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Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black

Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black

Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black
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It works with any compatible wireless network Using your Garmin navigator to see what's behind your vehicle while it's connected to Wi-Fi
It snaps easily into the provided license plate mount and can be installed within a few minutes
When you pair your wireless device with a compatible one See the backup camera view on the navigation screen of a Garmin navigator that has access to WiFi.
The system provides a wide, clear video image of what is behind your vehicle for a range of up to 25'
This water-resistant bag is rugged and weatherproof The water resistance rating of the device is IPX7 (splashes, rain or snow)
You can initiate camera views through voice commands with the BC 40
Two AA batteries are required When used regularly, the battery lasts up to three months (lithium batteries are recommended, sold separately).

Questions & Answers

How long does the battery last before it needs to be replaced?

You can choose between the following screen definitions The intensity and frequency of the light can be set to low, medium, or high. A medium definition TV is more than sufficient for most users and will last about 3 months with average use. High definition TVs have a shorter battery life and higher definition TVs have a longer battery life. You can get about 4 weeks of high definition while it is very sharp. that it didn't produce enough extra-acuity to make the cost of new batteries each month worth it. This low definition, which appears to be comparable to old commercial video tapes, will last five months at most and is rather low quality. I will only recommend it if the cost of batteries is an issue for you. Basic images can be seen well enough that you don't have to look at them. The following is a tip for you You should always keep an extra set of fresh batteries in the glove box, preferably in something protective like a plastic bag.

Can it be run on a car that has built-in wifi or can you use the hotspot function of your phone to keep it hooked up?

Wireless pairing is not necessary, as the BC 40 backup camera will pair with a compatible Wi-Fi device An Android tablet with a built-in GPS. You do not need to connect your cell phone to your vehicle to use this application.

you also be able to put this record behind you?

It is not possible to record video with the BC 40 wireless backup camera. Please let me know if you need anything further!

Are you able to hook it up to your ?

There are currently no plans to release an update for the Garmin

Selected User Reviews For Garmin BC 40, Wireless Backup Camera, Works with Compatible Garmin Navigators , Black

Using no tools at all, it makes it easy to steal from your car in 2 seconds! They have not done a very good job with the project's engineers

The camera can be removed from a car or truck in less than two or three seconds by anyone with two hands. There is no need for any special equipment. Because I needed to mount this camera inside the back window of my van, I had to cut the $35 mounting bracket. It appears that the camera is working fine so far. If you want to steal it you will have to break into my van.

Jenna Grimes
Jenna Grimes
| Nov 06, 2020
A fix for the theft issue is needed by Garmin

In terms of the camera itself, I have no problems. I was able to set it up easily and it works perfectly. The one thing I am concerned about is how easily it could be stolen. Despite being attached to a door, it can literally be popped out of the clip with minimum effort. It even fell off once when I accidentally slammed the door. As soon as I park, I stick it in the glove box before forgetting to put it back on when I return to the car. A more robust version of this needs to be developed by Garmin.

Ricardo Howard
Ricardo Howard
| Jun 05, 2021
You can use it to park your car on the front bumper

My main reason for purchasing the BC40 was its ease of installation and its limited use as a parking camera on the front bumper. It is better to hardwire everything, however, I opted for this unit due to its ease of installation and configuration. I found the start to be a little shaky. When I tried to connect to the camera on the second startup, it recognized the camera, but could not access it. Things seem to have settled down after Garmin restarted two times and everything is working as intended. This is what she LIKES convert the video into reverse and just delete the guidance lines (if it is a forward facing camera). This camera does the job perfectly as a front bumper camera (you cannot do this with the BC 30 hardwire In the voice command, the response time is merely a few seconds, which is reasonable. It is inadequate for me to park two cars in the garage with a ceiling clearance of only 12 inches. You can do this easily with the camera. Thanks for the "HEY GARMIN". It is possible to use "SHOW VIDEO" and "HIDE VIDEO" commands without using it. The following is a list of dislikes My battery needs to be changed every couple of months, and I detest it. The limited amount of activation I require will help me determine how this will work. It would have been better to use the BC30 wired solution, as it has the limitations as noted above.

Dorian Powell
Dorian Powell
| Nov 11, 2020
I am not a fan of garbage This is a waste of both To start with, I purchased a GPS for my RV

Contains a BC30 backup camera in a combo package. Wired in to the mains power. They are combined into a package for me. Once the backup camera is installed, the GPS will take over five hours to be updated. As it turns out, the BC40 is the only camera that will work with the unit, so I bought it. After we installed it, we arrived at the conclusion that it could only be installed with the licence plate bracket and it cannot be installed wirelessly. We are talking about an RV here, for goodness sake. The size of it is immense! I would like to hear from the person who created this garbage. Garmin was a waste of time and money for me, and I was not satisfied. I won't purchase Garmin products A highly disappointing experience. I'm sick and tired of spending so much money on garbage from China.

| May 20, 2021
Here are some facts you need to know about this device before you buy it

