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Panasonic HHR-75AAA/B-4 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones, 700 mAh (Pack of 4)

Panasonic HHR-75AAA/B-4 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones, 700 mAh (Pack of 4)

Panasonic HHR-75AAA/B-4 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones, 700 mAh (Pack of 4)
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The Panasonic cordless telephone requires a new battery
All Panasonic phones on the market which use AAA batteries work with this battery
Bundle of bulk products that are economical

Questions & Answers

The phone of the Panasonic company uses AAA batteries Batteries with a MH rating of 1 Is it possible to use batteries with an mAh rating of 800 ?

The problem is that I had a problem with it. In place of 1, I have replaced it with 2. As a result, I had to return the item.

What is the charging time for these Panasonic AAA batteries when they are charged with my Eastshine S2 ?

You can charge them over night and you will have a full charge the next day. When a phone turns off suddenly after it has been charged, it is time to change the battery

Which batteries are these and what is their rating in voltage and mAh?

Human Resources - The 75AAAB 1 is the first number on the list. The minimum voltage is two volts.

Can you give me an idea of a life time?

The application I use at home is for cordless Panasonic phones. Having said that, neither my wife nor I spend long stretches of time talking on the phone (as in hours upon hours). Consequently, for cordless phone use and the application we use, the OEM batteries outlasted my expectations, which is why I purchased the exact same Panasonic batteries when I needed new rechargeable batteries to replace the originals. It is my hope that this will be helpful.

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For Panasonic phones, you do not need to use Panasonic rechargeable batteries

Some people may assume that due to the nature of the.

Dominick Levy
Dominick Levy
| Mar 24, 2021
purchased these to replace the batteries I had in my Panasonic cordless phone that was many years old

I bought four new ones from Amazon because my old ones had finally worn out. The first few minutes went by just fine, but then the LCD screen on my phone indicated to use rechargeable batteries, which had never been seen (I charged the batteries for 24 hours prior to I'm still getting this same message all the time. These batteries CAN be recharged. However, I do not believe they function as well as they should. It seems that they will last for up to 20 minutes before they start to drain. As soon as I put my phone back in the charger and looked at it the next day, the battery level indicator showed that they were fully charged. As it normally happens, I would get rid of them for something better. However, I have decided to get rid of my cordless phone entirely because of the high level of RF radiation it produces ("It's like being in the room with a cell phone tower! The time has come to go back to the "old school" corded phone.

Gianna Higgins
Gianna Higgins
| May 13, 2021
My phone is shipped with the correct batteries, but the mAh specs are incorrect in the listing

Batteries in this category are referred to as "min. " This battery has a capacity of 700mAh. According to my understanding, that number refers to how long the battery holds a charge before needing to be recharged. The information I received was different than what I expected. The information I read about the meaning of that number says I will need to charge my phone more frequently if I am correct. Those circumstances do not make me happy, but I'm prepared to deal with them for the time being. This company will not be a good choice for me in the future. Seeing that my husband is having surgery this weekend, I wanted to ensure my phone had new batteries before he goes under the knife. Because I wasn't able to screw around with returning and replacing, I'll just deal with it as is. I wouldn't have given up on their customer service anyway as they might have sent me new batteries so don't think this has anything to do with their customer service. Just think about the details they provide about the product. The result of which I am not satisfied. It just felt like a good idea to let everyone know. It may not always be true that this battery pack lives up to its description.

Thalia Elliott
Thalia Elliott
| Jun 13, 2021
These batteries needed to be replaced in my cordless phone as they were worn out

When it comes to buying batteries for cordless phones, I refuse to do so because it becomes more and more difficult as time goes on to find the specific battery and connector for replacing old In addition to phones that take standard AAA batteries, Panasonic also offers rechargeable phones. For the past ten years, I've only replaced the batteries in some handsets one time since I bought the Panasonic cordless phone. So long as these batteries are available, I am sure to continue buying them.

Caden Wright
Caden Wright
| Jul 22, 2020

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