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[Newest & Best] Andobil 15" Long Cup Holder Phone Mount [Adjustable & Stable] Gooseneck Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount Compatible with All Car Cups and Cell Phones with Thick Case

[Newest & Best] Andobil 15 [Newest & Best] Andobil 15 [Newest & Best] Andobil 15 [Newest & Best] Andobil 15 [Newest & Best] Andobil 15 [Newest & Best] Andobil 15
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Version 2019 -[New & Improved] 2021 will be the year this cup phone holder is upgraded. You can protect your phone completely with this scratch cushion.
- [The most sturdy & stable of them all] Featuring a curved arm and a padded foot, this chair allows users to move comfortably Your phone must be well protected and protected from damage at all times The triangle consists of Supports can hold your phone securely, so you don't need to worry about it moving during a swift turn or a fast drive. The backing of it has soft grips to ensure no damage is done to the
- [updated for 2021] The cable should be able to be stored in a storage unit. Make sure that the cable has a permanent place to be stored in your It is the aluminum strip underneath the gooseneck that forms the surface. The fabric is soft and The connection point to both the holder and the cup base has been thickened, so even in extreme environments there is no risk of the cup breaking.
- [Easier to adjust gooseneck] Despite its soft and durable nature, the gooseneck is more flexible than most traditional goosenecks. It can be adjusted 360 degrees. You will be able to rotate it to any degree, whether horizontal or vertical. In addition, the 7-inch reclining chair has an adjustable backrest By adjusting the flexible gooseneck on this inch long car cup phone holder, you will get the best angle and position for your phone.
- [Wider expanding base] Based on the numbers 2 and 3, the base can be expanded. A 16-inch or smaller child It can fit with all cup holders up to 2.02", and it is made of durably PTFE material that is highly resistant to breaks. As a result, the cup phone holder will securely attach to your cup holder and will never fall out.
- [Hands Freed] Making calls and using navigation features (such as Google Maps) while driving is quite convenient. It helps to keep your eyes focused on the road and keep your hands on the wheel.
Unlike the standard adjustable base, the upgraded one can be extended in size longer. It falls between 16 and 18 A second With the thicker and wider quad-port phone mount, all types of phones The digits "0"- Cell phones with 0in) screens. Hence, all smartphones and round car cups will be compatible with it.
Coupon code saver] The Andobil car cup phone holder mount comes with 12 months of warranty coverage. In the unlikely event that the mount cannot be used for your car or does not work properly, then you are covered. Our customer service department can provide you with There is no doubt that we can satisfy your needs. This car cup phone holder mount fits other types of cups, including Lorry, SUV, truck, and coffee

Questions & Answers

How can I adjust the diameter of the holder to fit a cup of coffee?

As soon as you place the cup holder phone holder in the cupholder, you just need to twist it. The adjustment mechanism is simple and easy to use!

Do you think it will work with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

Using a Samsung Galaxy 10 I don't have any trouble with it. As it opens pretty wide, I think you'd still be able to use it with the Note 10 plus depending on its size.

Is the case able to firmly hold my phone? How does it work?

Dear friend, my heartfelt greetings to you. I consider this a very good cup phone holder. It has such a long and sturdy gooseneck that I think it's the best Whenever I have my phone in my cup holder, I mount it on the My Samsung galaxy s21 as well as my friends' 12 and 7 iPhones are both firmly held in place with this stand. It will be a great experience for you! Hopefully it will help you. Here is a video filmed by my friend while using it.

Is the product consistent with what the seller says it does? Could you tell me your experience with the product?

I love how easy it is to install and how sturdy it is. I cannot see through it, listen to it over the radio, and it is not blocking Due to it being closer and the fact that I don't have to stretch to use it, it makes me feel very safe. There is one less cup holder in this invention, but it is still impressive.

Selected User Reviews For [Newest & Best] Andobil 15" Long Cup Holder Phone Mount [Adjustable & Stable] Gooseneck Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount Compatible with All Car Cups and Cell Phones with Thick Case

It's of amazing quality, and its design is sturdy

This mount is really cool to me. Quality material and a sturdy, yet flexible arm make it possible to view the screen from a variety of I really like this mount for my This product has been tested on bumpy and dirt roads, and I have not experienced any problems with positioning or unwanted movement. It is of excellent quality and exceeds my expectations in terms of performance. With no problems, I was able to hold my Galaxy Note 20 plus Ultra. It is a versatile phone mount I would recommend to any person looking for one.

Nolan Bartlett
Nolan Bartlett
| Jun 21, 2021
I have never seen a better phone holder! This is my third attempt at a phone holder

During my testing, I tried the one that attaches to the blinker button on the dash. Too much of the HUD was covered up. I threw that one away. It is also worth noting that the vent clip did hold the phone, but it took two hands to keep it from coming off most times. This one is up now. It works great in the cup holder the goose neck is stiff but not overly stiff, and it holds the phone well. There is a quick release button to allow the phone to be released. A great value from start to finish.

