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Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz

Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz

Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz

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The skin on your face will be gently cleansed and moisturized.
It leaves the skin beautifully moisturized.
You must remove hair that is unwanted.

Questions & Answers

Please provide instructions on how to use the product. ?

It would be nice to see the instructions on the box itself, but all in all you just need to apply the wax to your skin (there is a wooden stick included for that) and use the strips. There is no need to preheat the wax since everything is provided. However, if there is a need for it, you can

Could someone let me know if the packaging changed from the original white box to a black one?

The white one was what I expected! Let's hope the quality remains the same!

Has anyone found out whether or not this wax is gluten free? It was impossible for me to get in touch with this company. ?

In its gluten free version, Iranian cold wax only contains

Suppose you stuck the container and you cannot open it. What can you do?

Put the lid in a pot of hot water or microwave it for a few seconds to warm it up

Selected User Reviews For Persian Cold Wax Facial & Eyebrow Hair Remover, 2 Fl.Oz

This is the real thing

I consider this to be one of the best waxes out there. It's surprising that so many reviews are negative, so I wanted to give some suggestions (the tips provided here are pretty much as good as the ones on the listing) This needs to be warmed In any case, the consistency is just too thick to lay down a thin layer of foundation. Getting rid of thicker wax layers is quite messy, as you run the risk of stalling when you grab the strip, which can cause pain and bruising, not to mention not getting rid of any Whenever you are applying, follow the growth of the hair, but when you are pulling, disregard the In order to perform this exercise on my shins, I would apply my knee towards my foot while pulling my foot toward my in which pulling "with the growth" may work, but it is best to start out pulling against and reverse the direction Keeping your legs low as if scraping them is the most important part. You have to keep your knees low, while your arms are tight and your elbows are bent. If you rip the strip, they need to be very close to your body for the entire time you are doing so. By pulling the strip away from your skin (as if you were peeling the strip away), there is a good chance of only taking away some hair. In addition to speed, keep your hand parallel with the area as you pull. This is more important than speed, even more so than keeping your hand parallel to the area. These are some of the other tips you can use It is best to wash the area before waxing (and to remove any lotion or deodorant), and to let it Occasionally, if an area is not thoroughly dry, nothing will come off the first time. If that occurs, I immediately work the area again and everything comes off easily. The company I am with doesn't recommend waxing the same spot more than once, but that's rubbish advice unless you are waxing for the first time. I usually wax the same area multiple times, especially under the arms. It is also possible to use the same strip for a few "rips" before you move on to the next. If I were you, I would not do that more than a handful of times, lest the wax build-up speed up It gets too thick if you keep it up on the strip. Lastly, the smaller the area you wax in each rip, the less pain it will cause. Do not feel like you have to fill the entire strip each time. Put a 2x2 inch on each side. Your legs are an example of an area where you might get cramps. This method is also easier to rip because it is easier to keep your hand steady and close rather than keeping your hand open for 6 inches The diameter of this tube is 8 inches. I would also add that it's going to hurt at first, but it gets less and less painful with every waxing. This applies to shaving between waxings, though. After each waxing, shaving basically reverts the benefits of waxing for the long haul The hair will be sparser and will grow slower and will be less resilient to waxing. The amount of waxing I've done over the years has left me with almost no leg hair left. I have tried every wax out there, and they are all chemical nastiness that leaves residue on your skin that needs more chemicals to remove. You're looking at the real deal here.

Mira Cobb
Mira Cobb
| May 25, 2021
I LOVE THIS Waxes! The tips below will help you wax

Two days before I left for the Dominican Republic, I applied this to my bikini zone! Red bumps and any type of reaction I experienced did not occur. I have no problem cleaning up after myself. After soaking them in water for a little while, rinse them off, lay them out to dry, and you can reuse them. A pain in the back. I believe so. Your hair will fall out from the roots if you pull it out. Those who think it is not going to hurt are deluded. Each pull was painful for two seconds, but only for a short period. So, it's okay and the results are great! Even so, I had to use my tweezers to remove the stubborn hairs that looked like they were growing back. It was a hassle to do that when I had a professional sugar wax done, so I would rather do it myself to save money and time. Here are some waxing tips! This tip I have used only on my bikini line, but I think it could make a great difference. 30 seconds is all that is needed to heat the wax. In applying the wax to the hair/skin, make sure the wax goes in the opposite direction of the hair growth, then pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the In other words, if you have a bikini line, apply wax up and pull the strip down. The instructions say to do it the way the directions say to do it, but it only After that, I tried it for the first time this way. I have almost all of my hair.

Daxton Bolton
Daxton Bolton
| Sep 21, 2020
This wax is the best I've ever used! To remove unwanted body hair, it is difficult to find a convenient method

I dislike shaving because it irritates my skin, and good razors are expensive. Hot wax that has to be warmed is hard to prepare, often comes with a bulky warmer that you have to store, does not work for my hair type, and hurts. Traditional wax always leaves behind some hair that I have to pluck out with tweezers since I have very fine body hair. I have had great success with sugar wax and it removes all of my hair quickly, easily and with very little It's not even funny to me because I've been waxing my legs for years, but when I first ripped the first strip I didn't even feel it. To compare, I waxed one of my arms since mine hasn't been done in many years, and it was nearly as painless. There is a waxy strip that can be reapplied The paper can be used over and over again after it's been ripped In the summer where I live, I didn't have to heat up the wax, so I was able to use it right out of the jar. Due to its water-soluble nature, cleaning is simple. This is in contrast to traditional waxes that must be removed with oils. My goal was to try out the little jar just to be sure it would work, and it did. When my small jar runs out, I will definitely come back to the store to repurchase it. I will definitely use it on my entire body several times.

Lochlan Berger
Lochlan Berger
| May 03, 2021
It's so hard to describe how much I want to like it - There's no artificial stuff in this (aka a sugar wax)

Sally Hansen wax kits are what I regularly buy, but I saw this one and liked the reviews, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's so hard to describe how much I want to like it - (aka sugar wax ) is all natural and does not need to be heated. First of all, the hairs had to be at least quite long for it to work, at least for me. It may be a good idea not to grow out your arm or leg hair to such a length during the summer months if you are constantly wearing summer clothes that reveal your legs. Also, even when the wax did manage to do its job, it did not pull out everything. As a result, the end result was rather.

Maximiliano Caldwell
Maximiliano Caldwell
| Jan 16, 2021
The product did what it was supposed to do and I used it to spot wax places that I was afraid to use hot wax for

The process of applying hot wax can be a hassle since you need a warmer to heat up the spa tub, and it can leave your skin red and tender sometimes you might need to hurry and end up burning yourself. Since it requires a lot less heat, and the strips it comes with are great, it is a great wax! Simply wipe it off with a warm wet towel immediately after removing the wax, it's so easy. Waxing in the US is incredibly expensive, so it's a great idea for everyone to learn this simple and straightforward technique.

Aziel Rhodes
Aziel Rhodes
| Dec 24, 2020

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