, and the control panel reported that the CPU utilization was approximately 25%. 50% of the total. There is a v1 version of the Plex Server. A copy of WD 3112 is provided below.

Do I have to purchase my own hard drive or does this NAS come with a hard drive built in?

It is possible for Amazon customers to select a diskless version or a hard drive version of their device. NAS systems can be selected with up to 32TB of storage. You just have to check the option you want before you add the NAS to your cart.

RAM sticks that you would want to buy in the middle of the price range What is the price range for WD's my cloud pro pr2100 NAS as the primary for a Plex Does it matter what brand I use?

would recommend you to use the factory RAM because it is tested and stable, but you can choose what you want to put in the RAM.

Selected User Reviews For WD 20TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN

I spotted a bug that nagged me

It makes life easier for me to back up files and share access with family and friends thanks to this NAS. I'll probably buy a second one so I can set one aside for backups and the other for cloud access at some point. A few days ago, I noticed that the power light was flashing on my NAS, and it was disconnected from my network, so I could not Upon further research, it was discovered that it was necessary to hard shutdown and restart the NAS to resolve the issue. It remains to be seen what resulted in the issue. A firmware update has been automatically performed! Additionally, it became clear from our research that WD's automatic firmware updates are notorious for not completing properly, leaving the NAS inaccessible and requiring a system As a result, I now change the settings of the NAS and disable automatic firmware updates when I am traveling in order not to lose access to my critical data. I'm counting on you, It is a good NAS that is seriously degraded by a bad firmware upgrade If you were to fix this important bug, I could give you a 5 An example is given below.

Chanel Costello
Chanel Costello
| Jun 28, 2021
The drive is built using "RED" drives and is well-constructed, fast, quiet, and well-designed

The semi-annual subscription fee is worth it in spite of the cost For anyone who needs to store a lot of data in redundant fashion in order to prevent data loss, professional RAID drives are the answer. It is easy to install the unit. All you have to do is plug it in, attach a network cable, and it begins to work. Installing a small software package on your computer gives you the ability to access the data on the drive in addition to managing it. Administrator program, with a web interface Although it is an Internet-based application it is quite sophisticated, with many features and functions suitable for more advanced users, but with a simple interface for users who are less familiar with these forms of expression. There was a slight lag in speed- It is a factor to take into account the uptime and shutdown time, though not a major problem as long as the drives are kept on and put in sleep mode while The unit is compact, but heavy (the 320GB As well as 3 or 4 1 / 2 RED network drives), it's visually attractive and's visually up-to-date. Noisy at startup and shutdown, it's virtually silent in normal operation. Through Ethernet, you can transfer large files with speeds of nearing 100 Mbs for many transfers (speed will vary according to how many small files you have to move, or how many large files you have to move). From the front panel, you can easily get at the drives themselves by pulling up the hinged lever, which then Putting that aside, if you need to replace one of those network drives, it's a simple process (and let's hope it never has to be done). I had a couple of hard drive failures, so I knew I'd have to find a more robust way of storing data (I'm a photographer), and this fit As I have two of these devices, I like them very much It comes in a 16 GB and a 12 GB These relatively small and quiet storage devices are an ideal pair for a majority of applications. Think about the "cost" of losing all the photos, recordings, videos, etc. you've made over the years instead of the "cost" of purchasing the technology. This book is highly recommended.

| Oct 03, 2020
well spent (although it seemed to be overspent! A replacement for an advertisement is needed Having looked at the lower end WD NAS units and reading through the 1 and 2 TB capacities of the units, I built my own homemade network file server which consisted of an old laptop

My search for a higher end unit was sparked by 2 Star ratings. It was close to making me shop somewhere else even though the PR2100 unit had 1 and 2 star ratings. Although cautious, I went ahead and bought one, and so far after *3 weeks of use, it has exceeded my expectations and provided me with many benefits. I had no problems installing the software You have been set-up I was able to get up with no problem This RAID array is simple to use and fast while being quiet, robust and so far quiet. A new firmware update was just released (to keep it fresh) and installed without issues. Now, not only am I able to use this RAID array but also manage it remotely. One networked file system with backups that are fully automated Backup system for our PCs (restoring functionality lost without the old unit as Windows and software evolved over the years from 7 to 10), but backup system for our smartphone files, as well as access to files stored on the NAS from anywhere in the world (provided there is adequate Our images and videos can also be easily deployed over DLNA so they can be viewed more conveniently where ever they are located. As a result of this migration, all my historical files (not necessarily needed for mobile access) have been moved to my secondary NAS, freeing up valuable storage space however, given safe WiFi access, they can still be accessed remotely. The fact that I now have a Linux box at home reminds me of my work days when I used engineering desktops, and has made some of the administration of the system easier I suppose it is an advantage over the majority of people. In addition, it is significant to mention that YouTube videos are the most useful source for gaining knowledge about WD My Cloud devices. They were most likely made between 2014 and 2015 At the time of writing this review in 2020, there have been changes to the software, but the basic information is still relevant.

Ryan Burch
Ryan Burch
| Aug 13, 2020
WD does not support Windows 10 I have concluded after hours of research and back-and-forth with support both from WD and Microsoft that this product is a big fat zero

It consists of- Installing and configuring the program is easy, however when you attempt to view the file folders in Windows Explorer, the issue arises. It's understandable that WD is aware of this issue, but nothing is being done about it. All sorts of "fixes" are available on various web sites. The point of having a drive is to access your data if you cannot map it and access your folders. A second problem occurs once the drive is mapped. After mapping the drive once, it keeps dropping. You have to map the drive repeatedly. It is being returned to the seller.

Elizabeth Sandoval
Elizabeth Sandoval
| Jun 11, 2021
I have just installed my first NAS device

This was my first NAS device. A Windows 10 PC is connected to it over an Ethernet network. The only issue I had with it was that it did not appear on the network immediately. Finally, it showed up the next day. I tried rebooting the NAS device to see if it would show up, but it didn't. Things are now working as they should. The Plex server is used as a server for scanning personal files and documents The electronic storage of financial documents and the elimination of all paper records. You can access all of the documents and media files on the Plex server via the MyCloud feature. This is a purchase I wish I made sooner rather than being disappointed in it.

Ashlynn Yang
Ashlynn Yang
| Mar 01, 2021

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