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Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses

Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses

Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses
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Sun protection

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The composite material
The import of
Frame made of titanium
Lens that combines multiple elements
It is polarized
This UV protection coating protects from the sun's rays
61mm is the maximum width of the lens
49 mm is the height of the lens
The bridge is 14 millimeters long
The arm measures 137 millimeters in length
Please visit the Maui Jim link above for access to our online brand store, where you can find the full assortment of sunglasses we produce
The PolarizedPlus2 technology on all Maui Jim sunglasses distinguishes them from other sunglasses by not only protecting your eyes from glare and UV rays but also enhancing colors to reveal the true beauty of the world around you.
UV protection is combined with supreme style, incredible durability, glare-free vision, and color enhancing technology in an eyeglasses that delivers superior protection and style
Lenses from the HCL Bronze series are enhanced by a warm tint that adapts to
Despite its weight and durability, titanium frames are comfortable and lightweight

Questions & Answers

The Hawaii blue lenses seem to be quite transparent. How transparent are they? Is it necessary for you to be able to see your eyes in mirrored?

The MJ lenses can see eyes in direct light, but are not as transparent as the other ones. Ray Bann* is MUCH better than him

Which ones are designed for women and which ones are designed for men?

Either could be the case. My head is bigger than most males, so I find these to look good

What are the dimensions of the women's version?

These are unisex, according to my understanding. My husband liked them, and I bought them for him. look great, but the temples are too long, but they're the same length as most women's sunglasses (140mm), making me appear shorter than I really am.

Would you mind sharing the best lens cleaner you use for ?

It's great to have Zooke on your side!

Selected User Reviews For Maui Jim Mavericks Aviator Sunglasses

Those who knock you off

It is best to be careful when purchasing. There are no real Maui Jims here. It's worth your while to invest in a pair of Maui Jims (which, by the way, I 2) if you buy them from a dealer, make sure they are reputable. It wasn't just that the sunglasses I received were fake, the lenses were not polarized, and the box they came in was severely damaged, along with the lame sunglasses case. Afterwards, I went to an official retailer and bought the same pair (same price) and not only are they awesome but the case they came in is very nice and there is a warranty card. The dealer will not be able to provide that to you.

Addyson Berger
Addyson Berger
| Apr 04, 2021
Here are some knock offs we received My husband and I bought two pairs of these aviators from a MJ dealer in the mall a couple years ago, and they have held up exceptionally well

As these are truly unisex, we've swapped them back and forth and absolutely love them. The stolen parts from my truck were taken when I brought it in for extended shop time. in based on the number on my husband's glasses, and I'm sorry to report that they turned out to be Unlike the original MJs, the frame is made of painted plastic instead of titanium. My eyes are lit up by the lens which has a gradient and reflects light back. Our glasses look and feel like they came from a dollar store, but feel like they do. There was no difference in the packaging, and they came in the zippered case they come in at Maui's however, the quality is nothing like it used to be. That is where I purchased them on Amazon. They were in Maui Jim's store. We are in the process of returning the item.

Avery Davidson
Avery Davidson
| Jan 08, 2021
A blue Hawaii with a touch of sexiness

They are for father's day and I got them for my husband. It was very jealous of the fact that I got the new (rx) aviator sunglasses and he mentioned liking a pair of "blue-framed A pair of maui Jims and Michael Kors aviators" were on the list. As far as I was concerned, the MKs did not appear to be polarized, so I immediately disregarded them. The most classic MJ style appeared to be these, plus they came with the Blue Hawaii coating, so I guessed that that was the style he would prefer. Although I found them on eBay and from some new retailers here on Amazon at a better price, I still felt more comfortable buying them from an authorized dealer as even $135 is a lot to spend on potentially counterfeit sunglasses (and who likes giving counterfeit stuff as a present? This is one of the reasons why he loves them so much. His first nice pair of sunglasses (he has a couple of good quality polarized ones that we got in Bermuda, but these are A golf swing is like a golf swing). I was shocked at how light these are and how well they fit him. I was even able to fit pretty well and I have short temples, so fitting me is hard. Blue coating makes you look really cool, but it takes a while to adjust to the change in color of your surroundings, he said. I love my aviators that I just got my glasses put into, but I kinda want these myself now. There is something unisex about the Blue Hawaii lenses, and they really do look like they could be worn by anyone. Although there are times when unisex styles lean in one direction or another, these look equally good on both men and women.

Hugh Jacobson
Hugh Jacobson
| Oct 07, 2020
A Maui Jim Mavericks sample

Since I own another pair of Maui Jim, I was pleased with the lightweight fit and the fact that these are authentic products. I ordered a gold frame with bronze lenses. I am pleased with the purchase, and I am amazed at the speed of Thanks for your kind words!.

| Nov 04, 2020
We are in love with these sunglasses

A very high quality product. I really like the way this looks and how it fits.

Atticus Barnett
Atticus Barnett
| Nov 16, 2020
This is a super light and awesome product

These shades are super light and comfortable. It feels like I cannot believe I have anything on my nose. Normally I cannot stand to wear sunglasses at all, but these ones are tolerable for me. In addition to being really cool aviators, they're.

Jaime Baker
Jaime Baker
| Nov 26, 2020
It's the same great quality as always

Having Maui Jims is like having a second pair of shoes. A friend referred me to this product and I was very impressed with its build quality and clear images. The first Maui I bought cracked up in the middle, so I opt for a more sturdy It's surprising how light and portable these shades are, I honestly expected them to be heavier because of the metal. I would have liked a little more weight, but for some, that might be a deal breaker. Even though I like them, the shades could screen out a little more light. However, I had to have them slightly adjusted so they would fit properly.

Sara Chase
Sara Chase
| Jun 01, 2021
Maui is such a special place to me

Here are some ways I can explain. Maui is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. These are the ways in which I can help. I received a phone call from Maui as I was opening these that I ordered letting me know that the two pairs of shoes I sent in for repair were being overhauled. A new frame, lenses, and other things were on order My Twin Falls and Mahinas were getting new temples, lenses, and nose pads for the same price as changing the lenses on them. It's no secret that people have negative reactions to their products, but I cannot help but rave how great their products are and their service is. The quality of the product is always good when purchasing from this company, they warranty their work no matter what. I'd definitely purchase another pair from them in the future, they stand behind their product. I love you! It is a sight to see with these Mavericks. I love the titanium frames and the My husband will try to steal them if they don't fit right and I bet he'll steal them too.

Ellie Howard
Ellie Howard
| Sep 15, 2020

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