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Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras

Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras

Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras
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One adaptor that can be used with all lenses that mount on the A-mount
An advanced autofocus system for A-mount lenses on E-mount cameras2
The concept of 2-point autofocus and auto-exposure tracking1 for motor-less lenses is also being explored
Featuring new autofocus2 and autoexposure tracking3 with up to 11 frames per second4.
The A-mount lens benefits from real-time eye AF and real-time tracking2

Questions & Answers

The a6600 and the a7r iv are the only cameras that support this driver? Cameras with these models seem to be the only ones that can take advantage of this adapter to its full extent. ?

I'm using a Sony a7r mk III to shoot with it

What is the compatibility of this adapter with a sigma 35mm art lens with Sony A mount on the Sony A7? Does a firmware update need to be applied?

A Los Angeles-based firm Sony lenses are designed to work with EA5, but third-party lenses are not guaranteed to work. Adapters that are specifically made for the lenses made by Sigma can also be ordered directly from them.

With this adapter, you can use a Sony a7r4 as well as a Sony 70mm f/1.4 The 400mm focal length has a maximum aperture of f/4 An alpha-alanine supplement that contains 6g What are the mounting options for telephoto zoom lenses?

The adapter I use on Sony 500R, Minolta 400G, and Sony 18-55 is the best one I've found so far We have two Sony 1635 and a 250, which work well and respond quickly.

Do you know if it will work with an A7iii as Will there be an update to the firmware? Can it work just fine or will it not work? Those are the lenses I need (for ssm). ?

For use in conjunction with SAM and SSM lenses on the A7M3.

Selected User Reviews For Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter for E-mount Cameras

The last A- from Sony Moving to e-mail is a surprise, which makes it worthwhile You will have no trouble climbing the mountain as long as you follow the rules I am not going to spend much time on the advantages of computers If vice versa, then the mount is on the right side

adapter was designed to allow Sony/Minolta cameras to be used with all Sony and Minolta cameras The lens mounts on the current and future versions of the E- You need to mount your One of the reasons this is a great Sony adapter is that it is the only one that supports SSM and ESM. As long as you buy the correct Sony E-mount focus lens, you can drive the lens by screw Place the camera on the mount. At the time of this review, only 3 cameras have been identified as being capable of working with this adapter, the A6600, a7rIV, and the C300. A1 is the first level. It is worth noting that the LA was issued when the following With the EA5 release, only the A6600 and A6650 are supported The a7rIV and a1 were compatible, and the a1 was later added. The adapter is not yet fully compatible with EA5 at the time of this review. and Screw Driven lenses (SAL135f18z, SL85f14z, SL35f14g, SL100m28, SL16f28, Minolta BeerCan). As long as you only own SSM lenses, you can use pretty much any Sony E-mount camera It is easy to mount the camera and not lose much The best thing to do is to pull up the "LA-" In EA5, the following has been observed Please see the "mount] Compatibility Information" chart and verify for yourself The adapter does not interfere with the use of SSM lenses or the ability to track moving subjects. The Tamron 150-400 serves as an excellent example of a third-party lens that has worked with my camera I can use my Sigma 15mm Fisheye with this adapter as well as my 600g2. I could elaborate a lot on some of the limitations I have seen in comparing my a7rIV vs my a99ii, but I will stick to what I have found to be relevant to lens adaptations. If you jump AND use A-, you lose out on these two things The mount glass versus the e-mount Glue glass to the wall The words *br In no case can you use a teleconverter. With this adapter, your lens will become a manual lens, so you can neither use the autofocus nor change the You may want to consider investing in e-teleconverters if you've been using teleconverters for awhile Glass can be mounted at any angle
You will receive basic autofocus, which includes AF-C and AF-S Use a function and a variable in C An eye-catching design (One of my very favorite movies! will be deprived of some of the more advanced AF functions in the Pre-fighter approach in AF*, such as the aperture drive It is for eye-related activities This month's Focus Mag is AF in Focus. Unless you have this option, if you shoot in silent mode and the widest aperture of the lens is not used F/5 is the aperture used. The focal length is 2 with an aperture of 6. With an eight-lens camera), you will hear the aperture blades opening and closing the entire time. It is quieter than hearing the shutter, but it is not silent. When you start the AF, you do NOT need to select an eye- The words *br My 600 G2 was affected by these kinds of adjustments on my A99II. The words *br As a result of adapting, some performance may be lost. In other words When recording video with the a1, you are limited to 10 frames per second The letter C is written with an 30FPS with mount versus 30FPS with auto-focus The word C with the letter E This is Mount. This is a really solid, well made adapter. I don't understand how anyone can give it a negative review. Designed to make e-jumping easier, it will help make the jump more fun and easier for anyone to use For those who have been doing this a long time - mount cameras Rather than have to purchase new electronic mounts, you only need to buy the mounting plate You need to mount your glass before you can start using your computer Place the camera on the mount. While it is a disappointment that this adapter cannot be used on any e-reader, you can still use it for most purposes There is just the sense that if you are making the jump from analogue to digital that you would have to It is the amount of the last payment In APS-C, c is the a77ii, so if you want to stay within that range, it is the a77ii I think the A6600 would make sense in a C world. A99ii, the last full frame A-series camera, was only available in black and white Place the camera on the mount. In order to go on the internet, one would have to sign up for an email address From a mount point of view, the a7rIV would be the logical upgrade. A great deal of transparency has been demonstrated by Sony in the LA-related case In general, EA5 lacks to make people aware of it's limitations, and if people opt not to do research prior to buying it,.

