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Jockey Men's T-Shirts Big & Tall Classic V-Neck T-Shirt - 6 Pack Jockey Men's T-Shirts Big & Tall Classic V-Neck T-Shirt - 6 Pack

Jockey Men's T-Shirts Big & Tall Classic V-Neck T-Shirt - 6 Pack

Jockey Men's T-Shirts Big & Tall Classic V-Neck T-Shirt - 6 Pack Jockey Men's T-Shirts Big & Tall Classic V-Neck T-Shirt - 6 Pack
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A cotton product that is 100% pure
Ankle cuffs with drawstrings
This style can be identified as
The Staycool technology helps to keep you cool and dry by wicking away sweat
Keeping it looking and feeling new washer after washer is made simple by StayNew technology
The collar is flat with reinforced edges
Creating a design that is without tags

Questions & Answers

Who made you? Where are you from? Would like to know what the question is for someone who just received them. As if it were not bad enough, it gets Thanks so much?

Hey, this is John from a company whose products are manufactured around the world. As it stands, there is just no way for you to know until you receive the product. I apologize for any I'd like to thank you for the opportunity.

Tall is not seen The large ones). Could you please let me know how long it is? It is not possible to tell lengths from your size chart. ?

-The length increases by 1)2 inch with size 4XT 36' long. 3XT 36. 4XT 33.

In the product description, it says the closure will be a drawstring. What does this mean?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. There is an error with that description, and I apologize deeply for any confusion this may have caused. A drawstring closure is not available on these shirts.

There is no difference between the 4xl and the 4xlt in this model and the Jockey men's shirt only in the size V-neck short sleeve shirts for tall men Wear a t-shirt around your neck Do you have a shirtmodel to offer?

For big people, the 4xl is the right size. In addition, the 4xlt is for people who are In my opinion, the big is 34 inches tall, whereas the tall is 36 inches. That's what I'm hoping to help you with.

Selected User Reviews For Jockey Men's T-Shirts Big & Tall Classic V-Neck T-Shirt - 6 Pack

The T-shirt that I love most This shirt is made of cotton This is a nice t-shirt for tall guys

Please wear shirts. Having worn a t-shirt for a long time, I feel the following Fit and comfort are important to me when I am wearing shirts under my dress shirts all year long. There is a large number of There is just something about the shirts I bought at the discount stores that don't feel good since they tend to shrink quite a bit, the material isn't durable, Among the discount brands, Hanes has always stood out to me. When I discovered Costco's T-shirts, I was hooked A variety of shirts (Kirkland) that are very reasonably priced and feel good, but the fit was slightly out. They are a little short and a little wide. They do not come in tall sizes. I wear an XL size (230 lb. , 6'1") and they are a little wide. As a result of all the positive feedback about the Jockey T-shirt, I thought it would be worth sharing As for the shirts, I bought them in tall size and I must say they are the best I have ever owned. I can see fewer bulges through my dress shirt since they fit better on the sides. They are also significantly longer as well. My Hanes, Kirkland, and Jockey t-shirts all differ but the results are the same We have measured our t-shirts and find that the Jockey is about 3" longer than the Kirkland and about 4" longer than the Hanes. That extra length ensures my t-shirt is long enough to fit me comfortably. Tee shirts keep their shape all day, but a t-shirt does not This is the first time a T-shirt has ever been worn. My friends and I bought a six-pack to test. Now, we are back to buy Since I wore the Kirkland and Jockey t-shirt in order to allow for equal shrinkage, the shirt shrank by the same amount The same amount of time was spent washing both shirts at the same time. So I think that it would be foolish to review them as the same thing happened to me. I wanted to post this because I thought it might be helpful his tallest friends There may be a shirt that may work for them as well.

