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Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt

Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt

Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt
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It is made of the purest cotton
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Easily closed with a snap
Putting the machine to bed
This is a cowboy cut. Fitted for a functional fit, this work shirt offers protection and durability that enable you to keep up with your busy schedule. A classic fit through the torso and arms makes this shirt perfect for long days at the office.
SWING SHIRT IN A COLD WEATHER. Specifically designed for cowboys, this is a classic western shirt you won't want to miss. Our signature Western finish, with authentic Western front and back yokes embroidered with the Wrangler "W" logo, classic snap pockets, and a classic snap closure.
Material with a high strength to weight ratio. The classic can be worn for years on end without losing its appearance. This heavyweight work shirt is made with 100% cotton, so it will last for years to come and provide you with additional protection for whatever you have in mind.
PROTECTION IS ADDED. No matter if you are working on the ranch or in the garage, you will need a durable work shirt that will keep you protected. The heavy duty fabric in this shirt forms a unique fit to you with wear, so you'll have years of wearing this work shirt.
The ability to access the storage quickly. (1) pencil slot at left flap of pocket flap for easy access to storage. (2) chest pockets with snap closures -- both removable.

Questions & Answers

The shirt feels like plywood. What can I do to soften it up a bit? Firm is one thing but these are like plywood. ?

Quite hard to tell. It had something seriously wrong with it. We are not exaggerating when we say that this shirt felt like wearing cardboard. While we washed it and it turned stuffer, when we ironed it, the fabric turned black, then turned red again. Although it was wearing a shirt, it gave someone wearing it raw nips even through the shirt An t-shirt.

Would anyone be able to recommend size for me? I bought two different wrangler style large garments and they were both way too small for me. ?

The second time around. My height is six feet four and I weigh 270 pounds. It's great to have shirts like these. Don't bend them on the first try, wash them Once they have broken in, iron them and you are left with a proud yet humble pair of shoes. Your cowgirl will be attracted to you if you add a pair of Wrangler Indigo 13MWZ Original Cowboy Cut, nice boots and you'll be able to make the most of her appeal.

Can it be used to weld?

Yes, that is the case. Welding is one of my husband's favorite jobs, so these shirts are his favorites.

Can you tell me what size these shirts are? Can you tell me how big the neck is and how long the sleeves are? Are the sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL?

36 1/2 x 16 1/2

Selected User Reviews For Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Firm Finish Work Shirt

Being around welding is a requirement for my job so I keep a good supply of Quality work shirts on hand

The fact that I work on the pipeline requires me to always have quality work shirts on hand since I'm constantly welding and grinding, and my shirt of choice for many years has been Wrangler because it is always good quality and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. There are problems with the quality of the shirt as well. I ordered this shirt and when I took it out of its bag, I saw that the entire right side of the right pocket wasn't even sawed! Observations Left side was good, bottom also good, but I can't help but feel that someone was in the middle of sewing on the pocket when the clock struck 5 o'clock, so they decided to ship it as it The seam on the left cuff below the last button of another shirt I ordered at the same time as this one ripped about 2 inches out of the cuff so anyone looking for a quality work shirt must look elsewhere because Wrangler just ain't got it anymore.

Sylas Burton
Sylas Burton
| Dec 18, 2020
Will you be tough enough to handle the challenge? Every day I try to put in a full day's work

As it gets hotter and hotter out here in West Texas, I'm in need of a good, thick work shirt. It's difficult to understand how others can complain about these shirts being so durable. The tough work shirts come in handy when our dog, Suzie Hawking, gets the best of me and has squashed me to the ground. I think she's a really good kid!.

