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Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe

Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe

Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe
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It is made of synthetic leather
Originally from abroad
The sole is made of leather
It measures approximately 1 inches from the toe to the heel.
The soft, durable synthetic leather of this character shoe is great for entry level wear
Curves at the top of the shoe showcase your leg line to give the impression you're taller
Extra support and comfort is provided by the cushioned lining
An optimum level of stability is given by the 1 1/2" heel and reinforced shank
With a tongue buckle, this strap is low on the ankle. Front sole is made of smooth leather with fine grids and suitable for use on various

Questions & Answers

What is the compatibility of these taps?

They are indeed comparable as far as taps are concerned. The taps on my pair are very nice.

Does the soul of this shoe consist of suede?

There is a lot of confusion in these answers. In fact, suede is leather, but it is a soft type of leather that can't be worn outdoors or The luxury of hard leather is often described as a street wear, and it can obviously be worn outside. How do you define it? Do you know? When they harden, I want them to be like that because I once had a pair of thick suede souls on a dress pair of dance shoes and they were often worn and didn't need to be cleaned. I think I have a pair of the shoes somewhere but I can't seem to find them to check their souls. They are in a box somewhere as I recently moved into a new home.

A description of the ankle straps says they are self locking? It's a buckle, or is it something else? Due to the fact that it didn't come with a self-locking buckle last time we ordered it?

My apologies for any confusion this might cause! As it sounds like you received it previously, this style now includes a traditional tongue style buckle.

Does this pair of shoes have a good archsupport?

When I wore them for a theater production, I found their arch support to be great!

Selected User Reviews For Bloch Dance Women's Broadway Lo Character Shoe

This is a short run, but it has Fix the description to indicate that the material is NOT LEATHER

A leather shoe is NOT a leather shoe. Almost all the parts of the shoe are made of leather except the soles. Its uppers have diamond symbols, which indicate that they are made of There was a mention of leather shoes in the description. An image of Bloch's size 8 next to a Capezio 7 is attached. The same amount of time is spent on each item. Therefore, Blochs are a bit on the narrow side, but their width, as shown in the pictures, is much wider than Capezios. In addition, many Bloch's also came with extra rubber sole material. If you want the soles non-skid, you should bring them to a shoe store and they will glue it on As a result, I am giving the product 3 stars because of the misleading text. The draft was last edited on the 2nd of November, 2017 It was time to reorder Blochs in a The 5 were a perfect fit for my daughter. The size she wears is Street shoes with a 5 count. It's great that you were able to return items for free! It has been changed to a "manmade", which I am adding two more stars to. I appreciate your hard work.

Royal Ballard
Royal Ballard
| Jun 01, 2021
A word of caution to buyers The quality of the shoe is terrible! April 5 was the date when I bought these shoes

The shoes have only been worn by my daughter for a couple of A few days ago she told me that the strap on her bag had broken and needed to be She brought me her shoes and here is what they look like now after only two weeks of wear - Take a look at the A replacement of the entire strap is the only way to fix the strap. This shoe is not made from leather at all, nor is it made from It can be seen from the photos that the tan plastic covering on top of the shoe is peeling off. A sole on one of the heels has come off from the shoe (it appears to have been only glued on, not screwed on). In the heel, above where the sole used to be, there is a large hole. Shoes of this quality are of extremely poor quality. There is no BLOCH stamp in the bottom of the shoes, showing from the pictures that it is smudged or smeared. I wonder if they are even Bloch shoes or if they are fake. It would have received 0 stars from me if I had the option. The shoes were specifically purchased for my daughter's show so that she could perform in nice new shoes. She is in the midst of a show run and we had just purchased these new shoes for her. You should be careful when buying!.

Kasen Vargas
Kasen Vargas
| Sep 10, 2020
If you order a size up, you will not be disappointed

The shoes my daughter needs for playing in plays are exactly what she needs. It is hard to beat what Boll makes when it comes to shoe quality, even with an entry level shoe like these. It is not accurate to follow the Amazon sizing chart when wearing When the pair I had first ordered came, I didn't realize until she put them on that they were smaller. Now, we are going to pick up the 7's tomorrow when the UPS place opens, and I just ordered the 8M's today. As soon as she gets to wear them, I'll update her and be sure to let you know about the comfort. Until now, my kids have had Bloch dance shoes for dance classes, so I don't really worry about them.

Albert Madden
Albert Madden
| Nov 03, 2020
I had a great experience with this If you're unsure of your size, order one full size up

As soon as the shoes arrived, we discovered they were just a bit smaller than expected. However, the seller was absolutely fantastic and we quickly exchanged them for a larger size with no fuss. It was a pleasure to do business with you! If you plan to purchase these shoes, I suggest you go a full size larger than you think you need as a 1/2 size isn't quite adequate. I would say they were a full size bigger than you expected, so definitely a full size bigger than your original pair.

Marley Kerr
Marley Kerr
| Nov 17, 2020
It runs small, but it is a good shoe

I think these are very well-written A very nice pair of shoes that is well-made. In this shoe, your weight does not move forward on the ball of the foot because the height is just right. A solid 7 is my shoe size, and depending on the shoe, it will be large or regular wide. However, I also have very narrow heels and a very high arch, so finding shoes that fit my duck-like foot is difficult It is not always easy to manage the feet. It keeps the heels from moving up and down, which is why the strap is necessary. Thanks to other reviews, I chose the wide width, but they are still a little tight across even though the heel fits comfortably. It appears that these shoes tend to run a little small in both width and My goal is to stretch them just a tad by wearing them in short bursts. It would have been better if I had gotten half an A I would love to exchange it for a bigger size, but it's too late to do so now.

Cedric Ayala
Cedric Ayala
| Mar 22, 2021
A rubber or plastic instead of leather

The item in the advertisement is NOT leather. Even though I opted for the more expensive shoe because I like quality, after just two shows, the black "leather" ie began to fade and crack. I now have one shoe with a large "nude" toe! The plastic coating on the upper began to peel off, leaving me with a shoe with a large crease! This is very frustrating because I wanted leather and paid so much for it (I could have purchased Cappezio for a lower price). Only reason I'm giving it two stars instead of one is that my daughter has an ankle sore and she said these heels were so comfortable and did not put any stress on her ankle, so at least the structure is sound, but it won't help if the outside peels off.

Noelle Goodwin
Noelle Goodwin
| Aug 20, 2020
Make sure you know your Evidently, a 9 is what you order when you place an order

The packaging team changes the 5 to an 8 when the product gets to the end of its life cycle. It was great that Amazon had them since my daughter needs them for her musical and buying them from them would save her time and Experiencing a big headache after losing a lot of time.

Francisco Mason
Francisco Mason
| Feb 08, 2021
The size is odd

My first pair of these shoes were too small, so I bought another pair. They felt the same as my first pair, even though I went up 1/2 a size. I was also surprised by the packaging of my first pair, which did not include any papers. An extra stick was placed on the sole of one pair and on the heel of the other. This is strange.

Reagan Mahoney
Reagan Mahoney
| Mar 07, 2021

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