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Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml

Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml

Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml
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Your hair is naturally enriched with the natural goodness of Amla (Indian gooseberry) when you use Dabur Amla Hair Oil.
With Amla, your hair is strong from within and gorgeous from the outside, so you look absolutely gorgeous all day long
Oil sold on the market as the world's #1

Questions & Answers

When Alma Oil is applied to highlighted hair, what happens?

As far as highlighted hair goes, I do not know. People have asked me if it was dyed that way. I have gray and brown mixed together, resulting in a dazzling gray color. Feeling good about my gray hair is satisfying to me. That oil is amazing! I just love it! Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful.

Is it really supposed to help your hair grow?

After reading all the research I have done, I have discovered The following are the first two points Achieves penetration into the scalp, allowing oil to penetrate as the hair The second type of item is 2. Prevent breakage and loss of hair by strengthening hair at its roots. The third point is Gracilis prevents grey hair by stopping melanin loss, naturally darkens hair, and naturally lightens it. The 4th point is the most important. It acts as an anti-terrorist *br>5 is an oxidant. Enhances scalp health by preventing dandruff An antifungal and an antibacterial A shampoo with anti-bacterial properties that provides relief from scalp conditions including dandruff. I would like to mention six things. *br>7. Enhances hair growth by creating a better environment. Copper and iron are bonded by chelating agents. As you can see in my screen shots, I use it as a darkening agent. I've been using all of these oils to darken my hair as well as make it softer and more

When I use this oil, will my red mahogany-colored hair turn lighter or darker? states that only dark colored hair should be used. ?

My hair is brown with light highlights, and I must admit it did begin to get darker quickly after I used the product. Although my hair is stronger and softer, it is stronger and softer. Congratulations on your new job!

Are you able to grow your hair with this oil? Can you please tell me the rate of growth?

A proper diet and regular care will also grow hair, not just the se of this product. A normal growth rate is 1/4 inch per month.

Selected User Reviews For Dabur Amla Hair oil - Natural care for beautiful hair, 500ml

This is the best stuff ever

Even though the label may suggest that the product will stop hair loss, it won't. will condition your hair so that it will be smoother and more elastic. The hair is less likely to break. Additionally, it tends to make the hair appear darker in color. We do not know what causes hair to fall I am interested in hereditary issues, vitamin deficiencies, hormones, and my favorite, the yin-yang principle! The stress of life! The hair on my head is naturally wavy and frizzy because I'm Indo Guyanese. The product works well to make my hair tame. Ensure that the hair is well oiled from root to tip. Let's leave in 1 hour and come back in My trip will last for three weeks During this time, I am going to wash my scalp well with a really cleansing shampoo before I condition my hair. The scent seemed to be bothering people. This smell is from Indian gooseberries, a medicinal oil. In my view, it's not a big deal. My experience has been positive. It hasn't had split ends or looks dried out in over two years since I haven't cut or trimmed my hair. To be successful in anything, you have to be consistent. For the hotter / sweatier months, I wash and oil my hair twice a week, for the cooler / dry months, I do it only once a week. I'm interested in other Indian hair oils, if anyone is. Let me break them down for you the Vakita Cactus oil has a magnificent scent and it's heavy weight, so it should be used as a shampoo. If you want to tame your hair on dry, you can use a few drops. It smells like lemon and rosemary and can be used as a leave-in after your hair is dry to get rid of frizzies. It smells sooo good like garlic as well as lemon and rosemary and heavy in weight so it After that, rub a few drops on dry to keep the frizzies at bay. Using this hair oil is an effective cure for dandruff. It is a medicinal oil that you apply only to your scalp. A wash is needed to get rid of it. There is a cooling and tingling sensation caused by the Navratna oil. Awakens the scalp by helping it to breathe. Wash out with water. All these oils have benefits I have used and I have used them all. It is up to you to blend them as you like. For instance, I apply mahabhringraj oil on my scalp for dandruff, and the rest of the hair is treated with amla, garlic, and cactus, depending on what I feel like using. You are about to get the best Indian hair advice I know about letting your hair grow. Ensure it is oiled faithfully & thoroughly Keep your hair secured at all times. Putting your hair in a bun with spiral bobby pins or an octopus clip, or braiding it without tangles is just the thing for this season. There should not be too much tightness, but it should be Snarling and breaking of hair is prevented by this product. Even though it may not be superstylish, it really does save your hair, especially if you plan to grow it all the way up to your mid back or beyond. When you do wear it out occasionally all the girls and boys will envy what a great long hair you have. PS -- in the photo my hair is oiled and I awaiting its shampoo and I liked this pose because it looked like.

