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ella+mila "First Aid Kiss" | Nail Strengthener & Growth Treatment | Stops Peeling, Cracking & Splitting | Repair Weak, Brittle, Thin & Damaged Nails | Contains Vitamin E

ella+mila ella+mila ella+mila
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(Formula for strengthening and growing nails) by First Aid Kiss
There are no ingredients in the products DiButyl Phthalate (DBP) is formed when formaldehyde, toluene, or ozone are combined
Cruelty to animals and the vegan diet You can download it here
Designed and manufactured in the United States
There is not a single cruelty to animals in ella + mila polish.

Questions & Answers

If I do apply a coat every morning for the first seven days, or just one coat each on all seven days?

Allow it to stay on your nails for seven days after applying one or two coats (depending on your preference). You should remove the product at the end of the 7th day, then reapply and coat or two for another week.

This can be used under Color Street nail strips, right?

There's no way for me to I could not imagine it lasting after using Color Street Nails if it peels after just two coats. The products of this company are not something I would purchase

Does the polish itself have a blue hue or is the bottle itself blue?

Although it is actually translucent blue, it dries clear when it is applied.

It is difficult to understand the directions for first aid kiss. Is there a need for a coat every single Does it have to be once a week the first time?

I am here to assist you. Please apply once in the first week, follow the same for week two, then for week three, and so on and so forth. The following are the application instructions In Weeks I and II, these tasks will be handled by the class Clean, bare nails should be treated with nail strengthener in one coat. If the nails have been on for seven days, remove using a non-corrosive solution It is a removal agent for acetone. Throughout weeks 3 and 4, apply one coat of nail strengthener every two days. Removing by the end of the second day with a non-corrosive method Before reapplying, remove the acetone with a cotton ball. *As soon as you have completed the 4-week process, continue using You can use a hydrating nail strengthener as a base coat underneath shaded nail enamel if you need it. During this 4 week period, you may repeat the treatment if you feel your nails still need

Selected User Reviews For ella+mila "First Aid Kiss" | Nail Strengthener & Growth Treatment | Stops Peeling, Cracking & Splitting | Repair Weak, Brittle, Thin & Damaged Nails | Contains Vitamin E

Everything seems to be going well so far! This week marks three weeks since the start of the program

Everything seems to be going well so far! My purchase of this product was made last week. That is an absolutely sinful smell (and it is edible, so that could be a problem). So far, not a single chip has appeared! My nails feel like silk with this polish, which often makes me wonder if I have any polish on at all! I posted two pictures one on the day I put the first coat on and one from today (8 days after it). Overall, it has been a great experience so far! The nails on my fingers don't break or flake easily and have remained intact so far. Fingers crossed (pun intended) since I've gone with nails for the longest time. The full version of this post will be available The following updates have been made Now that it has been two weeks, this polish is absolutely gorgeous! I don't have broken or peeled nails, and they look just fine! In addition to feeling strong and healthy, they are also feeling well! The third picture shows the progress over the last two weeks. The following updates have been made They are still going strong three weeks later in the fourth picture. No nails have ever been on my hands in my 30 years of living Their skins always peeled and they You should check this stuff out!.

Gwen Glenn
Gwen Glenn
| Apr 27, 2021
This strengthener is really great! The scent is wonderful! It's my first time buying a dietary supplement, and I chose ella + mila due to its unique While some reviewers received the product pictures showing a pink bottle, I received the red bottle that is currently shown Is the blue formulation an old one? It has been my first week of using it, and I am enjoying it so far! The nails on my hands are quite thin and very flat

They also grow out lopsided. My nails seem to have become stronger after using this polish and only after one coat. I feel my nails look healthier too thanks to them? They have a nice sheen, and I also have a feeling they are more durable? As an additional bonus, the nail polish smells really really good too. Considering this is still nail polish, there is a chemical scent, but the product also has a fruity patchouli scent that smells This makes my nail polish application more enjoyable, although I might be tempted to sniff the polish because I keep sniffing it! The only thing that keeps me from giving these five stars is that it's more expensive on Amazon than on the ella + mila website. They offer the pink bottle and Amazon does not allow me to return nail polish, so that's something I have to live with. I'm starting to realize that Amazon's prices aren't always lower so certainly check out their website first.

Kelvin Saunders
Kelvin Saunders
| Feb 18, 2021
It is such a good feeling! Thank you so much for this purchase - I'm so happy with it It seems that a few nails on my hand have been consistently peeling at the ends over the past few months and I'm not sure what is It was an accident that led me to this product and I took a chance on it without any prior knowledge

My experience was pretty good with the product. I didn't even follow the instructions (which say to follow a 4 week process), I just used it as a base coat under colored nail polish and immediately saw results. As a result, my nails are now stronger, they're not peeling, and my manicures last a few days longer than they used to. In future, I will definitely use this as a base coat. I highly recommend it!.

Emerald Cardenas
Emerald Cardenas
| Jan 27, 2021
A mixed bag of feelings

The Blue would be great, but how about the Red? I got the blue polish formula in the mail. In light of this picture, I was very surprised to see a There is no doubt that this polish is effective. Having previously been a nail biter, I have tried just about everything to keep my nails growing. Once they reach a certain point, they peel at the tip or split at the edge. The nails on my hands were soft as well. I could not stand the feeling of my nails splitting even while wearing nail polish. It has been about two weeks since I have used the product consistently. I love how well it works! There has never been a time when my nails were The skin hasn't been peeling or splitting on me. The only thing that is bothering me is this blue coloration. I have seen some pretty decent growth in a short time. The color goes on clear at first, but after a few coats, you start seeing a grayish blue look to the nails! I hate it! This is not a good look at the end of the week when you are supposed to apply every day. two coats and three days, I had to get rid of it and start over from scratch. The blue color of the nails will also appear if you apply too much of a coat. A new product is present in the pink color, same formula but in a different color. They may be trying to dispose of old stock, I guess? The blue formula should not be used as a criteria.

Thomas Andersen
Thomas Andersen
| Jun 03, 2021
I really enjoy your writing

Using all the remedies available to me on the Internet, at least since Oct '10 I've been trying to repair my left pointer finger's split nail. My nail has grown long enough to finally cure the split as a result of this. Since then, all my other fingers are now strong and long (I never had long fingers because they always broke).

Dominick Peck
Dominick Peck
| May 05, 2021
You get what you pay for

I have noticed a noticeable difference in my nails since using this nail strengthener. My nails are noticeably stronger and grow longer when I follow the instructions for reapplying, as well as much less likely to be broken or peeled off. The ridge filler and the tweezers are both highly recommended!.

Malaysia Cardenas
Malaysia Cardenas
| May 21, 2021
$10 is a waste

I got worse nails as a result. Before using this stuff, I had healthy nails, but it often caused my nails to break while I was working with my hands. There are times when I need to apply a clear coat to smooth over a break during growth. Having tested it out when I got it, I painted a coat on to see how it would go. It has completely destroyed my nails after a single coat. have gotten so weak that they are brittle and peeling and have been trimmed down to nubs. I was happy to pay $10 for a bottle, even though that's quite a bit more than I usually spend on a single bottle of nail polish, since it was vegan and cruelty-free There is no charge. I regret to say that it was a total waste of money since I won't use it again in the future.

Camila Roberson
Camila Roberson
| Apr 17, 2021
This causes nails to turn greenish in color

I did notice my nails became stronger after applying this product, however by day 5, they had a greenish tint that made me want to take it off. The color was not the same by the end of the week. It would be great if the product was more clear.

Hayes Travis
Hayes Travis
| Jul 05, 2020

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