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Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short
$ 22.80

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Cotton is a hundred percent cotton
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Closure with a zipper
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The cargo shorts sit at the natural waist and have a relaxed fit through the seat and thighs. The shorts have a 10-inch inseam and will keep you comfortable all day long.
The ability to access the storage quickly. This garment comes equipped with (4) cargo flap pockets, (2) back flap pockets, and (2) slash pockets for easy storage solutions. The pocket is great for storing items such as your cell phone, tools, wallet, and other items safely.
A MATERIAL THAT IS DURABLE. With 100% cotton twill that keeps its shape while maintaining breathability and comfort, these shorts are long-lasting and durable.
CARGO STYLE IN THE CLASSIC MODEL. The classic cargo shorts will keep you comfortable and stylish in your daily life. A timeless silhouette with extra storage lends a timeless feel to this short, whether it's for working outdoors or at the office.
Hardware with a high level of durability. An iron-on patch is provided on the back which makes it easy to remove.

Questions & Answers

Approximately what is the inseam/length of this shirt?

You need to wear the shorts at the proper height to achieve the proper fit. The jeans are cut to sit above the belly button and feature a high rise and high waist. When worn low on the hips, the inseam of the pants will come down to your mid-calf like a baggy short length. In the event that you normally wear shorts that hit on your hips, these might not be the best solution choose low rise shorts instead.

In size 36x34, I have the cargo pants. Are the shorts the same fit as the jeans?

A 33 or a 34 fits me in jeans and shorts most of the time. As encouraged by others on this site, I ordered four pairs of shorts in various patterns as 32's and found the fit to be spot on. It is unfortunately impossible for me to comment on the pants' sizing as I have not purchased any.

What are the pockets like? Do they close with a snap?

In front there is a button, but there is Velcro on the pockets.

Cargo shorts that don't even fit a cell phone? Why would anyone think to make such shorts?

Both sides are fenced in. The pickets can also be used to hold cell phones. Besides the large pockets, there are also smaller ones

Selected User Reviews For Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short

The shorts look great, but the pockets are too small! These cargo shorts were the first pair I bought because I wanted cargo You know what I mean With all the drills, marching, and shooting out of the way, this is the military look

I did! (A fashion win! It's a yes! An orange is also included. A pocket comb and a pocket mirror. A second set of keys will also be provided. I also have a pair of (I am now totally prepared. *) Tell me, how many times have you been in a restaurant, and thought, "Man!" "Wouldn't it be nice if I had brought my own jar of mayonnaise?"

It would have been great! I have made my own mayonnaise jar! Sadly, I did not get that. "(4) cargo-" came up for me A jar of mayo will not fit in any of the pocket flaps. I don't have a cell phone either My phone is always trying to jump out of my pocket unless I put it in sideways, and even then it wants to jump out because the pocket is *Unfortunately, Wrangler, the whoever had this idea should be assigned to the company cafeteria, putting mayo in those little folds, so as not to contaminate their food. You may give out extra paper cups to those who wish to. A cargo pocket with these capabilities is the "smart car" of them Those who need them will not be able to fit in The form and fit of these shorts are excellent. I would love to have them in my closet. In terms of function, they receive a D. Your mayo should come from somewhere else I need to smuggle things.

Zara Guthrie
Zara Guthrie
| Dec 27, 2020
We have too many Pockets and they are too I've never wore a worse pair of cargo pants

They are small and do not have any pockets to store a cell phone. My favorite way to wear cargo shorts is to have a pocket for my phone and a pocket to carry my 16 oz. water bottle. You can put a water bottle into it. Those aren't going to be the case with these cargo shorts. Was this what they had in mind when they designed them? There are a few pockets in the front of the bag, but they are so small they can't hold a deck of cards. The last time I bought these, I never bought them.

Jamari MacDonald
Jamari MacDonald
| Sep 15, 2020
Theme parks found the product to be useful

I went to the theme parks for a week and could not have been happier with these headphones. While I kept my wallet in my pocket and also stored my sunglasses there, I managed to keep all of my essentials present Then there was no need for a locker because I didn't have to place items there. Likewise, the material was great since I was worried it would be too heavy and make me sweat more in the heat (as some brands do), but it was just right, so I was not disappointed.

Rosalie Carlson
Rosalie Carlson
| Nov 03, 2020
It's nice, but I like it

It's only these two things that I dislike. Their size is a bit large, but I enjoy it. Only thing I don't like about it is how useless the "cargo" pockets are. This type of cargo short has several small pockets on each side instead of the traditional large one on each side. None of these pockets are large or deep enough to be useful for anything.

Josie Boone
Josie Boone
| Jan 23, 2021
The size of the book is poor

The Wrangler cargo camo shorts I wear every day are comfortable and stylish. The last few years have been like that. In the past, I bought them at Walmart. In this case, my size 42 isn't available. It's been awhile since I was there
Amazon is my best bet. Different prices can be found at different locations. In the mid $20 range, plus or minus a few dollars, I would be satisfied. My size 42 is finally available in stock, and it is in stock. I love it. It takes 2 weeks for me to receive my order. Well, it turns out the correspondence was not sent. We have someone getting spanked in the back office and someone else geting to send it to them. I've been waiting for this for a long time. My instinct is to check the size as soon as I open the package, so I rip the package open and check it carefully. Phew! There is a 42 on it. It's good to know that. My brother had them altered, so I gave them a try a week later. I would like to rephrase that a bit. When I try to put them on, they don't go I am too big to fit into a size 40. I wear a size 42, but I'm too big to wear a size 40 comfortably. How does it feel to put on these new Getting the button closed is really close to being impossible because I'm only two inches from the end. That is, I would not be able to In other words, I think a 42 would be loose for me, whereas a 40 would feel too tight. So what size would be What would you rather have, a 38 or a Does it have a label that reads 42? While I understand that there are often different items, such as relax fit or comfort fit, plaid or straight, I don't carry all of them in my wardrobe. It should still be a 42 and not a 2 The size has been reduced by three sizes. I have a hard time ordering online, which is why I don't like doing it. Now I'm unsure if I should return it. In that case, the next guy is going to end up getting a spanking in the back office.
I think I'll These days, there is no shortage of people in need. In other words, if you see some poor homeless guy in NYC with a pair of wrangler cargo camo shorts hanging under his butt because they are sized wrong, you'll Despite this, there remains a problem A pair of shorts is still missing from my wardrobe.

Everly Dickerson
Everly Dickerson
| Jul 28, 2020
If you get a good one, they are great! Erratic sizing and materials but if you get a good one, the are As a woman with a 31-inch waist, I got a 30"

Although these can run a little large, they are still comfortable. I'll tell you what's crazy The same size and color fit differently in each of my three orders! ** B - The Anthracite Twill fit like a 32", so I ended up just wearing a belt with it. The Acorn Twill was the perfect length for me, fitting like a 31". Please note The bullfrog was 30" (possibly 29". 5 inches) Also, there were major differences in weight between the different colors of the fabric, with the Acorn Twill having a lighter weight Although I find the ones I kept to be problematic, I still enjoy The pants are just the right length, ending just above the knee, and they don't ride up too high while sitting. In the few months I've had them, there haven't been any signs of wear on I have no complaint about the pockets, but I do have a complaint about the In spite of the fact that these shorts are supposed to be 100% cotton, the pockets lining feel like polyester (slick and non-breathable). The linen pockets are not as soft as cotton pocket liners, but it isn't a big deal. Considering the low price, they might be worth a shot, but make sure you order from a seller who allows returns since the quality is not good.

Alayah Duffy
Alayah Duffy
| Oct 19, 2020

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