Chandler PARKIN
Chandler PARKIN
| Jul 05, 2020
There's a lot of unfinished business Ingredients that are natural

When I read the ingredients, I wasn't excited to use the product since I am experiencing hair loss and going through menopause. Firstly, paraffin and secondly, canola oil are the two main ingredients. A fragrance containing Benzoyl alcohol is also contained. Skin and hair are not affected by any of them. Pure Organic Alma is better priced at your local health food store. DO NOT buy this if you're in search of a natural There are too many UN-related issues It's made up of natural.

Rowan Jensen
Rowan Jensen
| Mar 13, 2021
I am very pleased with how it's going so far! My name is Maddie, and the bleach I used on my hair fried my hair completely! *about 3 months ago, I went to the salon and dyed my hair different shades of blonde, and the result was terrible! As a result of this, my hair was extremely dry, and I didn't know what to do

In one of my favorite videos, she advised me to use Amla oil in order to prevent After purchasing it, it came very quickly, like within 5 days! I have been using it and I like how it doesn't weigh my hair down and it restores its original shine! I will upload pictures of the damage my hair has undergone due to Until then, let me just say that this is a good purchase!.

Carolyn Vazquez
Carolyn Vazquez
| Nov 01, 2020
It has been a pleasure so far

Whenever possible, I try to find great products for natural hair that promote healthy growth. As a result, I was intrigued to read the reviews here and also online. used this as a deep conditioner on my daughter's hair today, along with conditioner and a conditioning cap, and let it sit on her hair In my daughter's case, wash day is quite literally wash day because her hair is thick and cool. Her hair did not tangle after I washed it using this addition to her regimen. Her hair was easier to wash with this addition to her regimen. Her coils were rare to see and her hair felt soft, but are loose, never having seen something like this before. There is no question that this oil works and I can easily see myself buying.

Ricardo Warren
Ricardo Warren
| Oct 20, 2020
Don't spend money on hair masks that cost 50 dollars

Grail of the universe. For a short story, I have naturally dark brown/black hair that is naturally curly and wavy. My hair got burned at a salon because they over processed it when I was going from black to chocolate ash brown and got rid of every curl and wave. As a result of the burn I sustained from the enlightener, my scalp was covered in scabs. However, when I emerged from the shower, my hair was totally straight, nothing had volume whatsoever, and it was completely dry. The nightmare of a lifetime. Sephora's shampoos have all proved to be a good choice for me, as I use Olaplex. It helped save my hair that I even bought Olaplex 3 to help. It's been a nightmare for me since 2019. Slowly, it began to heal, but it was Over the next few years, I kept searching for products that would help my curly hair and dry scalp regain their natural shine. It was nice to leave in conditioner, but it could only be used for a short time. In my memory, my grandmother used the amla hair oil and I told her I knew it was a cheap oil many Indian women used. What ever they are doing, they have impeccable I left it over night on the first day of using it. I was amazed at how soft my hair was. The whole thing was unbelievable to me. My hair is beautiful once again, and I almost started crying when I saw it. I just love the way it is The first time I used it, I left it on overnight. I do so twice a week. There is nothing bad about the scent. There are just some people who cannot handle it since it is too My recommendation is to shampoo VERY well and to use lots of If you don't have an old shirt, cover your pillowcase with one. Amla oil has given my hair a soft and shiny feel and I know it's responsible for the regrowth. As it's 5 dollars more on amazon, you may be able to find it at a local Indian store - however I'm too lazy to go.

Micah Berry
Micah Berry
| Feb 04, 2021
Despite the feel of being a little strong, it really works

The smell is a little strong, but if you're African American or from a family of African descent, you're used to strong-smelling Not only is the smell unpleasant, but it lasts for hours. For almost a year, I've been using the same product every day without checking my hair length. It grew 3 to 4 inches in that time. I've been using the same product for almost a year. As long as one can take the smell, it is strongly recommended.

Raina Ball
Raina Ball
| Nov 19, 2020
This is your hair

No other hair type - only ethnic hair This product cannot be used on Caucasian hair This is a really strong and strong-smelling oil for dry hair or hair that needs some moisture before being washed. There is no way that you can put this on your hair and walk around. If you don't have a hot oil treatment, using this oil as a pre hair oil can be used just to walk around the house with a shower cap on. Once you try it, you will understand why you have to wash it out. You'll need a plastic bottle with a nozzle to transfer the oil. It is the same consistency as olive oil. I like this.

Vincenzo Bennet
Vincenzo Bennet
| Sep 10, 2020

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