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Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A) Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A) Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A) Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A)

Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A)

Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A) Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A) Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A) Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A)
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I measured incident and reflected light using a comprehensive metering method. The product is made
There is an adjustable timer for TIME EXPOSURES, which works from 1 second to 30 minutes."
A 1/3 increment is used to determine and display the exposure value for precision measurement and display
Displays subjects as contrast in 1/3 f-stop aperture increments when subject CONTRAST CONTROL is activated

Questions & Answers

How well does this meter work as a flash meter?

a product called Digiflash 2 that does the same thing. The price has gone up about $12.

Can you tell me if this device was made in Germany or elsewhere?

German engineering is behind it.

I wanted to ensure these values are present in the Shutter priority field. ?

As I checked my meter, I noticed the reading had changed. In the shutter speed grid there is no 1/200 or 1/160, which follows what I consider to be the 'normal' As far as fractions are concerned, there are 1/225, 1/250, 1/500, etc.

What are the benefits of using it for ?

It is possible to do this, but I think a spot meter would be better for landscape.

Selected User Reviews For Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A)

Currently, this is not the model in use

HD format is included in the (current) sixtomat f2 There is a mode for cinema and a mode for lux/foot candles. On the gossen website, the "go h264a" in the item name refers to the sixtomat F2. It was not noted on the gossen website how how this item breaks back into the sixtomat F2. The meter was not following the description of how to activate and use the different modes in the pdf manual I downloaded from gossen. This is the. The pdf for the meter, which was published in February 2019, and the paper manual included in the package, which was published in January 2013, could be as old as six years old, which implies a discount should be applied. I'm a guy/*b/*b/.

Jensen Velez
Jensen Velez
| Nov 04, 2020
This is junk

The readout on screen does not match what's in the manual. It is unclear and confusing how the displays work. This is junk. The readout on screen does not match what's in the manual. It is probably because the displays are poorly translated from German that they are unclear and confusing. It seems that many instructions in the manual do not produce the results they claim to produce on the display. I think it's just a bunch of Purchase a machine that works as it is described in the manual. Therefore, it would just make me more angry than I already am if it could be returned. Getting it here cost me a lot of money, plus import fees and taxes, and I would have to shell out a lot if I wanted Furthermore, the product page recommends you purchase that specific battery in order to use it with. Battery on this device is unrelated to any functionality of this device. Who knows what its purpose is. There is nothing more to it than a scam to get a few additional dollars from you. As it is, I will throw it in the trash when it arrives since I can't stop it from starting now, and it will not fit anything I will own ever, ever. This time it is old friend Scamazon. It only takes a small button battery to power this. There are just scams after scams after scams. Sekonic is the way to go. In fact, they are over-charged in a criminal sense Although expensive (more scams), you can at least find their upper- price range It appears that tier units perform as expected, at least in part. The product is ridiculous. The accuracy might be insane - but it's not on par. Regardless of how absurd it is, why not use it? I am angry so, so much.

Isla John
Isla John
| Nov 24, 2020
The build quality is quite expensive, but otherwise it is not too Among other things, let me compare this a little to the Sekonic 478, which has many of the same As you can see, we have quite the number of high-quality contracts This meter is at the end, and has opted for a low reading A build that is of high If you are going to charge for what Gossen is charging, you should make it out of titanium and gorilla glass instead of a light, easily-breakable material

The plastic has been abraded. I will use the Update (UPDATE It is not possible to swivel the facing dome. The only real problem here is that it is awkward to take incident readings with the camera facing you, and that makes taking incident readings difficult. This dome facilitates a beautiful and easily-accessible leak, giving you a great view The pockets are designed to fit. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be found in the battery The particle. It might have been better for me if I had AAA batteries, but at least I won't have to buy a hard to find disposable battery. It can be done fairly easily, anywhere, using a USB cable. The real magic comes from wireless triggering (Elinchrom, Broncolor, Phottix), but sadly not Pocket Wizard at this time. With the Sekonic 478 you are limited to one brand. You need to buy a Phottix trigger. The 478 AND the Elinchrom were enabled It seems this is an advantage for number 18). As with all of my Gossens, you can also take reflected measurements (in this case 20 degrees) without the need for My primary method of taking incident measurements is with a hand-held, but reflected can come in handy with a meterless film camera when I'm out and about. Compared to the Sekonic 478, you have a more 'everywhere' utility with it. It isn't as easy to see in bright light as the touchscreen on the Sekonic 478, but I still find it easier to use overall. I should also add that the display is not a touchscreen, but rather a hardware button-configurable display. It seems like a good thing to me There are some things I don't like about the touchscreen on the Sekonic 478. The unit starts instantly after a press of the measure button, and wakes from 'sleep' mode instantly after another press. To adjust the ISO in pictures, you need to use the menus Digital photography has the advantage of allowing us to change ISO at will, which is not possible with film. It is pretty easy to setup and save three different camera setups and switch back and forth from one to the next. There are three different configurations, and each can include a different radio system. As a result, I could set up one for home, where I use, for example, a 400 ISO and Phottix trigger, and one for my studio at work, where we usually use Elinchrom and a lower ISO. The utility can be used anywhere. It has a lot more features for less money than the Sekonic 478, but you could certainly argue that it is superior for field use. I also like the reflected meter and multiple triggering protocols built in, as well as the instant power up. Honestly, it's not the most awesome meter for $500 and up, but it's a very good $200 one. There has been a slight drop in price since I last checked -- A price of around $400 still seems too high. Now that I am using Godox instead of Wireless Triggers, the wireless triggering point is no longer necessary As usual, I am unable to trigger the meter.

Noah Stewart
Noah Stewart
| Jan 13, 2021
It just has one small Let me begin by saying that I am originally from an L-based system I have a 7588 DR and I like it

Smaller, lighter and still able to perform the task was what I wanted in a meter. I have a friend who has the Digipro F and he said this has many more improvements over the Digipro F. My first order was a success, I loved the size and quality of the product. Its light weight, but durable feel made it a winner in my book. It was when I went out to do some testing and shooting in dim light that I discovered the flaw. A $310 meter doesn't have it's back lit? How can that be possible? Unless you will need to shoot in dim light or will never do so, you can just If you're like me and don't want to carry yet another piece of gear, such as a flashlight, then However, other than that, it is an excellent.

Christian GOUGH
Christian GOUGH
| Dec 02, 2020
It was easy to rate five stars

The meter has only been with me a couple of days, but I learned how to use it in just a few Initially, I was skeptical about using it, because it appears very advanced, but it is straight forward and easy to use [without all the bells and whistles that I have no need for]. More than just a good light meter, I needed one with aperture and shutter priority, this allows me to quickly change the meter to one or the other depending on what the subject is doing, for instance You can either take pictures of sports or of people. The following is the work of Bill.

Jenesis Mason
Jenesis Mason
| Aug 27, 2020

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