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Garb Little Boys Bubba Golf Pant

Garb Little Boys Bubba Golf Pant

Garb Little Boys Bubba Golf Pant
$ 14.96

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There is 95% polyester and 5% spandex in the shirt
A waist that can be adjusted hidden within
There are two pockets on the front, two pockets on the back, and a
The ability to wick away moisture
On the back of the right pocket, you can see the Garb logo

Questions & Answers

What is the black color of Bubba pants?

Thank you for your inquiry about the Bubba golf pants in black, Cristina. Our Bubbas come in black as well, but we are sold out of them at the moment. It is available in Charcoal, but that color isn't available at the moment On Amazon, the way is not for sale. Thanks for your kind words.

The extra large might fit a waist measurement of 26 and a length measurement of 28?

I just bought my son the xs for him to use

Thanks for visiting. This is a boy of 10 years old. I would like to know what size you would recommend for him, he is not tall and he is thin. Can you give me any information about the colors you have?

Good morning, everyone! A size is set based on the age of the child. 9- 14- 15- 16-17- 18-19 For size 10, we suggest a Large size. The leg opening of a Large pant measures 26 1/2" long. It measures 24 inches from the top of the waistband to the bottom. An adult size large has a waist measurement of 26", and an adult size medium has a waist measurement of Our Bubba pants are currently available in White and Charcoal colors, and we suggest the size Large unless he is considerably smaller than the large measurements. I would recommend trying a Medium size if he is considerably smaller than the Large size. Best wishes, Sydni

Can you tell me how long the large pants are?

As for the inseam, it measures out to 26 1/2 inches for the Bubba pant in large size.

Selected User Reviews For Garb Little Boys Bubba Golf Pant

It was a great piece of material, but was too long and had some errors

Excellent material, but it was a bit too long and large for my kid. I like the lining of the pants into the waist, but it could have worked better if my kid was a bit more plump.

Lorenzo Meyer
Lorenzo Meyer
| Apr 30, 2021
This product is rated five stars

I like it a lot.

Francesca Sellers
Francesca Sellers
| Sep 19, 2020
It looks like he's having a blast Having them in the house is my grandson's favorite thing

A good fit can be found in them. It looks like he's having a blast.

Sophia Bowers
Sophia Bowers
| Oct 28, 2020
This is good

I bought these for my son to use There is only one thing I dislike about them they are see through.

| Feb 01, 2021

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