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RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\

RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\"-10\" Tablets

RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\ RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\
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This is the beginning of spring Our loaded 'X' design with rubberized caps is perfect for holding heavy tablets but not hiding them Most 9" and 10" computer monitors Tablets 10" in size
It is possible to release your tablet quickly and easily with grip knobs on the back of the holder
The powder is made of Aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium components that are marine grade, coated, and high-gloss have been used Compose made of high strength material for extreme durability and reliability
The device is compatible with tablets up to 10 in. in size, Apple iPad Air 2, iPad (5th Gen), iPad (6th Gen), iPad The Apple iPad Pro 10 and Screens 7 (1st Gen) are currently available. A Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10". An iPad Pro 11" and a OnePlus 5 (2nd Gen) also feature. The Galaxy Tab S3 9 is the 5th model. Galaxy Tab S4 10 and a Galaxy Tab 7 Galaxy Tab A 5 and 10 are similar tablets. A Surface Pro 4 tablet by Microsoft

Questions & Answers

What about a Microsoft surface Pro 3? Is this device able to hold it? I'm curious whether anyone has any firsthand experience, but I believe it should be in dimensions. ?

The answer is yes, I think. The TF700T and this device work well together. Recently, I looked at my tablet vs the MS Surface and found that they are both similar, with the Surface being about quarter inch It has a thickness of approximately 1/4" and is similar to the Surface earlier models. A Surface Pro 3 with a thickness of 1/2 inch is not a problem.

The item I bought is this one. What is the best way to have the arms stay in place on the screen. There is no restriction on how they move. When they are locked in place, what do I do?

A spring is used to power the arms. There is no locking mechanism. Release the arms once the tablet has been inserted. Expand the arms and insert the tablet. Holding the tablet should be easy since there should be lots of spring force.

The iPad Pro 12 can be held securely in this case. A gift is on my mind. ?

It has a grip opening that is wide enough to hold the iPad Pro securely.

It's time to upgrade to the IDP9. The device is a HTC 7 pro that resides in a defender leather otterbox and measures 10 x 7 inches. What kind of mount will this fit in?

As of now, we are not aware of the case's dimensions. Your iPad (with the case on) has to have a maximum width of 8 inches in order to fit this holder. A measurement of 1 inch

Selected User Reviews For RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Universal Holder for 9\"-10\" Tablets

He is not going to give up

60 mph is what it took me to crash my airplane into a pond. In the process of flipping, the plane sunk. Upon its recovery, the iPad was still in its holder which had popped off the window, but it was undamaged and was still in its original packaging.

Van Santana
Van Santana
| Jul 21, 2020
Does what it says on the tin Travel around the country by road! This mount gives me a good grip on the tablet I am holding, an Asus TF700T (10") from Asus

can only fit with its end arms on if it has the maximum width. As it goes into the mount, it rubs on both ends. It is mounted to the dash of my vehicle so I can use it as an off-the-road storage device to hold my tablet GPS navigation on the road. Since the tablet is in this mount, I've had no reason to worry when I'm riding on rough terrain. The end pieces on there are crucial though, and I believe without them that would be a different story, so realize how much those do contribute. Although I can recommend the product, there are two critiques I would like to offer. thing you'll notice when you get it is that it feels cheap. The other RAM Mount products I have tried have always been of high quality, so I was a bit surprised this one was a bit To make matters worse, if you plan on using the end arms, you must add them on. It is understandable that some people may not want them, which is why they were not installed at the factory. However, installing them only takes a few minutes. Lastly, the springs on the inside sometimes find their vibrational harmonic when I drive this could be alleviated by pressing a small foam pad against a portion of the spring (thereby increasing the frequency beyond the range of inputs found on a car dashboard). There's a small thing, but the reason why I'm taking a star off is it. Bottom line, it's viable for holding a tablet in my car during rough rides, and I would recommend it to a friend, but that does not mean it's.

| Feb 12, 2021
This is yet another awesome Ram product

It has a chintzy feel for a Ram Mount, but it holds my Samsung Tab S3 (without a case) perfectly, even while riding a Thus, I am now able to watch Netflix while riding down the highway (if I wanted to). Mobile arms are made of steel, and fixed arms are made of plastic that is adjustable. This is a pretty fascinating experiment, although I am a little concerned about the durability of those fixed plastic arms, which stick out mighty far and will most likely catch As I use my boat to mount my tablet, I used this to make a terrific "C" ball mount for my tablet. It is also possible to exchange it for a mount for my 12" iPad Pro. This case is waterproof for the 9" screen.

