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Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve

Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve

Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve
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A 100% cotton shirt
Contains imported components
Easily closed with a snap
The machines are being washed
With our classic design and classic comfort, our coverall can easily be worn over all of your clothes while still providing you with the room to move and work. It's made from durable, lightweight 100% preshrunk cotton that stays the right size, all year round.
This range of durable coveralls features highly functional features including concealed heavy duty snaps, an array of pockets that make the whole thing easy to get on and off, and a rule pocket and set-in front pockets for convenient storage.
A collection made for everyday excellence our workwear collection is designed to enable you to do your best every day. The seams should be stronger. The fabric needs to be more durable. It has just the right number of pockets. all of the features that make our workwear so effective, it definitely stands up to what it is supposed to do.
Red Kap knows what it means to do things right when it comes to workwear. Since we opened our doors as a family business in 1923, we've created comfortable, durable workwear. Thousands of people apply their hands and hearts to all types of jobs today, with 16 million people receiving work apparel from us.
Ensure that Red Kap's design, engineering, and production stand the test of time by passing rigorous tests. If you compare our quality to that of similar garments from Carhartt, Workrite, Goodthreads, Chefworks, Cintas, Cherokee, Magellan, and Duluth Trading Company, we are the clear winner!

Questions & Answers

Approximately what size would be best for me in the white jumpsuit? I am 6'2" and 220 pounds with a 46" chest. ?

You should be able to order your chest size online.

My height is 6'7" and my weight is 250 pounds. I want to know what size would fit me best. As a final touch to my "Sam" costumes from Trick or Treat, I need some orange coveralls. Please help me! ?

It does not matter what you weigh or how tall you are. To use the sizing chart, please specify your measurements on the photo. I found it to be very useful. If you don't like it, you can also return it.

What kind of insulation are these?

There is no insulation in this particular coverall.

How big should I get if I weigh 130 pounds and am 5'5" tall?

I'm 6' tall and weigh 180 pounds xl *br> *br>I think they have a size chart in their site or I could call Amazon

Selected User Reviews For Red Kap Men's Snap Front Cotton Coverall, Oversized Fit, Long Sleeve

The size and length of the object are too large

The only way I would be able to do it is if I was 6 feet Women are not the best candidates for this method. Fabric thickness is as expected, heavy and thick, but in no way suitable for winter use. I will be happy to dye this cotton coverall with plants to turn it into my gardening coveralls. It is a bright solid white color and it says 100% cotton. I disagree with the buttons, which feel cheap and, as a result, are not heavy. The stitching quality on some of the garments is not up to the standard The parenthesis. Is there anything worse than that? This size was sent in the wrong size, and it fits wrong except for the waist. An extra long was sent when I ordered a regular and a large isn't even an option for this size. As I anticipate sewing it to fit at the waist, I am estimating that I will have to cut off at least four inches plus seam allowance from the length at the torso. There is no such thing as a short torso for me. It is not normal for me to experience this issue. After pulling up the crotch, I have no problem with the leg length so long as I don't pull up the torso. It is not common for someone of this size to have such a body type. I find that very strange.

Sincere Bright
Sincere Bright
| Nov 26, 2020
Easily worn over clothes thanks to its generous size

In order to wear my coveralls while welding, I decided to go for 100% cotton. The clothes you wear while welding cannot contain polyester. As a result, I decided I would give these a shot. My dislike for a fabric treatment they applied to the garments was evident when I opened them. It only took one trip through the washer to get rid of it. Metal snaps are used to close them. Velcro, zippers, or buttons are not permitted. It is easy for even a senile, arthritic person like me to go on alone since they are cut in such a way that they can be easily accessed from below. I used them over summer clothing, and once I was done, I could take them off just as easily as I put them When I had them on, I had no problem moving around. The movement of the body is not restricted at all. The overalls didn't get full of small burns from welding splatter since I wore a leather welding jacket. I would order your regular chest size if you want 100% cotton coveralls. That's what I did and they fit well. They are pre-shrunk and come in a variety sizes. Because it has shrunk, you should wash and dry it.

Emilio Young
Emilio Young
| Nov 25, 2020
It is likely that you will not wear it in the summer months due to the thicker material

Clothing of this quality is hard to come by. I expected the fit to be just right. It was my own work to hem the legs. A strong and dense weave characterizes the cotton material. Never before have I seen an overall made with such high quality and thickness of material. Reinforcement at the waist, on the sleeves, and on the The only thing that I had an issue with was the button clasp on one of the sleeves. It did not sit closed, but I would wear it I think this scene looks like it comes from a 1930s During the process of moving my truck on the dolly, I did not get snagged. Squatting or reaching for things under the hood is easy when wearing this. The wash is easily done on a normal heat It is unlikely that much lint was left You should definitely try it out.

Annika Craig
Annika Craig
| Aug 21, 2020
It can be worn by a person of average height

Honestly, I have no idea how the sizes work. My height is 5 feet 3 inches and I normally wear a small in women's clothing. The 36 Regular is only a little too large for me, making it comfortable for me to wear. Despite the heavy material, it is warm. There is a slight difference in color between the photo and the actual product.

Abigail Anthony
Abigail Anthony
| Jul 23, 2020
He fits perfect into size 40, but if you like it just a bit more, you can get it in size 42 or 44

We have a lot of work done around and by our house by my husband. His whole body needed to be covered by a working overall of the highest quality. Red Kap was a great choice for the overall. A 5'11" man weighing roughly 165 pounds, he is in his late twenties. He actually fits into size 40, but if you'd prefer it to be more airy, you can move up a size. There were no damages or cuts to the material so far and it's quite thick, but it doesn't feel heavy while wearing it. The quality is good, and so far no damages or cuts have come up. As a result of its thickness, it is quite protective of the skin. In the end, it's better to order a white one, since we could bleach.

Waverly Atkins
Waverly Atkins
| Oct 22, 2020

A 44 is the size I bought. **He has a height of 6 feet. His weight is 175 pounds, and he is able to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt underneath. THIS IS A A 100% cotton shirt will breathe and protect your body when the sun is super hot. I recommend these especially for FILTHY and rough industrial environments. I LIKE THE LOOK AND THE FEEL This is a great price! This is the second time I've written this.

Tinsley WALLIS
Tinsley WALLIS
| May 25, 2021
There was no response from the other side

Although action back isn't mentioned in the description (pleated shoulder blade area), it's present in the photos. The item will most likely be returned. Red Kap is another I have. Didn't realize A deal I found, probably won't buy - Lightweight (for work clothes Although I am unsure of the reason, there are lighter coveralls available). I would classify it as middle weight, but just Heavy weight is definitely not the case. It appears that the quality is.

Henley Graves
Henley Graves
| Dec 01, 2020
A durable material

Added a few pounds (so I had to replace my P5recent ones). Having purchased the Old Shoes at Montgomery Ward in 1975 (for my Father, who never wore them), my Mother gave them to me as a gift in 1977. From 1989 until then (I was old enough to have my own vehicle that time), they hung in the basement. Since I began using them, I kept using them until they no longer fit in 2021. They will probably end up in the hands of my Son, who will pass them on to his son. Compared to the last pair, these new ones (appears to be) of just as high quality and I fully expect to never have to purchase another pair of sunglasses.

Melanie Burnett
Melanie Burnett
| May 24, 2021

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