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essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary)

essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary) essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary) essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary) essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary) essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary) essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary)

essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary)

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The obvious way to get a clear top coat is to use With this quick-dried clear top coat, your nails will be sealed and helped to protect for the best shine. The gel is glossy and shiny It has a flawless finish, perfect for adding shine and protecting it from fading
Two steps in two minutes Here are the steps The Gel Couture glossy top coat nails helps create a long-lasting, gel-like look when paired with any longwearing Gel Couture color The finish of a top coat is the same as a base coat Swirls are featured in this product The stem and the curve - With a hugging brush, it's easy to apply
The iconic and trendsetting brands of the twenty-first century Our nail enamel shades are renowned for their unique textures and colors. Choose from exclusive limited edition collections, quick-dry formulas, lust-worthy longwear hues, and carefree nail colors.
A love of manicures is instilled in America's Nail Experts with a style and wit that has become the go-to guide for manicures This is the magazine for salon professionals and beauty enthusiasts, industry insiders, and celebrities
Nail Luxury by Essie Color Authority has a rich history of being a color authority and a leader in nail luxury. We offer an award-winning line of nail polishes and nail care products, all made to a high standard of quality

Questions & Answers

Would you tell me how this brand performs and how the quality is?

There are only a few top name brands like Essie and OPI on the market. The Essie Gel Couture nail polish should be worn on top of it. Although I have a longer lasting manicure, I minimize the amount of water on my hands by wearing gloves to wash dishes, wipe counters, etc. It is possible for me to go four Those who are constantly cleaning will be pleased to find there is absolutely no chipping after five days.

It can be applied on top of French manicures? What are the results of the yellowing prevention?

Almost any color can be used over it. Having used it over french manicures, reds, neutrals, and so on, I have never seen any yellowing of my nails. As for the nail polish, I think it works much better with other Essie You may not chip at all! In addition, it still prevents major discoloration unlike other brands and allows nails to last longer.

Could you please provide some feedback regarding how this kind of manicure can be removed?

Theodora Geldt You can also remove the nail setter with nail polish remover like you would normal nail polish. The gel manicure should be removed at the salon if not, it should be removed at home. At home there are ways to keep your nails looking good, but you need to be careful not to damage them

Can this be used with other polishes other than those from this brand?

Despite being made for other brands of polishes, I have no problems using it. Sally Hansen gel is not as good as the Essie brand. It has never happened to me that Essie gel colors or top coats chipped or peeled. It seems as if the polish always looks good once I take it off, however, with Sally Hansen it peels off the

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An amazing effect can be achieved by applying a thick coat

Besides the fast drying time, I can't live without it. I keep it on my monthly subscribe and save list. I can apply two coats of any color and one coat of this to make my nails look professional. For a gel manicure, you can apply a thick coat but if you prefer a thinner coat, you can apply the thinner coat and it will still look spectacular. Besides drying fast, it is very comfortable to wear. Then I reapply it every two or three days and make sure my home is free of dirt and debris I have had a mani for about a week and a half now without Only when my nails grow out do I have to take it off and start over!.

| May 30, 2021
Whenever it is brand new, it is great

Despite what it seems to be as a new top coat, it is so frustrating to use and find so frustrating. When it goes on, it has a much thicker consistency than is typically found in nail polish, which for me is positive, as I find runny polishes very hard does not smudge any polish it is going over, even if that polish is still tacky, and it dries really quickly to a high shine. Nonetheless, this top coat is incredibly effective, but as many other reviewers have highlighted both here and on the Essie website, the formula goes extremely thick and stringy quickly (and by thick I mean noticeably thicker than when it is new). When I used the polish a few days ago, I noticed that it had become very thick. I have had it since August 28. It has already been a month since the bottle was opened, so it's already starting to deteriorate. While it's still usable as of right now, I imagine that it won't last for long. You pay a lot for something that needs to be replaced every four years, and it isn't worth it if it has to be replaced this often There are 8 weeks left.

Addyson Edwards
Addyson Edwards
| Mar 15, 2021
This product is great however, its shelf life is too short! Essie makes the very best cosmetics! The Good To Go top coat is my previous favorite but when this one came out I switched to it and love You feel good when you do it It is much more durable to do a manicure at home The answer to this question depends on your specific job or project

Shine is the result of the thick, glossy coating. My only complaint would be that the last bottle I used got too thick and stringy after half the bottle was used up. I ended up discarding that bottle and having to get another one.