Colter Hunter
Colter Hunter
| Dec 02, 2020
To begin, I would like to say that I have never owned a shirt as nice as these

We're not talking about those polyester/cotton blend shirts you can buy at the local supply store Get all the work shirts you need in 100% cotton! It was not an easy decision to switch over to these shirts, and I did a lot of research (as I do with all my It was hard not to notice after reading the reviews for these shirts that almost all of the negative reviews have been attributed to the shirts being stiff. The are quite stiff, if you ask me However, this usually only happens when you first receive your socks, and the smell disappears after washing them. I smell a funky smell coming from them. It actually gave me a headache and irritated my sensitive pits when I was exposed to the starchy chemical they use on them. Fortunately, washing took care of that. The first time you get them, you are barely able to fit them. It might seem that they are a bit large when you first use them. However, they shrink up when washed. In general, before you decide to knock this shirt, simply wash it a few times and you'll realize that it is some of the most comfortable and well made shirts out there. In regards to fit, here are some tips Despite being 6'3", a slim 190 pounds (a little soft, but not by any means a beer gut) and a little soft, I went with all tall shirts in Large Tall. I had to wash and dry hot a few times before this size fit perfectly (the size shrank an inch and a half with six or so laundering Shirts that are long enough in the arms have never been available to me. The bottom line is that if you are looking for some long sleeve shirts that actually fit, then you should definitely size up a little, and get the Big & Tall I'm making a taller version of this shirt with a few little shrinkage adjustments. While these shirts might be a little big in the torso still, the person who is wearing them is probably a hard-working man who doesn't have the time to worry about being perfectly tailored. I would say that you shouldn't let the negative reviews discourage Get a chance to own one of.

Barbara DALE
Barbara DALE
| Jun 30, 2021
Denim in blue color is fine denim in colored color is like stiff cardboard after washing

For some reason the colors of this denim shirt also feel like cardboard after washing it several times, even when you buy the blue denim. The product is made in Bangladash. It seems to be a mystery to me. The shirt seems to be going through a process of dragging across gravel, rocks, and sagebrush in order to soften up enough to wear. The directions next state that the item should be washed only in cold water and dried In case of need, iron could be used. As far as wrinkles go, I can tell you it is very wrinkled after it is dried on low heat, but who is going to iron a work shirt? A different size is available for the "Indigo" than for the "black". With no space for your arms to swing, this is a slim fit. I doubt middle-class people would be interested in this Older men generally have a higher level of education. If you're going to order denim, order it now Keep the colors to a minimum. It reminds me of frozen bed sheets hung outside in the middle of winter when I see the colored shirts.

Helen Vargas
Helen Vargas
| Sep 23, 2020
I did not like how stiff it was Returning it to the customer

My body really ballooned around this shirt. It fit well at the shoulders, but didn't fit well at the waist. Despite its stiffness, the material feels very soft to the touch. As well as being somewhat shiny, it is slightly rough. When viewed from a distance, looks like a suede jacket. That shirt was not something I could wear I find it to be too As soon as I received it, I returned it. In answers to questions, it was suggested that this shirt can be boiled in salt water to soften it, but I am not interested in having to cook my clothing on the As a bomb blanket or to provide shelter in the event of a direct nuclear strike, it may be useful, but as a garment I cannot use it.

Iliana Wyatt
Iliana Wyatt
| May 20, 2021
The product we wanted was not what we found

6'4 and 270 pounds is my husband's height and weight. As an occasion, I purchased a 3XLT for him, even though he usually wears a 2XLT. He likes it very much. I love the pearl snaps, and the teal color is stunning, but I'm not sure who thought it was smart to starch this thing up until it literally sticks to your body. A DIRECT KICK IN THE PANTS How long does it take for it to stand up on its own? After I had washed it twice with liquid fabric softener and cider vinegar, it was wearable again. My only surprise after doing so has been the lack of a hem at the bottom of the shirt. It just has a row of stitched lines Can anyone tell me why it's so difficult to find a decently made work shirt for a man of my size? We do not recommend it.

Coraline O’CONNOR
Coraline O’CONNOR
| May 30, 2021
The materials are harsh and the workmanship is poor

Buying this and another Wrangler Cowboy shirt made in Bangladesh was my first purchase of the store. A good amount of material was in the dark one. Material of this shirt was harsher than that of the lighter one. Despite three washings, I could not wear the cloth due to the harshness of the material. Furthermore, one of the snaps on the sleeve came off after the package was opened, a sign of the materials and workmanship being less than optimal. This is one item I would not consider purchasing, no matter how attractive the price may.

Kieran Rios
Kieran Rios
| Mar 19, 2021

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