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1.25" Platinum Silicone Hemisphere Bumper, Non-Skid Isolation Feet with Adhesive - 20 Duro - 8 Pack

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VIBRATION AND RESONANCE SHOULD BE REDUCED. Up to 95 percent of the load is absorbed. Vibration and resonance make up 32% of Hudson Hi-Fi The Isolation Feet from Fi offer an effective solution for optimizing stereo equipment's true sound. A pair of isolation feet is an effective means of reducing vibration in
CLARITY & PRECISION. High-rise buildings on Hudson The patented Platinum Silicone composite of Fi is designed to intercept sub or supersonic micro-shots To further enhance sound, vibrations are used to reduce resonance.
Please read the following specifications. In Durometer 20 (Shore A), each pad supports between 5 and 18 pounds. The temperature resistance of this material is The temperature is 40 Centigrade plus 240
The product is durable and easy to install. Peel and stick adhesives made by 3M are able to be applied easily. As opposed to Sorbothane, Silicone retains its shape and does not fade or crumble over time. What's best is that silicon leaves no black residue behind!
A NO RISK PURCHASE with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. You can try our products for free. If you do not absolutely love them simply let us know within 90 days of purchase and we will refund your purchase price, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Questions & Answers

Can someone please tell me the height of 1. I'm sure I'm missing something, but just looking at it gives me no feeling. Do you have bumpers measuring 25 inches?

Here are the Those who have 25" hemispheres can do so. The height is 625 cm.

Does this type of speaker work well for floor standing speakers?

The 2 is what I used. I put 5" Platinum Silicone Hemisphere Bumpers on a pair of floor standing speakers that weighed 68 lbs each and measured 41"H x 16"W x 13"D, and the speakers became As a result of the potential for tipped over and falling speakers, it was considered too risky to use them under my speakers. My recommendation is not to do this.

Can you tell me what size Kef R3 speakers I should get?

You will need to know your speakers' weight and divide it by 4, then look at what people have provided to see what the weight loading of the different sizes of Silicone Hemisheres you can buy is. I wish you a kind and prosperous New Year

How do you tent a split keyboard with these?

My opinion is that this would be a very useful

Selected User Reviews For 1.25" Platinum Silicone Hemisphere Bumper, Non-Skid Isolation Feet with Adhesive - 20 Duro - 8 Pack

Prior to ordering, familiarize yourself with the Durometer Shore Hardness Scale

Over the past couple of years, I've used silicone footers for vibration absorption to isolate electronics or speakers from their stands, and these looked like a more reasonable solution Isolate It! is available in a pricey version. The bumpers I usually use are from a certain brand. This surprised me when I received them, since they are so hard. I use these because they are much harder than the other brand. There is a scale of Shore Hardness called the Durometer Shore Hardness Scale, which I had never heard of before. I don't know who comes up with this great idea, but I came up with different scales for the same durometer rating. Accordingly, if you measure a product on the "Shore A" scale, a product with a 20 durometer will be harder than a product with a 60 durometer It clearly states "Shore A" in the description, so I am not holding down the product in any way for my surprise. I expect they will work well regardless of the fact that they are not as soft as what I'm accustomed to. These bumpers will also avoid the sticky coating that prevents the domed surface of the bumper from adhering to the contact surface like that of the softer bumpers. The new drivers have not yet been installed, but I intend to do so tomorrow and I will update this review if I detect any difference in performance in the next couple of it has been 15 days since this review was written and I have not updated it to indicate if they perform better or worse than the softer bumpers, I think that their performance as footers for audio components and speakers is the same as the softer bumpers.

Dillon Allison
Dillon Allison
| Apr 02, 2021
This is an excellent product

I recommend The Definitive Technology Super Towers (BP9000 Series) I possess are from Definitive Technology. There were times when my floors and furniture would literally shake and rumble when the bass did not drop, and I tried everything from felt pads to different flooring to no avail. It is in the middle. It was a no-go for me to get subwoofer pads because they are ugly as all hell. The sorbothene feet that are available don't look good, either, as they leave stains on hardwood floors. This is what I want you to know I can't believe these damn things actually work! They claim to remove all vibrations, but do they really? Since the soundwaves from a subwoofer travel through the air, it's impossible to achieve. Please be patient while we process your request There was definitely an end to the shaking of furniture and floors. You can check here - After they stopped complaining, neighbors stopped voicing their concerns. You can check here - It has become a habit for my fiancée, who is sensitive to bass, to tell me to turn down the bass now. You can check here - The bass is now more accurate. You should check. **Caution** There is only one flaw to these they grip As a result, I can no longer move my towers around, but this doesn't bother me. The adhesives only stick once, according to the complaints about them. There is only one time. It is impossible for them to stick again if you remove them. You are being ridiculous if you complain about this. You can do it.

Kassidy Casey
Kassidy Casey
| Sep 06, 2020
It was exactly what I was looking for

I was searching for silicone feet, and these worked perfectly. It is no longer necessary to buy a new player since I've just bought the Sony S6700. There is something that can raise it up for me. This is what my cable box looks like. A good flow of air is necessary. In this way, it doesn't get too hot. In light of the 1", I considered it. However, these were the ones we selected. The cable box is perfectly situated between the Sony and the cable box. I had no problems installing the software. It is as simple as peeling off the cover. Once they are stuck, remove Put them where you want them. The adhesive will hold them down. If you make a mistake, you will have to make it up. It is easy to move them. it is The player was pressed down flat on a A bonding agent is required to keep the adhesive attached to The cable box should be placed on top of it. Despite the space between them, there was no threat of collision. They look like they came from a I've never felt more at home. This color is black. It is of This is a great group of people. There is no doubt that these are excellent. They can be used to create an airspace if needed. Additionally, I think they would make great speaker feet as well. Take a look at these.

Izabella Ross
Izabella Ross
| Jun 04, 2021
This is the cheapest audio improvement I have ever My jaw dropped when I realized how well these tiny pieces of silicone worked

These were bought to pair with my Onkyo C-300 People with heavy feet would walk near a 7070 CD player which would skip when they were close to In the unlikely event the bumpers didn't work out, it wouldn't have been a big deal to discard them at their current price. According to a previous reviewer, the player does wobble a bit when loading or removing discs, which at first seems a little odd, but as soon as the disc starts playing it is forgotten. The player did not skip when I shook and hit the bumpers while playing a CD and wasn't affected when I shook and banged the rack while playing a CD. The sound is also noticeably clearer in all aspects, which is almost beyond the realm of rational belief that these little pieces of silicone could produce such an audible impact, but they do. As a result, my CD player has never been as clear as it is now because vibrations from my floorstanders are no longer adversely affecting it. *The player should not be set up on its stock feet if it is sitting still. My friends, I wish you a pleasant listening experience.

Emiliano Thomas
Emiliano Thomas
| Apr 18, 2021
The non-profit was excellent You must isolate your skis! The Polk PSW505 12" subs under my bed are Polk PSW505

At first, the enclosure came with just four hard plastic feet attached to the bottom. In just a couple of months, they began to crack and vibrate during heavy bass. I then searched Amazon for these beauties and found them. This is a great group! There was one pack of each of these isolation feet applied to each sub (each of these feet weighs 60 lbs, so that is a little more than 4 lbs distributed weight). As my room is not exactly level, these feet went a long way to ensuring that the subs were exactly leveled as they conform instantly As a result of their application, all vibration noise associated with the subs has disappeared and the subs have increased in quality over and above their already bassalicious output. You can't go wrong with these if you're looking to buy!.

Leroy Kemp
Leroy Kemp
| Mar 29, 2021

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