Everest McClain
Everest McClain
| Dec 18, 2020
The quality of fabric today is unbelievable compared to what was available decades ago

As of now, I will switch to 2 The rating will go from a "1" to a "2" We give you a "STAR" My jockey shirts now all have a hole (or two) in the right side of the shirt. I will never buy another jockey product again, guaranteed! The first thing you should know is that these aren't inexpensive. The Jockey T-shirts that I bought are described as follows After buying a set of t-shirts a few years back, they held up well over time. For that reason, I opted to buy another set for a little more money. Photos 1 and 2 There was one thing I immediately noticed between the jockey shirts I purchased earlier in the year and these (from about a month ago) was the Old shirt's label was bolder (brighter). On the other hand, the more recent T-shirts In comparison, the label (recent purchase) of the shirt was faded (faded). The photo below shows a typical sample of how to take a photo During the first few washes of the new shirts, I noticed that there was a hole in one of the shirts. In this case, I'm using another jockey T There were holes in the material in old shirts from years ago, but that is because of years of heavy usage (photo My first shirt started to show holes after about 5 washes (after one month). Could it be that it's still in good shape after that long? I will definitely go back to one of the other main competitors next time since that was uncalled for.

Kaleb Nielsen
Kaleb Nielsen
| Jun 22, 2021
Perfect fit and extremely durable, these shirts are perfect for any occasion

Their elastic properties prevent them from stretching or shrinking. In the first instance, I had tried using another brand of T-shirts Shirts, but the neck band shirts themselves had a problem stretching from the time they were bought. The neck band on these shirts is extremely durable and does not appear to stretch at all even after numerous washings. It is important that the neck band maintain its proper form and fit in order to feel comfortable. As far as the shirts themselves are concerned, they do not seem to stretch or deform at all. The thickness and stretching of the shirts tended to be an issue on the cheaper shirts. Among these shirts, I have not found anything I find particularly pleasing. It is definitely recommended that you try the jockey V- A quality shirt that keeps its form and size would be worth considering for anyone looking for a quality shirt.

Janelle Horn
Janelle Horn
| Dec 14, 2020
When it comes to undershirts, why is it so difficult to find tall ones? There are a lot of places where you can buy white undershirts

I have seen this product at COSTCO, Walmart, and even the mall, but for some reason, none of them seem to be available The importance of this is not lost on tall guys. The worst thing that can happen is having your undershirt untucked while your shirt stays It's just not possible to fix that in an elegant way. I am looking for real tall undershirts, so I came here to find them. Furthermore, these are excellent as well. I appreciate the fact that they are soft, comfortable, and tagless. This is just what I was looking for.

Jacqueline Rubio
Jacqueline Rubio
| Feb 10, 2021
A scratchy surface

Jockey Tees have been a part of my life for a long time. Their quality lasts and lasts. As they age, they are a great choice for sleepwear. The ladies love them since they hang loosely and for a long time, My recently purchased garments have a scratchy feeling but my prior purchases were cotton formulations and I do not know if this has changed since then. I brought this discussion up with Jockey and they were great to talk to, saying the materials have not changed for quite some time. As a result, I have a dozen useless tees that I could replace, but I don't have time.

Abigail Haynes
Abigail Haynes
| Jan 23, 2021
You probably have it all wrong

The big and tall size in 2XL is what I ordered. They didn't fit the big and tall, so I got 2XL, but they weren't The shorts weren't tucked in and will not stay that way. As I reached out to the seller, he kept insisting that I didn't order the right item, but in the email they sent, it said 1XL big and tall. I am in the middle of a move, so I don't have the time to mess with them. I was told I could return them, but I don't have time. Know what you are getting into as a purchaser.

Kairi Maloney
Kairi Maloney
| Sep 20, 2020
exciting has happened recently

The XLT version of these are what I purchased. It is made decently, and it is easy to clean and dry. Fruit of the Loom or Hanes won't fade as fast as these, but they will keep their color longer. Nowadays, clothing isn't made as well as it used to be. Because Calvin Klein, which is way overpriced, does not offer an XLT anymore, I chose these.

Baylor Huynh
Baylor Huynh
| May 11, 2021
My favorite shirt

I've worn these a lot over the years The shirt will fit 20-23 year olds It is 30 years old. I like the fact that it is soft, durable, long enough for me (I am tall), and not too tight around my I wear them in the summer because they are a little warmer. The next time I buy, I will. They are a little more costly, but they are worth the money for me.

Anders Patterson
Anders Patterson
| Jul 16, 2021

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