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Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt

Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt

Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt
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Sixty-seven per cent viscose, 28 per cent nylon, and five per cent spandex
Contains imported components
Closure by pulling on the handles
This skirt is the most comfortable women will ever wear to work - made from 4 way stretch ponte fabric and fitted with an elastic waistband so that it is easy to pull on and off.
This is a great option for the office Form fitting, flattering fit. The skirt has a simple design, but it is It is most appropriate for wearing to the office because it is below the knee length
This pull-on has a 4-way stretch fabric and features one large button. The trousers have an elastic waistline of 5 inches, a back slit, and a length of 25 inches over the knee. The height of a man is 65 cm (6 inches)
Materials and care Machine wash cold with like colors and lay flat to dry on a line.
The size chart for this item has measurements for waist and length. Please compare your waist measurement to the size chart. Have you ever wondered how long it will be? A woman 5'9" in height will look as if it is a knee-length top, but one 5'5" tall will look as if it is a midi-length top.

Questions & Answers

How would you recommend a size for someone who weighs 200 pounds and is 5' 6" tall? The book runs small, I'm told. ?

A XL would have been great for me because I am 5 ft 6 in and 170 lbs. Fits nicely. I am pleased with it. For those of you who carry weight in their midsection like me, the XXl may be the better option. When it comes to comfort, the material is stretchy, but the garment is not extremely forgiving if you order a size

Do you have pockets with it?

You will not find pockets in it

As a 5'4 woman, I wear a size 4. What age should I get a size 4?

A small business

Which size skirt would fit me if my height is five feet and weight is 134 pounds and waist is 34 inches?

Would you mind telling me how tall you are? There are five of us in my family and I'm fat. We ordered size 3 and a xl and it was just right and crossed

Selected User Reviews For Marycrafts Women's Work Office Business Pencil Skirt

Intended for work and perfect for the job

My jeans and this skirt will be perfect for an office day where I don't feel like wearing Because I have a short torso, skirts usually sit at my waist. If they don't, they'll usually fall too high above my knees, and I will need to constantly tuck the skirt into my pants. I totally approve of this skirt for the office. Due to the thick nature of the material, no lines will be visible. There is no shape showing in the butts of the skirt due to the not-form-fitting nature. A bit of stretch is present at the waist of the skirt, but not at the waistline, making this skirt very comfortable to wear when sitting down or walking around. There is a small problem with the left side seam of my gray skirt, as opposed to its right side seam, but it's not a big problem and it's easily fixed. It has been the highlight of my summer! I bought three more skirts and can't wait for them to arrive. I am 5'2" and 110 pounds. XS was purchased along with it. In my photographs, I am wearing both the gray and the burgundy top.

Daleyza Montoya
Daleyza Montoya
| Sep 29, 2020
I highly recommend this book

It fits perfectly and doesn't feel tight or loose at all. My height is 5'4", I weigh 124 lbs, and I have an 28 inch waist. I got a M according to the seller's size chart. Any top that I wear tucked in looks good with it. I love the comfort and style of this outfit. In addition to the fabric, I like the color. After I bought three more in other colors, I bought three more. It's only a drawback that the zipper doesn't close smoothly, but I can still work on it.

Hugh Stephens
Hugh Stephens
| Jan 10, 2021
The skirt is designed to work well in an office setting, and the cut is nice

Normally I order a size medium, but this skirt fits me well in a large. I am 5'4" and 172 pounds. This skirt has a great cut, and although a bit smaller than my normal size, it does fold down at the waist surface as I wear it all day. Even so, I am very The people at work complimented me multiple times.

Denver Cervantes
Denver Cervantes
| Jul 29, 2020
The skirt is great for the office

I recommend it. A TRUE size would be I'm not going to be fooled by vanity sizing. The only skirt I own that fits without me having to take it in at the waist is this one. As a 5'6" woman, I am also short. I'm 37" tall and I have a 37" hip size. An ideal waist measurement would be 25" and a fit body type is best. My size was an xsmall because I like my clothes to be a bit fitted. However, a small would likely be just as comfortable on days when I need a looser fit. It is not as thin as a Jersey material, but it does have a bit of stretch The cut is crisp and clean, and the quality is excellent. There are a lot of smaller sizes that they need to restock! There are so many skirts I would want to buy, If you buy at their full price, which is what I paid, I recommend it 100%. *(Please note As the picture is taken at an angle, it looks like it fits better at the knee than it actually does).

Janelle McNeil
Janelle McNeil
| May 27, 2021
I am an athletic size 4/6 and the medium is tight on me and the waist is like some sort of torture device

With that said, the material is thick enough and the quality is good for the price. I like it, and I'll try the large size. Warning, this runs small.

Drew Jarvis
Drew Jarvis
| Sep 15, 2020
You look great in that skirt

Trying it on now that I got it. The length ends just above my knees, and the fit is great. Despite its softness, the fabric is sufficiently heavy so as not to allow visible threads to pass My height is 5'7", my waist is 30", and my hips are 38". I'll definitely order more in the future. The medium is what I ordered.

| Oct 10, 2020
You will not regret buying! I would say that the same size would be good if you want it snug

If you are looking for comfort/professionalism, I would suggest you These are great! Definitely get them! I think they are a bit big in the hips- I agree with that advice, but if you have much more petite hips, you might want to ignore it.

Alina Stephens
Alina Stephens
| Nov 30, 2020
It's time for vanity sizing to end! Because of the American vanity size, I have a terribly difficult time finding clothes that will fit my 26" waist

With the new size 2, a size 2 now measures 28 inches around the waist The average store has a 30" display. This is why I was so excited when I found this skirt. I bought a size small. From 26 to As per the size chart, it should be 27". Nope! 28" is the circumference of the waist! All the reviews that complain about the waist being too small have some good news in it. A lot of attention was paid to the company's needs. It would appear that they have gotten on board with vanity sizing as well.

Louis Hamilton
Louis Hamilton
| Nov 07, 2020

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