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Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7

Mirror Dash Cam 7" Touch Screen 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars Enhanced Night Vision Backup Camera with G-Sensor Parking Monitor Loop Recording

Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7 Mirror Dash Cam 7
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Its 7-inch IPS touch screen provides a wide visual angle that allows the user to more easily read the text while watching video
"Super Perspective" -- 6 glasses lens front camera with 170° ultra-wide angle lens and waterproof 140° rear-view camera offering the widest view of lanes in front and approaching vehicles in the rear. Depending on your preferences (rear view, front view, or picture-in-picture), you can choose from 3 modes.
The parking monitor and G-sensor options make it a 24-hour dash cam with security that can secure the car at all times. It continues to monitor the vehicle even when the engine is off when it has a built-in battery. Check to see if your battery is still alive. In the event that an accident is detected by the G-sensor, the dashboard car camera will record and store video footage that could serve as proof if an accident claim is made
The dash camera has seamless loop recording, where old videos are automatically overwritten to ensure continuous recording. It also supports 32GB TF cards (Class10 or higher) IR cut technology permits the dash cam to automatically switch to clear night vision mode when in low light or darkness.
The screen image will appear as soon as you put the car into reverse so you can park safely and easily

Questions & Answers

The seller may ask the following questions When parked, does the vehicle have motion detection? Greg, thanks for your help. ?

There is a parking monitor feature on this device. As long as your device's battery is in place, it will monitor the vehicle even when turn off the engine. It is very important that the battery is not run down. The system can automatically start the dashcam when it detects a vibration and it records a 30-second video A second video has been posted.

Does the black or gray one work to detect motion when the car is not moving?

In addition to the parking monitor function, they come with a battery that can monitor the vehicle at any time, even when the engine has been switched Check to see if your battery is still alive.

How long do you think it will record front and rear video continuously? Can they both be done at the ?

There is a camera on both the front and rear of the phone that can record simultaneously.

What does the mirror on a 1999 Ford F250 mirror look like?

This rubberised rear view mirror bracket fits all rear view mirrors as it has rubber straps which make it flexible to fit all mirror sizes

Selected User Reviews For Mirror Dash Cam 7" Touch Screen 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars Enhanced Night Vision Backup Camera with G-Sensor Parking Monitor Loop Recording

I would not recommend this purchase There is a bug in the rear camera view, but they claim it is normal

Take a look at the The camera aspect ratio for the rear is not right. Due to the zoomed in image, it is impossible to judge distance properly since it is impossible to see the guide lines. The distance between you and the ground is too great, or you can't see I have reached out to the seller since I heard it might be an issue with firmware since the rear image displays normally in PIP but not a full screen. In some instances, these issues were resolved with firmware (others were resolved by different sellers)

UPDATE According to the seller, this is a NORMAL occurrence and has no effect on the backup process. That's hilarious! There is no way this is real. On Amazon, I have never had a bad experience with customer service. I would recommend returning this defective item and buying a better one from someone with real customer support. This will save you a lot of headaches.

Baker Evans
Baker Evans
| Jan 17, 2021
There is no problem

It is awful to install. I've found it to be easy to use. You've done a great job. One of the most annoying parts is running the wires from the trunk to the reverse light and then The idea of hiding wires stinks. I find the actual product to be good and works well. There is no doubt about it. Those are all the things. A great sound can be heard. It works like a charm.

Karson Fowler
Karson Fowler
| May 20, 2021
Buying my first dashcam was one of the best experiences of my life

It is by far the best dash cam I have ever purchased. I am giving this to my husband for his There is no backup camera in the Toyota camery he owns. All the components of this camera, including the screen and the wiring, were of extremely It would be a great purchase for anyone who needs a backup camera or dash cam!.

Leroy Manning
Leroy Manning
| May 12, 2021
The installation and set-up is very easy

The quality of the product is excellent. At first, my outlook was not great, but I must say the quality of this product is quite Camera on front of the car is crystal clear and looks better than the camera on most smartphones. There is a reverse camera that comes with it, but the video quality is grainy, and it looks cheap. In the case where they have a model with the same type of camera found on the dash, I would definitely buy it. So far, I have not had a chance to test the night vision. It is a great camera that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants one.

Nixon Flores
Nixon Flores
| Jun 23, 2021
In order to do this, I removed my old "stick on the windshield" camera

This is a great image, the quality is great. The UI of this device is simple, easy to use, and uses the touchscreen function to make it easy to use. The device installs in seconds, just hold, snap, plug and record. As for the installation, I haven't done the wiring on a backup camera before, but it should be easy because I have done that on another camera and cable management is simple. A product I recommend is this one.

Rafael Bray
Rafael Bray
| Apr 28, 2021
If you want a dashcam that won't shut off on you after 1 minute, you need one like that

Although it makes great recordings in high quality, I will not keep mine because I want a dashcam that will record for the duration of my trip and this one stops recording after a minute, sometimes after only ten seconds. No matter what settings I turn off or leave on it will record.

Madelynn Meyer
Madelynn Meyer
| Sep 13, 2020
I don't know

In less than two months, the button on the camera broke. The camera randomly turns off and on while driving. Installing it was a bit difficult, as I needed an extra cable for the I think the reverse camera zooming in would be better if it zoomed out with a wider view. Need to replace already broken one already after a while.

Reagan Willis
Reagan Willis
| Aug 10, 2020
It's too bad that it doesn't work / it's very bad that it I really dislike this vehicle as the reverse camera is not working, and the rear view mirror does not recognize it or if it does, it freezes up

There's a big problem here, the reverse camera doesn't work, with the mirrors either not detecting the camera or freezing when it detects it.

Wynter Rogers
Wynter Rogers
| Oct 01, 2020

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