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Baby Boys' Adorable Dragon Costume Baby Boys' Adorable Dragon Costume

Baby Boys' Adorable Dragon Costume

Baby Boys' Adorable Dragon Costume Baby Boys' Adorable Dragon Costume
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A 100% polyester fabric
The importation of
Put your hands in the water
The size of this baby is 18 months
The flannel is 100% polyester brushed knit with reptile scales painted on it
An inseam snap for diapering, and Velcro dots at the back of the jumpsuit allow you to secure the diaper
The wrists are elastic, and the attached mitts can be flipped up so their hands are free
Footbeds come with antislip rubber soles and are elasticized at the ankles.

Questions & Answers

Does this costume have a lot of padding. Would you mind telling me whether it will be too hot in Los Angeles in October? I. 74-80 Temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. ?

Despite the fact that the material is not super thick (quite thin on the body and a bit thick on the feet and head), it does cover almost the whole body, so the kid may For that type of weather, it might not be too bad. As long as you don't care about the head part, you can remove it.

I don't want to buy the 12-month clothes for my baby because he will be 9 months ?

The size of his clothes will determine the size.

Do they come in sizing between 18 and 24 The age range is 24 months to three years ?

The 3 size barely fit my 2 1/2 year old last year. I'm not sure if there is a size in between. Thanks, and I hope that helped!

What the 12-point plan will look like Would a 6-month-old fit in a size 18?

Do you know what size your child is wearing now? It was a 12-inch jacket my son was wearing months did not really fit the bill (he was only Despite that, the jacket was a little large for him.

Selected User Reviews For Baby Boys' Adorable Dragon Costume

I like the dragon outfit a lot

Halloween was the first time we got the 18-month costume for my son, who was 27 months old at the time Despite being in a 24 month size, he had a lot of A very slim child, he is 33 inches tall and is very lean. His shoes were a size 7, his pants a size 2T, and his shirts a size 2T/3T. The shoes and paws (without padding) of this costume are built into the costume and are not machine washable. As a result, we were unable to get shoes into the costume, but luckily we weren't walking too much and the weather was nice. He got two blows to the head. You have to adjust the costume a bit to get on and off it You won't find a zipper on this shirt. Rather than sticking it in from the front, you slip it in from behind and use velcro to secure it. A good fit and a light weight were apparent in the headpiece. With the exception of the wings, the entire interior is made of cloth and fluff. A hard wire runs through each wing so you can bend it around if necessary, and the wings are velcroed on. There is nothing to dislike about it, and I would stick to your regular size. I would buy it.

Houston Taylor
Houston Taylor
| Jan 04, 2021
I bought it in a size 12 and it fits true to size I've been reading reviews that it has run big for 18 months now

A 12-inch size is too small for me, so I've got to exchange it for a 12-inch one. My twin is 10 months old, he is 29. I have an 18 month outfit for him. It is 25 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds There are 21 pounds in the bag. His summer outfit from Carters is 18 months long. It will not be possible for him to wear it on Halloween, which is still almost three There are twins I bought who are 18 months old I ordered a 24 mo size in green for my more heavily built twin, and while it is a bit bog on him right now, it will look perfect on Halloween three months from now. I find these costumes to be cute. A little bit of a red dragon costume problem. I noticed the tooth on the red dragon costume was ripped. Make sure your costume is in good condition. I cannot wait for them to put them on.

Cayden Johns
Cayden Johns
| Nov 08, 2020
The dog is super cute, but it has some issues

This costume is super cute and fits true to size. However, there were a couple of problems with it. Velcro fastens the wings to the body and they can be quickly removed. An incorrect seam was made on one of the legs of the costume, and the right foot was placed backward. Due to our circumstances, we had to get it done as quickly as possible. The sewn-in feet would not be convenient for my child, who is almost 2 years old and walks. If we were to wear it as shown, his feet would become extremely dirty. To enable them to fit his shoes, I uncut the bottoms of their feet. Despite its cute design and rugged material, it is a sturdy costume.

Yareli Frost
Yareli Frost
| Jun 20, 2021
What a cute puppy! I think this costume is very cute

I appreciated the fact that the costumes aren't as heavy as I had expected since kids tend to get hot while dressed up. Wings are held in place by sturdy wire. If there was one thing different about the outfit, it would be the headpiece. If it had been a hood, my son would not have been able to pull it off It was 12 o'clock when I ordered The outfit appears to fit an 18 month old better than an 18 month old +. Yet it is gorgeous to me, and it looks like it's of very good.

Easton Collins
Easton Collins
| Aug 06, 2021
I love how cute that is

one hates hats, so the dragon head wouldn't be of any use to him. It could be Velcroed and he would wear it like a hooded down jacket. In spite of this he received so many compliments from everyone and he was the only dragon in the The velcro on the wing wasn't strong enough, and we lost it at the end of the night. As I kept replacing them during the night, I wasted a lot of time. Even so, it's still adorable.

Brayden Crawford
Brayden Crawford
| Apr 16, 2021
The costume was so much fun to wear

It is a lovely costume! I am so happy with it! I was so blown away by how cute it is! We received so many compliments! A 24mo) would be a great fit for my 17 month old son because he is short, chubby, and he has a chubby build! I only had a problem with the feet because it was easy to put on. As he was wearing shoes (size 6) inside the costume, it was a little demanding to get the dragon feet over them. In the costume, the body is a thinner material, so he wore long sleeves and pants underneath to keep With its thick and cuddly head and good grip, the Dragon head keeps his head warm and kept him in place. I enjoyed it very much!.

Gregory Hardin
Gregory Hardin
| Sep 22, 2020
This costume is perfect for a dragon

This is such an adorable The 12-inch television I bought is mine 18 months old, I have a baby who fits the bill perfectly. It was good for Halloween only it almost fell off his feet when he was done wearing it. With only a small sew, I can fix the problem. As for everything else, it held up well. Halloween was great for him, and he spent the whole night getting candy so he had the headpiece on.

Anika Fox
Anika Fox
| Jul 16, 2021
Put it into practice

I think it's just perfect. It is impossible for her to remove it. This costume is just perfect for Florida Halloween. It fits perfectly and isn't too hot. In dressing up 17 months, I kept the 50th percentile and in 12/18 month, a bit of extra room was left for growth, but not so large that she could not walk in it.

Waverly Wise
Waverly Wise
| Oct 17, 2020

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