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Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe

Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe

Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe
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The leather is 100 percent leather
It is imported
Sole made of synthetic material
There is approximately a 2" heel on this boot
With a leather upper and leather lining, this stylish character shoe is versatile
The 2 1/2" heel is contoured to look chic
With the elasticized panel underfoot, Split Flex is able to move with the foot while the foot is in pointe and demi-pointe
With the foot moving, the strap and buckle are attached to the ankle with elastic
Outsole made from suede helps with turning and sliding, as well as providing some traction
With the external shank stabilizer, the heel is reinforced without sacrificing
The shoe should be half a size bigger than what the wearer normally wears

Questions & Answers

There is no size chart for me. I am 38 eu, 24 cm, and usually wear size 7 shoes. Could you assist me here? I'm having trouble, can you help?

The US7 is what I am. I had ordered size 5 and had read comments saying the size was a little small, so I went up a size. There is an 8 in the store. This suits me perfectly because it has a size 5.

Are these shoes meant to be worn indoors only or can they be worn as regular shoes?

They are both comfortable to wear anywhere, however, the sole is designed specifically for dancing so you should consider this when buying them A material that does not hold up well on a pavement. The shoes I wore for outdoor performances have also been worn indoors.

Can you tell me how tall the heels are?

There are two of them. Although everyone said they seemed taller like a 3 inch heel, they were only 5 inches tall. As described in the description, I used a ruler to measure and it was accurate.

Does the shoe have a wide fit? These won't slip around on my narrow feet. Because my feet are narrow, I don't want them slipping around. ?

I think that's a very good question. My feet are flat and on the wider side, and they were very comfortable, so you may not have the tightest fit if your feet are narrow -

Selected User Reviews For Bloch Dance Women's Split Flex Character Shoe

There are dangerous shoes out there Your money is not worth it

The shoes failed to meet the expectations that Bloch had in the past. I have purchased Bloch products in the past and have not had issues. I like the look of them, but I don't like how they're constructed It's a waste of money to use straps. My mistake was not believing people who said the straps broke after barely a week of use since their width is barely wider than dental floss. It was, we believe, the overall instability of the shoe that put the final nail in the coffin. Her shoes are 3" in heel height, and she has no problem wearing them as a dancer. She has been living in Montana since she was 3. However, she felt like she was going to fall or twist her ankle the moment she stepped out of the Split Flex character shoe. The shoes have been returned to Bloch, but it would be better if the company recalled them before there is serious injury. Even though I purchased these shoes to save a little money, the possibility of my daughter rolling her ankles outweighs any savings I could make.

Dalary Arroyo
Dalary Arroyo
| Apr 04, 2021
My favorite part about these shoes is their comfort

I just think it's a bit We steer clear of character shoes as a ballroom dance professional. For a specific routine I am choreographing, I needed a pair of character shoes. These were not concrete blocks at all, which I was pleased about. It lets me point because of the half shank. Hard leather bottoms for traditional character shoes would be better suited to a terrazzo floor (whereas suede bottoms are perfect for hardwood), but would be unsuitable for marley floors. I did decide to go up a half size and they are definitely too big now, and that is the only thing I am not happy about. There's no way around it. I have to return the items.

Braelynn Daniel
Braelynn Daniel
| Jul 09, 2021
The length and breadth are good, but the length is limited

Having said that, these are good companions for couples dancing or social dancing where you don't want to worry about your toes getting stubbed by men's shoes. In spite of this, they seem to run small. The size is about half a size larger than what I normally wear. I usually wear a size For street sizes and mediums, go up a size if they're wide and have a foot size of 7. My street shoe size is 7 medium and bought the medium sizing since my street shoe size is 6 medium. It fits great. Street shoes in five pairs. The dance was where I wore it. In spite of the fact that I can't return them now, I will have to stretch my toe nails. If you wear a street size 7, you should be able to wear it. Choosing a half size up if your feet are somewhat broad is a good idea. When your street size is 7, there is no need to go up even if you have on the narrower side. Although the shoes are quite wide, their length is considerably shorter. I've said it before but I will state it again (6 vs. I ordered 7 when I should have received 5). As to its longevity, we will have to wait and see. For salsa, I wanted closed toe shoes with suede bottoms so I can be fully protected like I am with my open toe shoes.

