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AKG WMS 40 Mini Wireless Instrument System (US 45 B, 661.100 MHz) AKG WMS 40 Mini Wireless Instrument System (US 45 B, 661.100 MHz)

AKG WMS 40 Mini Wireless Instrument System (US 45 B, 661.100 MHz)

AKG WMS 40 Mini Wireless Instrument System (US 45 B, 661.100 MHz) AKG WMS 40 Mini Wireless Instrument System (US 45 B, 661.100 MHz)
$ 99.99

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SR40 Dual Receiver - 1
This kit includes 1x PT40 Mini body A transmitter that comes with the pack
An Instrument cable MKG L is included
A universal power supply with an adapter for the US, the UK, and Europe, and a battery for an AA size
There are 100 megahertz

Questions & Answers

A PT45 is currently being used as part of an aerobics program at a small studio or gym where I work. What about this one? Will it also work with a headset? Do you know if the headset is ?

XLR headsets work well with this device as long as they have a "mini XLR" connector. Interestingly, there is also a gain control underneath the battery cover that controls the output signal, but I am able to get plenty of sound with a guitar already on its lowest setting. Furthermore, the battery cover can also be used to operate the signal output by using a mini flat head screwdriver. You don't have to dig around in your drawers for an actual screwdriver just to do a small adjustment if you ever need to do that. You should watch the red "clipping" light on the receiver if you keep getting it whenever you transmit a signal. That means you should turn the power down all the way on the transmitter since they come factory set It is possible that the clipping light is still on when the transmitter is set to the lowest setting. If that is the case, you may wish to replace it. It was just too hot when it came from the factory with my first camera I had to adjust it when I received it Since I received the replacement, it has been working perfectly! In addition to this, make sure the output level is all the way up on the receiver. This has no effect on clipping, but directly affects signal transmittance so if it isn't all the way up, you may suffer signal loss. According to the set up guide that comes with it, this is stated, but I missed it until I emailed the technician about my issue with the first unit I bought. In my experience, the technical support from AKG is probably the best I've ever dealt with. Just go to their website to learn more. In the time it took me to go to help, email tech support, and get an actual response, I had a response from an actual technician within 12 hours! Sweet! I hope you find this helpful!

A pouch (or bag) for holding the transmitter is included? Please accept my thanks. ?

Although it does not, I found one for less than $60 on Ebay with a great Velcro twin strap, the caveat is the mini XLR is in the center of the transmitter pack, but it is a good friction-free option nonetheless. I have always left the tab tucked in to make sure the cord fits properly. 13 dollars were paid for it. Each cent is well worth it. The belt is easy to change between swaps or to add to your belt if you switch guitars quite often. Getting it into your pocket is just as easy if you don't have to carry it with you - This is a free service.

What does it do for a mic C519?

The answer is no, I don't think it will. It comes with only one set of connectors specifically for guitars or basses, and another for the transmitter connection.

Are you able to email me four frequency options if I want to buy four devices?

That is not the case, according to me. Due to the fact that frequencies cannot be changed for

Selected User Reviews For AKG WMS 40 Mini Wireless Instrument System (US 45 B, 661.100 MHz)

Considering buying wireless at a price like this? Go for it! If you perform these activities around these products or any other devices, you should check the frequency Nevertheless, it COULD be a problem

While not THE best wireless devices, they are in a very small fraction of the price range as those that are super good. With these, you'll be able to perform well. Then buy one, unless this is not feasible. If you are generating enough money through your playing to buy a high end wireless, then go for There is no regret in it for me. Although I have the receiver on my pedal board, I had to make a velcro strap to keep the transmitter on my strap since it kept falling off when I jumped around on the The point of wireless is to be able to run around stage and jump off things, over other members of the group? Even though the transmitter is rugged, I must say it's able to handle a lot of abuse. I have hit the pavement hard multiple times, but the device continues to work. Do not touch the transmitter antenna, and don't touch the receiver The fizzy noise that occurs when you do that DOES make sense.

Myles Mitchell
Myles Mitchell
| Jan 17, 2021
Great build and sound quality in a portable device