Mallory Solis
Mallory Solis
| Jun 13, 2021
This is the only adapter you will ever need

The adapter allows A mount lenses to be used with an A3 camera, so that's why I got it. As you can see, I had a Tamron 70-200 lens with me It was not possible to use AF with 8. However, the adapter does not autofocus the lens even though it has the screw drive interface. I also tried a lens with an E mount and it worked well, but I have an equivalent lens for my camera. While I thought about buying some other A mount lenses as well, since the one I had on hand did not work, I ended up just looking for more native lenses. When you get this adapter, you might want to try it with all your lenses to be sure they work.
If you own a bunch of A mount lenses, then it will probably work good, but make sure you check them all when you get it.

Mira Poole
Mira Poole
| Apr 06, 2021
I was shocked

I am shocked at this news. My old albums are still in my closet The A7S2 was a few years ago and there weren't a lot of options for lenses at the time. As reported by the LA-Times The LA-EA3 at the time was not reported to work well with the A7S2, so I lamented until one day, I was pleasantly surprised to find it working with the A7S2. When I saw that, I grabbed it immediately, and although losing some light was an issue, and the AF would not work, I grabbed it nonetheless While EA4 was relatively slow, it was still acceptable for the purposes it served. The LA-based film series never really held my interest I used it simply because it got the job done and allows me to use the editing tools in Acrobat I had a few mount lenses. This is a better option- It's better-than Today, I have the A1, and I am still happy. I'd like to mention a little side-bar. As my wife uses the A7S2, she uses only the Sony 28-80mm lens. Although she likes the body of the camera, she doesn't like the lens It is light enough for her, so she chooses 60 as a result. Whenever she went on a trip, she refused to bring anything heavier. So I arranged for my wife to use the lighter alternative since she wouldn't use the heavier anchors Since I am not familiar with LA-mount lenses, I have no intention of using them When I switched from the EA4 to the A1, I honestly thought my old A1 would work Several lens mounts have been retired and will be sold on eBay in the near future. However, that still leaves us with the question. The Los Angeles-area is aflame with excitement A new edition of EA5 is released, and I immediately buy it. Considering that this is the last Sony will make for Apple, this may be its last adapter The a6600, a7r4, and a1 lenses are the only ones that it currently supports, and that may make it a nearly rare item very quickly. Having received it, I am so happy that it has arrived, and I am enjoying using it greatly! I would much rather have a fast and light forwarding system than the light-eating, slow LA-system Even though EA4 is a lot slower than my native GM lenses, there are a few old, rather unique lenses that work with an- Those are the kinds of mounts that are perfect for pictures. The LA-area is one of the best places to live in the country without a doubt The EA5 is an excellent purchase for owners of one of the supported bodies and another that is compatible Place the glass on the mount. The market for mount lenses, as well as anecdotes about some iconic models Lenses that mount in this fashion today would cost fractions of the price of equivalent modern lenses, and it may even be cheaper than the cost of even cheaper electronic lenses Lenses need to be mounted. This ad is from The LA-Times It is a type of lens that has a unique appearance and is not likely to appear for e-books Lenses made for this mount are not likely to be seen anytime soon, since it was popular in the 80's and 90's. It is the lens alone that makes the LA-based cameras stand out The EA5 is an adapter to be commended. My wife and I are pretty darn happy with our decision!.

Francis Bentley
Francis Bentley
| Oct 10, 2020
If you own an A7RIV, this is perfect

There are a lot of old Minolta and Sony A-series cameras in my storage room Lenses need to be mounted. Thanks to this adapter, I can add them to my modern mirrorless system while maintaining autofocus and being able to compress them minimally. I'll save quite a bit by not having to replace the glass with a modern one. The following warning has been issued There are some cameras that only have autofocus capabilities for screw drive lenses, so make sure to check As far as I am concerned, the A7RIV is excellent.

Macie Gonzales
Macie Gonzales
| Apr 21, 2021
This is a slightly compact version of the LA Is EA3 coming? It appears that the EA5 adapter is only compatible with two cameras as of the time of this review

One of my Sony lenses has a screw drive, so I have only that. There is still no joy to be found I can't get the autofocus to work with my A7m3 and that lens when I use this adapter. It is to be hoped that Sony will fix this in the future with a camera firmware, the EA5 adapter with the new EA3, I couldn't really tell any difference from the EA3 adapter and other A mount lenses (SAM, SSM, and SSM II).

Ocean Burke
Ocean Burke
| Jul 02, 2021
Works like a charm! I can use my older Minolta lenses with my Sony A6600 with the help of this adapter

While autofocus works, it is also a bit slow when compared to later versions of the application Autofocus is not as quiet for video as expected, and built-in lenses generate more noise (expected). In some camera bodies, stabilization is taken care of by the camera, but not in all. It was a good decision not to throw away my old Minolta glass!.

Linda Moss
Linda Moss
| Jan 07, 2021

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