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Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack

Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack

Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack
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Cotton is a hundred percent cotton
It is imported
The closure is a pull-on
The wash of the machine
Cools you down and keeps you dry thanks to its moisture wicking properties
To touch, it feels soft
A tag-free experience
Ankle hem made with two needles
A white and black six-pack will fit a small to a 2X assorted five-packs will fit a small to a 2X a four-pack will fit a

Questions & Answers

Can you fit me in a small size at 5'7" and 150 pounds?

There is very little room on these. It is much too small for my normal size of a large. I ordered an extra large and they are too small for me. I also had a medium grey who was 2 years old The shorter colors are 3 inches shorter than the others. To be honest, they are now nothing but

The length of these is a bit short, isn't it? Usually I get medium tanks, but my short shirt makes them too short, so I went with the By the way, I am 6 feet tall. ?

It fits my 18-year-old son well, he's five foot ten inches tall, and the shirt extends well over his buttocks. Here are a few tips that may help

A female of 5"2 weighing 149 lbs, I'm 20 years old. Could a small fit me without showing too much skin? I want to wear these for working out. ?

As they are tailored to your body shape, a small will fit just right even once they are washed, they retain their

Could you please let me know if they come in a Large Tall size?

The large fits me better than most A shirts since I'm 6'2 and 195 lbs. Ideally, you should be able to tuck these

Selected User Reviews For Gildan Men's A-Shirts Tanks Multipack

Tanks that fit perfectly

With a size 30 waist and 5'9 height, I ordered medium. I weigh 160 pounds and have a size 5'9 height. The trousers are pretty long when you receive them, but they shrink up quite a bit after being washed and dried. I will definitely be purchasing more of these! Fantastic quality at such a great price.

Madelynn Meyer
Madelynn Meyer
| Jun 24, 2021
A comparison of women's experiences

My comparison of three kinds of undershirts that I bought has been shown below. If others want to compare me to myself, I am a 38B female. The Gildan A-line suits I bought are great The shirt comes in a pack of five, grey/black, medium. 6 Pack of Amazon Essentials for Men Contains one pack of tanks, white, small A Cotton Stretch Layering Tank Top that is the perfect loungewear top with 3 colors in black. As far as size is concerned, I bought my pants based on the reviewer comments and the size chart. They all delivered what they promised, so I found that to be the case. During the day, the men's shirts tend to stretch out a bit. As far as the Felina is concerned, it I like how it stays Two of the Amazon Essentials were available. Each of them was 33 inches tall. The Gildans were 2 inches tall. There were 39 of them and they were both Felinas were white and black, and there were three of them. The price for each is 37 dollars. So, I ask myself, was it worth it to buy the Felina's for an extra dollar apiece? It's probably true. The fact that they stay snug all day is nice However, the men's shirts were really nice as they are Having an assortment of colors rather than just white is also useful, as I did with my old white shoes. It's all up to you!.

Reagan Willis
Reagan Willis
| Jun 22, 2021
Sadly, it's not up to standards

Now that I have these undershirts for a few weeks, I thought I would share. I tend to be a couch potato most of the time. There have been rips and tears on every one of them. My height is 6 feet and my weight is 225 pounds and these fit me fine. But all of them now have holes in them. It is not necessary for me to overstretch my students. My method is to grab the bottom of the container and lift it out. had no holes when they were fresh, but now they have all been worn out. I would recommend spending your money elsewhere instead of on this product. It's a waste of money to purchase these. There is nothing I can say to make up for my disappointment.

Wynter Rogers
Wynter Rogers
| Feb 14, 2021
A value that has been updated is not a good Tank tops come in white as well

This update was posted on 6/2/18. My husband has worn the shorts once and they have been cleaned One of the laundry pieces is already ripped at the shoulder after I pulled it out of the dryer tonight. Definitely it's an easy fix, but why should I have to repair this after the first time he wore it? Review changed from 4 stars to 1 stars, and I would not recommend this! Those are usually typical white men's tank tops undershirts. The shirt itself is in a good quality for the money. There was nothing unusual about it. It is though, very thin which could work in your favor or against you, depending on your personal style and outfit choice. The reason for docking a star was because I saw this as a negative. To give you a sense of the size, my husband wears a standard size XL/XXL shirt and I bought
Whenever I buy anything online, I check the reviews first before buying. Since they are supposed to be tight, I got a smaller size. It's important to me to seek the advice of others when choosing a solution. The reviews I write always reflect my honest opinion and, when possible, I try to include photos. I would appreciate it if you would click the "helpful" button below if my review has helped you in any way! During the course of your experience, you will have questions of your own. Please accept my sincere thanks.

Christian Alvarez
Christian Alvarez
| Oct 05, 2020
It has been my go-to undershirt for quite some time now

I'm an underwear hound and I'm always looking for that 'better' undershirt. I've been wearing Jockey Classic undershirts for quite some time now and I really like them. I have been wearing shirts for a long time. There are just one or two problems with them they don't wear out, they don't fit right, and the ones I have are from the 1980s. These cotton shirts are from the early 1990s and are made in the United States. It just doesn't get better than this. It's obvious now that Jockey is cheaping out like everyone else. The brand I tried was Hanes, but other stores were Fruit of the Loom, or It was discontinued by Bank (they used to make the best briefs) and various other off-brands You can categorize brands in this way. Each of them has a deficiency in some way. Awhile ago, I decided to give these Gildan undershirts a try and I decided it would be best if one of the reviews liked their wide shoulder because he wears suspenders (I do, too). These are my new favorites, by the way. The sleeves are just the right length, and the armholes are higher, so there are no wardrobe malfunctions. I don't mind the fabric - This shirt feels soft, and I really like its wide shoulders. Even so, I did rip a seam on the shoulder, so I am not 100% confident the shirt is durable. Still, I like them a lot My closet is full of undershirts, and I've tried them all.

| Sep 11, 2020
I could not have asked for anything better

There are five of us in my family. As I am 2ft, 138lbs (average body weight) I bought the small size and as you can see it is perfect and fits perfectly. Fast and easy delivery. Shipped within four days to my door in Washington D. C. Nice fabrics, quality over the cost, and fast shipping. 5 pieces in a pack. The colors are cool. In the future, I will be buying more and recommending it to others. Buy it! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!.

Messiah Knight
Messiah Knight
| Feb 28, 2021
Clothing expands after washing, resulting in too much looseness

They were recommended by previous buyers as soft and snug. I bought them based on previous reviews that the material was soft. Having an A- is nice to me They should be snug (close to being too Given that I have relatively tight muscles, I want them to fit well. Originally purchased ages ago at Hanes, these shirts started to tatter as soon as they were washed. The size of these seemed a little large (Medium) when I took them out of the bag, but other shoppers say that they shrank We're on to the next stage. They've been washed and dried, and after wearing them for about an hour, they are as loose as a t-shirt Yes, they are soft, but I didn't buy them for their The product would not be repurchased.

| Jul 29, 2020
A resounding YES to buying, buying, buying

The soft fabric and size make me so eager to buy another pair very soon. When other brands shrink after wash, these still fit and are the correct size even after washing. In today's day and age, clothes and accessories we often need but are priced so high that we only get half and half. My satisfaction with this product is not diminished by the fact that the price is lower and the quantity is more than I expected.

Dillon Herring
Dillon Herring
| Jul 31, 2020

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