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AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7

AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7" LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera Video Camera Digital Students Cameras,Indoor Outdoor for Adult/Seniors/Kid (Purple)

AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7 AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7
$ 34.84

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There has been an update to the latest software! For the Digital Camera, it can be used to take digital still pictures, use webcams, play back videos, record voice files, and more.
The 7.25 "TFT LCD display shows you vivid images, while the 550mAh Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery allows you to keep the camera working for up to 60 minutes at a time.
Record HD 720P with a 21 mega pixel camera for good capture, create your HD masterpiece with a 21 mega pixel camera! The external memory card must be formatted before use. (SD cards are not included in the package box, please buy certified brand SD cards. We recommend you use 32GB to 4GB, Memory Card Speed Class 4 above), SD card needs to be formatted before use.
There are several features such as Anti-shake, Face Detect, Smile Capture, Continue Shot, Self Timer, and PhoTags Express Software for editing, printing, and sending images via e-mail.
Moreover, this Video camera Digital comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money.

Questions & Answers

Could you please tell me why the reviews of this item are hidden? When I search the word "reviews", I come up with a few results. It says there are no reviews, but there are 0 ratings? A fishy smell. ?

My attempt to post a review was refused because it said that the reviews were disabled. This camera does not work well for me, we sent back the first one and now the second one will only take one picture irrespective of the size of the SD card (16GB or 32GB).

Can the wrist strap be bought separately for this camera?

You do get a wrist strap with it.

Do you have the ability to take photos with this camera or is it just for video?

It is possible for him

Selected User Reviews For AbergBest 21 Mega Pixels 2.7" LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera Video Camera Digital Students Cameras,Indoor Outdoor for Adult/Seniors/Kid (Purple)

It's a great camera for the price! With a $40 digital camera, it's hard to go wrong

With this camera, you can take adequate pictures on the go and on trips where you're on the move. The camera is easily replaceable at this price point, so you won't have to worry about losing it. It won't be able to rival a pro DSLR for a quick trip to the Zoo, but for a quick trip to the Park, it works well. It would be even better if you gave it to a budding young photographer. The game would be ideal for those over the age of 12, that is how I see There is an IT system that.

Sam Clements
Sam Clements
| May 29, 2021
The camera is simple and nice

The price was low so I bought it This camera cost about $100. I would recommend it to my husband who is not very The simple design I selected for him was what I was looking for. Pictures were of good quality, and I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of their work is Even though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the expensive cameras, this would make a great first camera for a child or for those just starting out.

Maddox Logan
Maddox Logan
| Jan 22, 2021
Make sure you read the fine print! In preparation for her first class trip to Washington, DC this past weekend, I purchased this camera for my ten year old daughter to use

As soon as the camera came and was ready, we set it up, charged the batteries, purchased a SanDisk SD card to keep images on, and purchased a padded case to house We tested the camera after the batteries were charged and took a couple of pictures to make sure the camera was working and to make sure our daughter was able to operate all of the functions. Our daughter was thrilled and all set to go, and there seemed to be nothing wrong.

As soon as she returned this evening, it became apparent that the camera had began to glitch. It would freeze in the middle of taking a picture, every few shots. My daughter's camera froze the second day she used it, and she reported that half the photos on her SD card had disappeared. Her teacher turned the camera off and on to see if it would unfreeze, and she also reported that the camera became unresponsive. In addition to the first image my daughter took, she also tried to view them and was greeted by an error message saying that no such file exists. Her next action was to turn the camera off again and then back on again, and then the device erased the pictures on the SD card.

We have tried to connect to our computer, and the device will not recognize itself. An SD card reader with USB port was hooked up to the SD card, and it was working just fine. The SD card was My daughter is heartbroken because the pictures she took on the trip were not recorded, so there are no photos to remember the first time she visited Washington D. C. This camera is worthless, and my child is now absolutely heartbroken because she has no pics from her trip. This camera received a lot of favorable reviews and was considered a good starter camera for kids. As far as the shape is concerned, I do agree With the size and features of the camera just right, the features were straightforward and easy to understand, and the extra battery made life easier. There must be something seriously wrong with the internal components of this camera if it can completely destroy a brand new SD card. * Please do not purchase this camera if you want your child or a member of your family to be able to take memorable pictures. There should be no sales on Amazon or any other selling platform for this camera. There is no need to purchase it, it is a waste of money.

| Jun 07, 2021
I think this is a no-brainer

My jaw dropped at how good the picture quality was even with the zoom on this tiny camera. It appears that there are many settings available and that Automatic is one of them. This camera can take macro as well as landscape photos with just As well as having an mp3 player, it also has video capabilities, and I have only used it by accident, so I cannot comment on With this, I can take pictures better than a lot of brand name point and shoots for the same amount of money and it also fits.

Dennis Harper
Dennis Harper
| May 05, 2021
I urge you not to There is no use for this camera

Here are a few words to begin with. This camera did not compare to professional quality cameras on the market at such an affordable price point, so I didn't go into this purchase expecting it to take professional-quality pictures. In any case, I was hoping it would at least be decent enough for my daughter to use rather than having to use my phone constantly to take pictures.
If you enjoy taking photos that look like they were taken with a Kleenex box, then look no further, it is the camera for you! It is noted that this camera has 21mp, but let me tell you that my elderly mother's 3mp phone takes better photos than this one. This is not an exaggeration. You can see a sample of 5 star reviews in the review. You shouldn't deal with them. You can see the difference between the photos taken with the camera from other reviewers who are giving it high ratings and the photo OF the camera taken with another device. Hopefully, you can understand what I am trying to say. This is 21MP. The answer is no. Maybe 2MP. Is it possible! There is no clarity or even a hint of quality in anything we shoot. Since I was a teenager, I have owned more than a dozen cameras, from cheap point and shoots to very I have been interested in photography for many years. Even if I paid $10 for the camera, it wouldn't be worth it. This camera will make you very unhappy.

Please do not buy it.

Zaiden Stanley
Zaiden Stanley
| Aug 26, 2020
You can carry a camera with you! This website is very user-friendly! I purchased this camera because I want to be able to capture moments with a good quality of camera, and this one fits perfectly into my purse

I have a good Sony DSLR camera, but it wasn't worth spending more money on it, so I chose this one! I am satisfied with the quality, the price, and the price. If you're looking for a camera at an affordable price, I highly recommend this device!.

Kevin Zimmerman
Kevin Zimmerman
| Oct 23, 2020
They love it and so do their daughters

They went on a vacation and we These cameras were bought for my 7 yr old and 11 yr old children. They love it and so do their daughters. Their vacation included taking lots of photos, and they had fun doing it. There is no optical zoom on the camera Easy to carry) and can take some very nice pictures in good lighting. The flash isn't great in low light, but it does have a few settings. The charger comes with TWO batteries, which is great. One battery lasts for quite awhile, but being prepared a backup is a plus. It's only available as a digital service. This camera does not come with an SD card, so you need to pick up a couple. While traveling, I did not have time to fill up my 16GB cards. As a result, the bottom line is $41 is a lot for a lot of products. You can configure a good amount of settings, and it's not expensive. Don't let your expectations get out of control There's no need to worry about the price of this.

Shepard O’CONNOR
Shepard O’CONNOR
| Jan 16, 2021

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