Violet Phelps
Violet Phelps
| Jun 14, 2021
Gels & Creams by Essie A setter top coat provides a thick, waterproof seal A top coat that will last for a long time, with tips for how to get one Designed to last, not to chip, and to be gel-based Finish like a champ! Since I am a huge fan of Essie products, in 2015 I purchased Essie's Gel Setter top coat I wasn't 100% sold on it when I first tried it, and it didn't seem any better than other top coats (Essie's Good to Go top coat has always been my Although I have kept it in my nail polish supplies, I have tried it occasionally

Then in September 2017, I made two minor tweaks to my nail polish routine, which turned into a completely new view of this top coat! With this new routine, I find that I can regularly get a 7-day wear time out of this top coat! It has been 10 days since I did my manicure and there has been no (or almost The top coat needs to be reapplied 4 times in order to achieve the greatest results After the initial manicure, I got another one 5 days later. The polish really does make a great imitation of a shiny salon gel manicure. However, there is no damage to the skin and no mess to remove. What's my routine?

I have a few things to do. 1. I wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water, scrubbing with a nail brush after I push back and trim my cuticles (I love the CND CuticleAway Gel for this) and file and buff my nails. The second point consists of two paragraphs. When I dry my hands, I clean my nails with acetone or alcohol, ensuring that there are no residues of soap or lotion left on the nail surfaces. The following are three examples of this. My natural nails are clean, and I apply a quick coat of OPI's Bond Aid It dries almost immediately, and is a great aid in adhering polish. The fourth point is that you should have a backup plan. One coat of Essie's Grow Stronger Base Coat is applied to my nails, and it takes about a minute to dry. Changing to this base coat has made a world of difference in terms of preventing chips. This is the first of the two changes I made recently. The following five points must be taken into account. Typically, I apply two coats of Essie regular polish (whichever color suits my mood at the time. My typical color choice is Mademoiselle if I want a light tone, or Wicked or Carry On if I want a darker shade). Every time I coat, I wait about 30 seconds. The following are six examples of bad grammar. Adding one coat of Essie Gel to my manicure completes it It is the setter top coat. The following is an abbreviation for 7. After letting my nails air dry, I cleaned them with acetone. WARNING - DO NOT WASH UNDER DRYERS 15 minutes is about right. In my routine, I've also added an additional step before finishing drying my nails. If my nails are still not dry by then, I use a standard nail dryer fan (one with a UV lamp) for regular polish (and not a gel dryer) to finish drying them. By doing so, you will be afforded time for the polish layers to cure and prevent bubbles from forming. Attached is a picture of my most recent regular manicure (I am wearing Essie's Mademoiselle) using the routine described above, all of which I did after four days. Despite my desire not to reapply top coat, I have not done so. My super shiny finish has not chipped or lifted so far, and there are no signs of fading. While I have been using the keyboard constantly, I have done dishes and tried to clean on different surfaces with antibacterial wipes and other products (without It is my hope that this will be It was not possible to provide me with any discounts or incentives in exchange for this review. I paid FULL price for this product.

Egypt Houston
Egypt Houston
| Feb 12, 2021
I always use this top coat because it doesn't chip for days! A top coat that lasts for days without chipping, and believe me not only am I an ER RN you are so washed 100 times a shift using harsh hand cleaners that it holds up like iron

In my opinion, it works great over any nail polish or other type of polish.

Addyson Hinton
Addyson Hinton
| Jul 05, 2020
There's no other nail polish like this

There's no other nail polish like this. It used to be that I had a manicure every week. My credit card bill is overwhelming when I think about how much I used to have my nails done by a professional until one day I started doing them I like the way this polish applies and that it stays on well. Using a brush is easier than the brush, hard to explain, but it makes it more appealing. The polish can be removed with any nail polish remover I don't even need to soak my nails in Acetone to remove it. It helps me save a lot of money doing my own nails, and I still end up with nice looking ones, as the polish is so good. I honestly don't know how to distinguish between them anymore. Adding this to your manicure will make you look professional!.

Francesca Powell
Francesca Powell
| Aug 16, 2020
DIY projects are made easier with this alternatives to gel

Despite trying for over a year, I haven't found a better alternative to the nail salon. The Sally Hansen kit was my favorite of the home gel kits that I tried. The above method is more efficient. Also, you won't have to worry about having to take off the gel from your nails at home, as it is really difficult to remove. It takes me more than a month to heal my toes. In fact, my fingertip lasts at least a week, and I cook, wash dishes, clean my house and type all the time, so I consider that pretty good.

Jaycee Conley
Jaycee Conley
| Apr 20, 2021
It takes a while for the matt effect to wear My first matte top coat was from a different brand/seller, and I had to return it

This one is certainly better than the first. I liked the ease of application, the fact that it dried relatively quickly and the lack of Other products I bought were just too thick and gooey for me to apply smoothly to them and they took more than a day to A weird odor like Krazy Glue filled the air as well. Despite this, after the first two uses, you can expect the matte effect to wear off It takes 3 days for the nail polish to begin showing its The bottle is smaller than most and costs more than most similar brands (although this seller actually offered it for It's definitely not due to excessive markups from sellers since it's $10 less than Target). My bottle of shampoo was bought a long time ago, and I won't likely purchase it in the future.

Boston Benson
Boston Benson
| May 09, 2021

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