Dilan Sheppard
Dilan Sheppard
| Mar 04, 2021
The graphics are very cute and the platform is A beginning dancer about to study musical theatre, I am in the process of applying for a To go to shows and dance class, I needed a pair of character shoes

The Capezio Manhattans are the only character shoes I have previously worn without elastic. They felt slippery and clunky, so I didn't care for them too much. The reviews I read about these left me a little hesitant since they said they were unsafe and unstable, and I shouldn't recommend them to people who aren't It was a pleasant surprise to see them when they arrived, as they did not seem unstable in any way. With the suede bottoms and the security that they provide I immediately ran around my house in them. I love they way they feel. It is 6 1/2 inches wide. I wear street shoes size 7 of Those with a normal width foot and a narrow heel have a height of 5'6". A size 8 is a good fit for me. There is one thing that I dislike about the ankle strap it's too In order for the strap to fit my ankles, I have to tighten it to the tightest point, but then the strap sticks out and looks rather My soles are an important part of me and I don't want to damage them by chopping them off. We are in the middle of a decision-making process.

Camille Kennedy
Camille Kennedy
| Aug 30, 2020
*EDIT* I found after wearing these shoes to one rehearsal that I really should have gone up a whole size

Even though I had plenty of room in the width, the ends of my toes are just too close together and made them hurt after a few minutes. The 9 1/2) is for a grade of B. The droids should arrive Tuesday, and I'm eager to see why they didn't would really love for them to, because they are so beautiful! The next step will be revealed soon. The size 8 is my shoe size. I usually wear a size 5 in shoes, but sized up to a size The first thing I'm doing is wearing them around to get them used to. Although I am not a professional dancer, I am a performer in the This is an excellent pair of shoes for dancing and taking on character roles. As a professional dancer with many moves, these shoes may not be suitable for you since the heel is not extremely stable. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I was expecting more supple leather. It is possible for them to loosen up after wearing them. I like the height of the heel, and the foot looks good in them. This neutral tan color looks wonderful on anyone. The footbed molds to the foot as a result of its softness. I just bought my first pair of Bloch heels, and the split sole is also new to me. It will be great to give them a chance on.

Joy Glass
Joy Glass
| Jan 19, 2021
Buying the soft leather shoe size you would normally wear on the street and letting it mold to your feet is what I would recommend

They are very comfortable for my tango lessons, so I really love them. Based on some reviews, I decided to go up a size and bought a size 10. I am usually a size 9 so having read reviews, I decided to go up a size. It probably would have been better if I had used a shoe stretcher and turned the 9 up to 9. Because the leather on dance shoes tends to stretch and mold over time, I prefer my dance shoes to fit snugly at first. The 10's aren't quite tight enough for my feet to mold to them.

Ethan Nolan
Ethan Nolan
| Oct 06, 2020
There's plenty of room for your toes

Choosing Bloch Character Shoes is something I have done with both my feet. I have been wearing my first pair of tennis shoes, black ones, since over a year ago. They're holding up just fine to weekly adult Broadway jazz classes and to occasional performances onstage. Bloch has odd sizing, so I opted for 8 1/2 and size 9 since I normally wear a 7 1/2 wide street shoe and most other dance and ballroom shoe companies let me order my regular size. I have never been unhappy with Bloch's sizing. As a result, I returned the 8 1/2 in favor of the size 9, because the width of the toe box was a little tight. At the end of just a 2 hour rehearsal, my feet have swollen, so I can fit my feet that little bit more comfortably. I use the suede soles on a wood floor at my local studio because it looks amazing. This is not so great on marley (thick black vinyl) flooring, which is what most stages have these days, but I can live.

Deandre Bautista
Deandre Bautista
| Feb 28, 2021

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