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Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System
$ 199.00

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118 dB dynamic range 8 hours of battery life on AA alkaline batteries. Broad 10Hz - 20kHz frequency response extended battery life (8 hours).
This set includes both the transmitter and receiver (Rugged polycarbonate shell) as well as all cables, batteries and power supplies you need.
The 4GHz band works optimally for guitar wireless, and has been approved for use in Europe, South America, Asia,
Data stream is encrypted for increased signal security Six channels of simultaneous broadcasts available

Questions & Answers

The acoustic electric bass is what I intend to use with it. Many comments are made about how amazing the bass sounds when using it, but no mention of it on guitars. ?

My favorite way to use this is with bass. I promise you are not going to

Is there any sound made by the transmitter when you turn the power switch ON and OFF? Because it doesn't have a mute button like the G50, you should take this into consideration. ?

If this is an issue for you, when you connect the transmitter to the receiver, you can use a channel different from that of the receiver.

Introducing lkato 2, the sequel to the popular game. I've been using the 4 GHz version and it works well ?

My experiences were not very successful with this system, and I would not recommend it. Actually, I have my Shure unit away and got a different one instead. I highly recommend the shure unit

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I play a four string guitar, but a G30 with a bottom frequency response of 10 Hz is more than capable of handling the 31Hz of a B string

A case of the bass *br.

Danielle Hester
Danielle Hester
| Oct 01, 2020
You're less likely to trip over a cord now

Although I had wireless systems 15 years ago, this kit brings a whole new level of awareness to what is I am enjoying the sound of my Rickenbacker 4003
and Fender Jazz with active pick-ups as well. Thanks for the heads up. I bought it through another friend's referral and already called him to thank To add some protection to the plastic transmitter, use a tech pouch. It seems quite confusing not to have the "transmitter only" display and the "full system display" (transmitter, receiver, batteries, cord, and power transformer) to show the same picture, which is the transmitter only shot from a slightly different angle on Amazon. later, I went back to the site to find another one that I liked so much I added it to my cart to buy the next day. Overnight, they raised the price by 20 dollars. The next day, I bought a new one for 50 dollars less (inclusive of shipping) on.

Marshall Sheppard
Marshall Sheppard
| Jul 31, 2020
A retrospective review is being conducted I would like to say goodbye to A clip attached to the transmitter broke off after about 1 year of use

Although the unit lasted another year, it finally gave up the ghost. However, it does have some strong points It had good sound, good battery life (even with rechargeable batteries), and was very easy to operate. The software I used quite often (mostly in small clubs) and was generally quite satisfied with it. The G30 did not come cheap and it still isn't cheap now. Is it reasonable to expect a $200 device to last beyond two It's probably true. As other reviewers have also pointed out, the clip design flaw would increase the cost of the device by about 20 cents. However, I had hoped the unit would be a good middle ground between bargain brands (like the Joyos that I started using) and the more expensive ones. My experience is that I'm not sure I gained as much as I thought from the extra cost.

Cooper Cherry
Cooper Cherry
| Oct 30, 2020
Despite its poor quality, the sound on this album It lasts a long time on the battery

Nevertheless, the mechanical quality of the product is not so good. Known for its excellent buffering properties, the Line 6 Relay G30 preserves all the dynamic content, adds no additional noise, and acts as a high-quality DSP. Despite its relatively small size, it is incredibly loud and clear. You can connect it to your favorite touch-sensitive tube amp and feel and hear the same as if you were Those are a lot of sounds for a tube-based analog device It contains two amplifiers and an anti-amplifier The digital world Choosing models is like being a There is only one problem with this product, and that is that it is poorly built mechanically. In a nutshell, if you're gentle with your gear or are proficient at modifying it, this might be a good choice. There may be a risk of the sound quality deteriorating if you throw your gear around or gig heavily, but the extra hassle may be greater than the sound quality. From a distance, the beltpack appears to be heavy and solid. I like the way the hinged battery door feels like it's a very well engineered design, and I like how one of the belt clips A bad thing about this door is that it The metal plate that closes the battery circuit is mounted on some small melted plastic pins, which are inserted into the metal plate. Also, those pins are the only pieces of mechanical equipment that keep the door latch from being depressed by the battery contact spring. In this situation, the G30 loses power intermittently while you are moving about. One of the other guitarists on my band also has a G30 and had the same problem. My G30 completely shattered when I dropped it, and the plastic plate was ejected with it- The spring latch on the door. It is also very flimsy because the beltpack clip mount. Metal clips are thick and strong due to the thick springs. There are a couple of buttons on the back of the beltpack that it slides on to. By removing the clip and putting it on a different button set, Line 6 designed the beltpack so that you could change the orientation of the beltpack based on your preferences. A plastic button broke after the spring pressure was too strong for it, and one of the others is broken as well. Since the weakest button is also the one common to both orientations, the clip was no longer able to be mounted. As the G30 needed to be used immediately for a gig, I opted not to contact Line 6, so I just fixed it myself. Although the mechanical construction is poor, the price and sound quality more than offset that. I am nevertheless very pleased with this purchase.

Faith Booker
Faith Booker
| Apr 26, 2021

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