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Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket

Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket

Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket
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It has a black finish that is durable, and can hold up to 66 lbs (30 kg).
An extension arm that extends into the room and can be adjusted in height The 3" (without the arm) and the 16" are both available. There are 21 segments from 9". The overall length is 26" (with an adjustable arm).
Unless the hole distance between the two is greater than 14, the distance between them cannot exceed The distance between any two holes is at least 9 in/230mm in diameter the maximum diameter of any two holes is 2 in/360mm. In order to mount a projector, mounting holes need to range from 9" to 14". There are two".
Has either a 3 hole pattern or a 4 hole pattern that is compatible with projectors
Could you please check the wall that's supporting your ceiling? Is it concrete or brick? You should only use the provided screws to attach the projector mount to a concrete or brick wall. dimensions of the ceiling plate are 3" x 3". The dimensions are 1 x 3 inches. If your wall will be installed by 1 inch (square), make sure it is able to be done.

Questions & Answers

When mine was installed, it fell out of the wall. Can you tell me what I did ?

Mount on drywall if mounting on a wall. It would be better to use four toggle anchors on the wallplate. They can be used with drywall that is 1/2" thick and rated for over 200lbs. Toggle anchors are usually pre-drilled, so all that is required is to pre-drill To drill a 1/2" hole, drill a hole a diameter of 1/2". In addition to the toggle anchor, instructions will be provided.

There's no way I can modify my wall or roof. Do I need to build this into a larger piece of lumber or can this be mounted into a 4x6?

If it were mounted on a 4x6 frame, then yes

Iron Expansion Screws Can I use them on studs?

There is nothing to see here. There is no universal agreement on it. I threw it away because it did not fit me

Does it have the capability of being extended both vertically and horizontally (perhaps with an additional extension arm)?

In my opinion, it is not a good idea. The issue is about weight and size proportions. A projector will be at risk from an external arm that extends further than the projector.

Selected User Reviews For Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket

The products work well and are of good quality for the price

There is a very good price for this and it works perfectly for my needs. I ran to the hardware store to get some drywall bolts and washers to install it on a brick or concrete wall, but it comes with bolts for mounting on bricks or concrete. all I have to say. I found a stud and it was easy to mount. It will only take a couple of minutes to run the wires. There are nice adjustments for it whether it is mounted on the wall or ceiling, and it is well worth the money if you The Cons are It's not very clear what to do, but it's easy enough to figure
Finally, it works for me!.

Blake Benton
Blake Benton
| May 16, 2021
It's one of those Wigglely little rods

My pieces are as tight as I can get them, and I admit that I'm not using it as the manufacturer intended, but this mount still wiggles when a slight breeze blows through. I am so thankful that my projector has a remote control

Pro I am* *br* Despite the fact that it is metal and so strong, I don't think it's going to give up anytime soon. There are a lot of configurations available with the adjustable arms. With the cons mentioned below, you'll learn more. We've gotta wiggle we gotta wiggle we gotta wiggle When I was rushing, I was unable to get the angle I wanted on my pivot joint, I had to remount my base in order to get the angle I wanted.
- Although the instructions are very basic and simplistic, they are sufficient to accomplish the task.

Augustus Moreno
Augustus Moreno
| Sep 04, 2020
This is trash

As I expected, I should have guessed the price right away. Although, it is the exact same product as one under another brand name that retails for $40, The reviewers give this thing a good rating, but I'm not sure who is really saying that. As stated in the description, it holds up to 66 pounds. Then that is a good If I tried to tighten the hex screws, it will loosen and then I'll have to buy new ones. Trying to put a projector which weighs less than 10lbs on it made it warp and fall apart. Sadly, since the price is so high, I really shouldn't have bought it but that doesn't stop it from being a complete scam. Perhaps this should be used as a ceiling mount, but now that it has become somewhat flimsy, I wouldn't trust it to support my projector. You should buy a better product.

Osiris Stewart
Osiris Stewart
| Mar 01, 2021
I use the mount for a 7 pound projector and the mounting system works as described

It worked as described, my unit came with concrete mounts only (reason for 4 and not 5 stars), so I had to use screws, however it was still functional. There was a lot of confusion about how to mount and what to do. Mount holds 7 lb heavy projector well, but it needs to be a bit more robust.

Eileen Rose
Eileen Rose
| Nov 30, 2020
You get what you pay for, but you also get the most value

I was on the fence about buying this after reading mixed reviews, but we eventually agreed on the price since Amazon is at the top of our list If I do not like it, then I will send it back and tell you, for the price charged, if it was worth the money.
I'm not sure I was just lucky, but I did not experience any problems with soft allen screws stripping out. I'm not sure if there was anything in the box regarding the instructions, but online instructions appear to be vague. The last thing I would change is that there are 2 set screw holes that were not drilled perfectly square and my projector didn't center. The only con to my product was that there were no angled holes drilled to square it with my keystone projector. As I am sure not all the products will be like that, it is not the biggest setback for me. I used the spacer to adjust the alignment of my projector and then used my keystone for a small adjustment to get it back into alignment. As a whole, it was perfect for my needs. I would buy from this company A projector Epson 2045 was used.

Sam Pugh
Sam Pugh
| Oct 22, 2020
As a result, I simply put it together using what made the most sense logically

Even with the YouTube video, the assembly of this product is extremely difficult to understand. As a result, I simply put it together using what made the most sense logically. An extension arm that connects the projector to the wall mount piece of the product was bending the metal connection that connects the extension arm to the wall mount piece when mounted on a wall. There was no excess weight on the projector since it was within its weight range. Because it was installed at such a height, I could not stand by and let it remain installed without being concerned about the safety issue. In case the product is suspended from the ceiling, the product may be hard to adjust or swing as well as hold in place. Even for the price, one can't complain, but no price is worth putting one's life in danger by exposing to a safety concern and possibly resulting in death should that arm fail to support the projector. The instructions will hopefully be improved as soon as they fix this. The connection point between the base of the item and its arm needs to be redesigned.

Raelyn Gutierrez
Raelyn Gutierrez
| Aug 06, 2020
Drywall is not suitable for this product

My favorite thing about the product is how sturdy it There are a lot of options for this product however, what I dislike is the fact that it does not include any options for drywall mounting instead, it comes with concrete or brick mounting. My suggestion would be to at least improve it by 2 A total of four drywall screws and four drywall anchors are required. The projector I have is an older goodee model (older generation). It is time for me to think outside the box in terms of I will use a 3/4 inch piece of smooth board. I'll paint it to match my wall, then using it to slam two studs, I'll mount it on top of it. It ended up taking 30 minutes to do a job that should have taken 15 minutes. In general, I think this is a very good product. I'm just lucky to have drywall screws and washers on hand.

Cecilia Cunningham
Cecilia Cunningham
| May 08, 2021
Easily made at a reasonable price

This pack was purchased by me in December, and I finally had an opportunity to publish it. If you can, give it a try. As soon as the product arrived in a tattered box with no brand or any signs of identification, I initially thought, "This is cheap". There were no individual pieces inside the box, so it seemed that someone just grabbed a handful of materials and tossed it into the box as is. The wall mount feature, instead of hanging from the ceiling, forced us to mount the pieces sideways, which not only did not line up with our projector, but also didn't line up with the projector's light. A box containing the product lacked instructions as well. There is only one reason this got two stars instead of zero, and that is because of the price. I am not completely devastated that I had to throw away this product, knowing that I spent only Even though I'm still losing $15, I think it would be a good idea to put this $15 towards a better product, higher quality, and more stable.

Daisy Williamson
Daisy Williamson
| Dec 31, 2020

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