So I have been using the camera for a few days and here has been This is a pro Having a GPS that matches your device is very easy.
* Installation is simple, no wiring required.
* Pairing with a supported GPS is simple. Although it is not clearly stated in the literature, it is required to have DriveSmart 55 or 65 in order to obtain high-resolution pictures (1280 x 720). Even though a firmware upgrade is required to use the camera, my DriveSmart 61 does not have this feature. The resolution of the pictures is low (I think it is 640x480), so it looks poor on a 7" display, with all the jagged edges, like on an old children's Normally I would consider the picture quality adequate, but this one is truly in the poor department. The BC40 is easy to remove if you are in an area where thefts are possible, and if you know what it is, it takes them just a few seconds to do so. You can easily remove it with just a press of the clip! The paper doesn't have a way to be secured, it simply pops This camera will have to be unplugged every time you park it and be plugged back in each time you get back into your car. Even though this is a hassle, it is better off with a wired system than this. The complete lack of security is the worst thing about The GPS does not switch on when you put the car in reverse, instead, you have to press an icon on the GPS in order to turn it on. A better option is to have your GPS automatically turn on and view the camera every time you switch it on. As soon as you move, it will automatically turn off. The switch would need to be at a switched 12V outlet for this setting to work. Every time you turn on the camera or take a picture, it takes a moment before it turns on and shows you the picture. In addition, the picture is a fisheye view, you probably won't like it if you are not used to seeing things in this way. Here are some of the most common questions I have seen around the web but have rarely seen answers to. It was installed in a sedan, and there are no issues with connecting to the car. unit's claim that it will connect via WiFi with one of the two available WiFi enabled GPS devices Choosing the method of connectivity is not an option. If it uses WiFi only for the DS 55 and 65 to take high res pictures (I do not have a way to verify it), in WiFi mode, it communicates in 2 streams. This is the channel 11 of the 4GHz band. In case the WiFi signal is very strong, it may cause a loss of picture at that channel (one of the two most commonly used channels). It appears some people have Internet connectivity issues because their cars have WiFi hotspots built in It could use the same channel and be logged in. If you go next to a car with WiFi, their WiFi could also result in your picture being distorted. The battery type is as follows Since lithium batteries offer prolonged stability even in harsh cold climates, the manual recommends using them. I am using a pair of NiMH rechargeable batteries with it currently due to the warm weather. After it dies, I will post an update about battery life. Therefore I am somewhat disappointed in the overall result. Below are the five biggest disappointments for me (in order of importance) The DS 61 should have full HD capability with a 7" screen via a firmware upgrade, with the 7" screen being a large screen. If it is supported by both the GPS and BC 40, there will be an option to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. It's an emergency, out of the ordinary, and I think they need to have some way to secure this unit, zero security is not an option for This product would be ok to buy if it could have the same features on the DS 55/65 as well as on other supported devices (rather than limiting some functions to the DS 55/65). If it remains this way, I would recommend waiting around for a better option or going for a wired connection. Garmin has just released the product, so I hope they will update it in the near future so that it is more functional.

Update This is the latest version of firmware. No changes are made to the operation or resolution of 1 . Additionally, I added a few pictures so you can see the difference between an outside watch and an inside watch Unit of transport for cars. It has the BC40 and the DS61 on top, and a factory unit from my vehicle (2019 BMW 640xiGT) on the bottom. It is a highly noticeable difference in resolution, and it is somewhat tonally washed out as well. Due to technology limitations, you can't control the contrast and color saturation of a picture the way you can in a print Unit of transport for cars. It is actually quite small in comparison to the ones in modern cars, even though some people think the Garmin is too big. I am very sorry about the delay in this update. As a way to conserve battery power, a BC 40 enters a low power Bluetooth mode when the GPS is not requesting a picture. By pushing the camera button, one wakes up the BC 40 using a Bluetooth signal sent by the GPS. some time to wake up and connect with the internet (hence the delay in the picture), but once connected, you can see that the signal is being sent through both Bluetooth and WiFi, as shown with the Even though the unit is WiFi enabled, it will only get the image via the low-speed port if it is not a DS 65/55 unit The battery life will vary depending on the number of Bluetooth devices connected to it.

Alonso Reeves
Alonso Reeves
| Feb 11, 2021
There is a solution with this Backup Camera! It is difficult to parallel park my Alfa Romeo 4C sports car, which is wonderful to drive but extremely difficult to back out of the slot since my rear view is obscured by the car ahead of me

I find this camera very helpful in keeping an eye on what is behind me when backing up, making it a lot Using the camera, you can take pictures with thing I like is that I can see what's coming from the sides and safely get out of a parking spot because I can keep an eye on my back as well. Despite its positive features, the downside is that everything appears to be farther away than it actually is. I had to learn to interpret distances there by backing up very slowly until I learned to read the display. Using lithium batteries, I have had good battery life and very easy pairing with the SmartDrive 65 USB flash drive.

Reece Cervantes
Reece Cervantes
| Mar 27, 2021

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