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Keysy Rewritable RFID Sampler (6-Pack)

Keysy Rewritable RFID Sampler (6-Pack)

Keysy Rewritable RFID Sampler (6-Pack)
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Put your name on a one-liner There will be one copy of most RFID keyfobs/keycards that operate at 125kHz
It is convenient to have variety packs available
There is no need for batteries!
Multiple times can be reprogrammed
This product must only be used

Questions & Answers

Do they support the duplication of their data into Awid?

The keysy device does not support duplication to an Awid device. However, you can duplicate the Awid key to a keytag or keyfob that is marked as a In general, the duplicate keyfob should behave the same as

Selected User Reviews For Keysy Rewritable RFID Sampler (6-Pack)

My purchase was excellent, and in addition to the products working and described, the seller provided outstanding customer service

There was one aspect of my order that was a bit confusing - thank you, seller. I contacted TinyLabs about the issue and it was resolved immediately and beyond my expectations.

Charley Douglas
Charley Douglas
| Oct 10, 2020
The program is easy to use

The work is good.

| Oct 15, 2020
There is no need to worry about RFID cards getting lost

As described, this worked well. Thanks to your help, I was able to duplicate my HID Proxy card. Now I don't have to pay my concierge if I lose my card.

Bianca Patel
Bianca Patel
| Jan 07, 2021

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