Adonis Dudley
Adonis Dudley
| Feb 26, 2021
Mount for RZR XP Turbo that is hands down the best

The iBolt tablet mount I purchased for $32 is cheap and weak right out of the bag and I immediately knew I was going to hate it after my tablet fell and we got lost on a ride. I reluctantly returned it and purchased this RAM mount for twice the price. There's no comparison between the RAM mount and the Vankyo tablet because the RAM mount is solid and doesn't move with the Vankyo tablet. It is mounted on my roll cage bar up against the roof, but is barely noticeable on my rear view mirror as it mounts on the roll cage bar. I like the squeeze release handles a new and improved feature on my previous RAM mount. This made the mirror completely obsolete after using the iBolt tablet mount. Even though I would have preferred the RAM had been cheaper, compared to the iBolt the RAM mount is a great purchase. On the first photo, a tablet mounted at the ceiling with Back Country Navigator is shown while offline maps are being used for Moab, Utah.
The second photo shows 8 different rubber grips that are extremely effective at holding the tablet in place. In the third photo, you see multiple ball mount placements so that you can fine tune for the final placement of your tablet.

Apollo Delaney
Apollo Delaney
| Sep 04, 2020
It is a big, bulky animal

A lot of power goes into making this. This case is thick and heavy, but it holds my tablet securely in place without distorting it. I bought this to mount my 10" tablet that I use as a GPS since I do not have navigation in my truck. A locked-in item does not move once it has been inserted. When the rubber tips are pushed into my right hand where the volume and power buttons are, the mount tab gets in the way. This can be fixed by removing the one rubber tip and the mount fits perfectly in between the two Overall, I am pleased with it so far, but we will see what happens in the long run.

Clare MacDonald
Clare MacDonald
| Jun 08, 2021
I can hold a 10-inch device Securely store data on your Windows tablet

The RAM mount is used to hold the 10 inch Windows tablet I use in my RV to monitor engine performance with Silver Leaf. Even though the mount holds the smartphone very securely, no matter how I try to install it into it, the volume up and down buttons are hitting. A problem wouldn't be with this Mount, it isn't its fault, it is just the way the tablet is, but keep that in mind if you intend to use it for something like that. Due to the fact that I don't use the tablet for sound, it doesn't bother me.

Aylin Downs
Aylin Downs
| Sep 28, 2020
This is a great fit and a good solution

I mentioned that there was no need to drill the mount. For mounting my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10, this is what I use. The number is 316. In U202U). With this case, my tablet fits securely and I am able to use the tablet as well. Honestly, most can get away with not using them as the device is held pretty securely without the arms. I had to hold the mount screw side down to make sure I did not lose the nut inside. As far as I am aware, I have never had to remove the arms. In addition, the carrier is a great choice for tablets with heavy duty cases. Just make sure to choose a base that works well with the application you will be using it for.

Ray Ross
Ray Ross
| Dec 08, 2020
This mount is perfect for mounting an iPad on the The iPad 3 is secured securely in place on the dash of a semi truck using this bracket

As soon as you have assembled and adjusted the X Grip III, you can easily slide the iPad into it and out again. can hold the iPad with the leather Snugg cover on it too, but I found that there is a preference in which edge is up, so the case is more secure with the hinge on the bottom. Likewise, I have adjusted it so that the bottom of the X Grip III rests on a vertical surface of the dash as a vibration dampening measure. A small issue with this product is that it requires some initial assembly. It's not easy to thread the small screws that secure the side brackets - it requires two side brackets for each side - The pieces are held in place while the pieces are being inserted. As soon as the initial assembly has been completed, I can install or remove the iPad quickly and easily.

| Sep 14, 2020

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