Whenever I am playing a more serious gig where we have a long time frame (30 minutes +), I have this pedal board readily available. In part, it is the reliability of this set that made me choose it over the ultra portable usb powered wireless guitar set. I can still use this set on my board without having to use a separate receiver because even though the set is not as portable as those usb powered wireless sets, it is still pretty compact. It claims that it can last up to 10 hours on one battery if used with the transmitter that plugs into my guitar. The battery has yet to be tested fully, but I have played for over 4 hours on the same battery before I decided to switch the battery, and I have no doubt that it would have lasted In the event that I was to experience any problems and have to bypass the wireless connection with a cable, I made sure to set the volume level to that of an equal or higher level than if I had plugged in a Setup of the volume was easy and I liked that the transmitter box comes with an indicator light showing clipping levels to warn you that you are at or near clipping levels. Although you can bundle it up to shorten its length, the 3 feet cable for the guitar is still way too long and blocks the way when you are using it. The new length of the cable is the perfect length after I purchased a 1 foot mini xlr cable. plastic quality of the transmitter is substandard, but one can't expect too much since the set costs just over $100. In addition, the belt clip is sure to stay fastened to your belt, pocket, or guitar strap and does not seem fragile. I have given this product a 5 star rating because it works well and seems like it will last for years. I purchased an open box set for only 73 dollars. Instead of the regular hundred dollar price, this one costs just $99. The sound does not change and sounds the same as When the RF reception distance is tested at open distance, it is about 30 feet before it cuts I'm sure you'll be able to roam the stage for quite some time. This is a product I recommend and I am confident others will be pleased with this product, too. There is no need for any upgrades, because it works exactly as it should.

Madilynn Curtis
Madilynn Curtis
| Jul 10, 2020
The best laid plans go awry The second unit was much better than the first

Upon first receiving the AKG WMS 40 unit, I discovered it was defective. The LED on/off light did not work, the volume control was physically stuck, and the guitar adapter cord was the wrong plug, it had a female 1/4' out instead of a 1/4" plug. The replacement that Amazon mailed me worked perfectly, and had the correct adapter cable. After reviewing the reviews for sub-$100 systems, I felt this would be an ideal choice for me when I practice. While I played professionally in the past, this may not be the best option today. Although it is too complicated for stage use, it is very effective in practice. Approximately 25 miles separate the two points Before the cut out begins, the video continues for 30 feet. Although I have yet to test the battery life, the sound is very clean and I can't tell the difference between it and a hard-wired cord. The on=off switch is easy to use and does not require a lot of effort. I would like the mute switch to be a bit more visible Weight is an issue, and we don't know how well it will hold up. The Audio-Visual section of the website was interesting to me A Technical System 8 ATW-type system The 801/G - The AKG was just as good, but I chose the T8 because it was not UHF.

Everly Yu
Everly Yu
| Apr 21, 2021
The operation is Okay, so here are the instructions It is poor

I first want to say that it works, and I enjoy using it. The range seems to be a solid 10-point range Height 15 ft. It seems there is some static from time to time. Moving the transmitter/plug between different positions relative to the receiver and jiggling the very flimsy cable/plug seemed to have no effect on the static. It's disappointing to see the way the box was constructed. The front panel of the device has two switches The power and volume of your voice. The circuit board is crooked, and both switches are glued to the cheap plastic front panel, causing them to bind. The volume pot has to be resolder so it can line up and turn freely without binding in the hole in front of the driver. Power is turned on by a large plastic button Basically I could not get the button to work because it was poorly connected to the on/off switch on the circuit board. I ended up removing the on/off button and leaving a hole in the front panel after spending too much time messing with it.

I can easily turn it on and off by flipping a switch on the circuit board. This is not a high-quality, durable product. It is a serious design flaw that the switch problems exist. Honestly, the last time the on/off switch didn't work on a product was years ago that I can't remember. It would have probably been better to return it at least for a refund.

Aarya Briggs
Aarya Briggs
| Mar 21, 2021
"Crystal clear audio sound" is not the same as "clear audio"

It only took me a day to receive and return this wireless system. I was unable to listen to my audio signal because of the noise it introduced. As I tried it out for the first time, I encountered several wireless transmission problems. Using this on-line would not be suitable for me At this point. In my frequency response using a six-chamber audio system, I can hear But it was not apparent that the string bass guitar had been squashed. You should consider freedom of movement over signal if you care more about it Although there is still a great deal of noise coming from this unit, it may still be valuable.

Estella Little
Estella Little
| May 18, 2021
Compared to other wireless products, I would say this is a very good one

The product almost got returned to me because when I would hit notes at high volume, a distracting hissing would surround me. After adjusting the treble and mid treble of my amplifiers, I found that some adjustments were necessary In addition to reducing the volume on the wireless controller, you could extend the range as well. Additionally, I hooked it up to a small amplifier and observed that the same noise did not occur, which indicates the issue may be specific to my amplifier. Compared to other wireless products, I would say this is a very good one. In terms of fidelity, there is some marginal difference between this product and those of an actual chord, but as always, when something is gained, something is lost. If you need the most detailed sound, I would recommend chords otherwise this product can serve most of your needs.

Martha O’BRIEN
Martha O’BRIEN
| Aug 05, 2020

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