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Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant

Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant

Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant
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It is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex
The closure is by a button
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I require anyone who would have an interest in measuring the inside seam of these to send that information. Could you please tell me what it is about? Thanks so much. ?

It sounds as if you want to know how long the pant leg is, if I understand correctly. Size 14 regular fits me well. I wear the pant leg 31" from the inside seam to the bottom hem of the It is my hope that you find this information helpful.

What is the stretch like on the ?

It is nice that the pants have elastic on the side. They do not You won't be able to pull the pants down in the back at the waist. The pants have I like the pants because they are so

Can you explain the differences between long and short pants? Is it just the length of the pants?

You are right, the seam is inside. It is believed that long is 33 years old. I am not a big fan of flats.

What colors are available in the regular length of the Lees relaxed pants?

You can choose your size and length from the size chart, in either short or long, and you can find all the colors. It is my hope that this will be helpful.

Selected User Reviews For Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Pleated Pant

I'm very disappointed in these pants because the material is not the same as in the past

It used to be the perfect pants to wear to work, but now the material is a different one. This is no longer the case. These wrinkle easily and even after ironing they look terrible. They are cheaply made and not at all worth the price. I really like the fit and style - just not the price. Choosing them if you desire a somewhat looser fit at the thigh is a good choice. All reviews suggest the same thing, and I hope Lee will pay attention to them It would be great if you could bring back the old wrinkle-free material.

Flora Hays
Flora Hays
| Aug 10, 2020
However, the pants are great

I decided to buy the size 4 based on reading the reviews. It is a great quality material and I ordered a petite 4. Those pants are so stylish with their pleats and structure. Having a form fitting waist is exactly what I am looking for. My only complaint is the inseam is still quite long even though I ordered petite. You can see that the legs were rolled up a little in the pictures. I do find with this style of pant that rolling up the legs works well, However, it does not appear to be a true petite size (or these pants are exceptionally long in general). Overall, I am very impressed and I can make these work for me. To give you an idea, I am 5'1" tall.

Cadence Roach
Cadence Roach
| May 19, 2021
You need these pants in your life! They were loved by the husband as well! It is very attractive to me as well as incredibly comfortable to wear due to the elastic on the sides at the waist and front

I'm not bothered by it either, since it suits my body shape as well, and they are very popular these days. The shoulders on my body are broad while the hips are narrow. In my opinion, the hip area has a lot of volume! They are comfortable to wear all day around the house and I can wear them all day long. My problem with tight fitting clothes is that I cannot stand them. This is a classic and classy pair of shoes. I found the waistband to be the perfect fit, neither too tight nor too loose, and it was Having tried to purchase similar pants on eBay, they were made of synthetic material, so I could not wear them. There's plenty of cotton here! I found the inseam to fit perfectly. You might want to consider purchasing the petite sizing if you are shorter than 5'7". Although I purchase a regular size 8, I want them to be a little loose in fit. Normally, I would have been okay with a 6 reg, but these are cotton and I was worried that they might shrink. You don't have to wear leggings anymore! Also, my husband is 12 years older than me and he noticed these pants the moment he saw them. I look hot in them! He said they reminded him of the 90s in a perfect way, and he loves them because they remind him of the 90s. The versatile piece works for both business and casual settings. The only thing I wish was that they were more colorful! What color should I choose? Olive green, burgundy or.

Armando Christensen
Armando Christensen
| Mar 26, 2021
One of Lee's many standards is that it always fits well and looks good

My heart is full of love for Don't rush things. Just take your time. While I usually buy Lee, I have never ordered the product from Amazon. I wear a size 14 Long and never bought it from Lee. The exact same product did not fit when I bought it from Amazon. Although its appearance and Lee item number and size ID were the same, a side-by-side image revealed it in the same way as the other According to our comparison, there was about a two-inch difference in length and a one and a half-inch difference in waist size between Amazon and the style from Express. Amazon accepted the return of the product without any problem.

Aleah Sosa
Aleah Sosa
| Jan 23, 2021
The look AND the comfort are quite nice

A slim hourglass figure with a 5'9 height and 205 pounds, and a size 18 medium fit me perfectly. Therefore, I find myself unwilling to wear them unless it is covered by a shirt long enough to cover my butt and upper The frustration is unbearable! I have searched high and low for a pair of these pants- There is a comfortable, high waist with a little stretch but the butts and thighs are roomy and loosened. I really like the way these look on my butt, and I am extremely comfortable.

Reid Pacheco
Reid Pacheco
| Apr 25, 2021
It's the hidden gem of Amazon's streetwear section

This pair of pants is fantastic! This pair of pants was so much better than I expected for the price. I found them as I searched for an adorable vintage dress. The black pleated front work pant is inspired by Nike work pants I can wear with sneakers and Nikes. As I wandered through the stores, I tried to find a pair which had the structured feel of a dress pant and the casual fabric of a dickies or That's what I was looking for! I love the following about the size 6 in 'Short' that I bought. This is *br1. The pants should be) I hear a crashing sound behind me. The second item 1) bought in 'short' size and wore cute sneakers to make it feel more casual. I think it worked out well. I am 5'7" and the "regular" would have been too long on me. 3
3) The grandma electric waistband has sides that can easily be hidden if you wear a belt. *4. c) they do not It is made of a sturdy material. Then add 5. and a similar pair by 3 before a trip. A number of Philip Lim and Alexander Wang can be found They have both been returned In fact, I liked the cut on Lee's It's funny, lol.

Lochlan Mendoza
Lochlan Mendoza
| Dec 05, 2020
An ideal figure for a mature woman

I love the fit and the fact that they're easily cleaned. My favorite thing about the deep pockets is that they are so thick. To work, I wear them and they are very practical. Isbn *br. Despite this, however. There was a mistake with this pair of shoes. Until now, this is the only pair of shoes I've ever purchased that weren't. The size 16 I ordered was merely due to the weight gain I had had due to a cold. It was impossible for me to button them up when I tried putting them on. First, I thought perhaps I had gained more than I thought. However, after measuring against my size 14s, I figured out what was going on. I am now fine. Because of that, and because I have lost weight, I will keep the pants that I ordered as they are in good condition, but I will likely do a little closer analysis of the sizing before sending them.

Jones Vaughan
Jones Vaughan
| Mar 05, 2021
This is a great These pants were bought from a national chain of department stores by my mother who has been wearing them for years

The store finally stopped carrying them, and she has lost a bit of weight in the last year, so I ordered her a pair in one size smaller to see if they fitted, and they do. My wife just ordered four more pairs of shoes for her, one in each color, and she's loving them! The partial stretch in the waist, the room from the pleats at the top, and the slimness of the tapered legs make her happy. There are no words to describe how many brownie points I have earned with a pair of pants that I once again got for her. You have a happy life if your mother is happy.

Kendall Carlson
Kendall Carlson
| Aug 01, 2020

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