Estella Berg
Estella Berg
| May 09, 2021
The installation is simple and the product is The following is a brief summary of the phenomenon By installing this Cup Holder Phone Mount in my car's cup holder (hence the name), I am eliminating the annoying clips that interfere with my air vents, causing hot air to directly blow onto my device during the winter, and the possibility of it overheating

Furthermore, no pesky magnetic holders will be left behind on my dashboard or on yours, and the best part is that no sticky residue will be left behind. This cup holder mount is easy to install, with an adjustable base that locks in to ensure a firm and secure fit for cup holders up to two inches in diameter. There are sixteen to four. It measures 2 The neck of the device can be adjusted up to 13 inches and can rotate 360 degrees The rotating function allows me to set my phone in either vertical or horizontal mode the anti-shock factor lets me set my phone in either My hands-free phone experience will no longer be hampered by a sticky surface and a secure grip, so I won't need to check it every 10 seconds to ensure it's still attached, which would defeat the whole purpose of going hands-free The first place to start is for free. I can vouch for this universal phone holder for its ease of use and strong value for the price. It works with Samsung Galaxy and Note devices, multiple iPhone models (from the 6 Plus to the iPhone 11), Huawei, HTC, LG, and more. You can use it vertically or horizontally *pros* cons* The cup holder can be too small to fit all cup holders, so be sure to check the sizing before purchase.

Corbin Carter
Corbin Carter
| Mar 22, 2021
I highly recommend this product! The following is a brief summary of the phenomenon I highly recommend this product! I'm amazed by its power!
Orlando Neal
Orlando Neal
| Apr 06, 2021
The holder can be positioned in a variety of positions and is highly stable

Buying two of these as gifts was my idea. It is easy to use, and the phone is raised higher than in a conventional phone cup holder, so both of them rated it high on their satisfaction scale. This cup holder has a knob that adjusts the cup holder size to maintain stability. This is an excellent product. A second one has just been purchased.

Jenna Hendricks
Jenna Hendricks
| Jan 28, 2021
Making sure the device is protected against damage and scratches

The following is a brief summary of the phenomenon The flexibility of the system A 4. 5 out of 5 star durability rating
Value for Money 5/5
This is a great value for the price. A perfect 5 out of 5
Packaging 5. 0 out of 5 starsThe phone holder on the car is made of high-quality plastic that will resist scratches This phone is resistant to damage and is safe to use. Designed with adjustable legs and bendable arms, the legs can be extended with a push from the push button. Under the surface of the gooseneck, there is a thickened aluminum strip that is soft and durable, so that sudden or sudden brakes may not be a problem With this phone holder, the body of the phone is securely attached to the holder so it does not fall In order to protect the machine from scratches, a soft back panel is installed. The system is ideal for all kinds of cars, safe for traveling, can be used to view maps or receive incoming phone.

Mavis Noble
Mavis Noble
| Apr 25, 2021
The money is definitely worth it When you pay for something, you get what you paid A phone holder does not fit easily in my new Mazda3 sedan, as there is nowhere to mount it

To put something there, I'd need something that extended out from underneath the infotainment and would be sturdy enough to go there. The cupholders are in a bad position either, deep down under the console, and far enough back that I could use them for something. While the phone holder is quite a bit more expensive than most, it does the exact job I needed and I could not be happier with it. Despite its size, it is sturdy and is of excellent There are top shelf materials on the neck, the base is firm and keeps its shape, and the phone holder holds it securely in place and then releases it with ease when the button is pressed. As for my family's crappy phone holders, I've had to deal with some of those in the past. It is very hard to get your phone in and out of them, they are not very sturdy, and their build quality is not very good. It does everything I wanted and had none of those problems, so I would recommend the brand/company to anyone willing to pay a bit more for something that does exactly what you want it to do.

Damon Little
Damon Little
| Jan 14, 2021
The lines of the product are nice and clean! There are a lot of different cars cup phone holders available, but I ended up ordering the Andobil Easy Clip Car Mount and I found it to be exceptionally well-made

I love the holder for my iPhone 12 mini. It is easy to place my phone in the holder, it holds it securely with silicone clamp arms, and it is delightfully easy to remove the phone with the quick release button. I found it quite elegant in my car, as it seems quite robust with clean lines. In a car, each driver sits differently, so this product has an adjustable tube that enables it to be configured to meet the needs of an individual user. I found the instructions to be clear and easy to follow. As a matter of fact, I have recommended the product to several friends and family members.

Mariah King
Mariah King
| Jun 18, 2021

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