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Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce

$ 125.99

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This baby stroller folds easily with just one hand, making it the ideal stroller accessory for going out and about
Easy to use, this attachment system allows you to easily attach any Graco Click Connect infant car seat, excluding TRUESHIELD side-impact infant car seats, in a single step so you can create your own travel system for any passenger.
Sturdy, lightweight frame is a great choice for moms on the go because it's very portable and gives moms ease of access
The stroller provides comfort for years to come, holding children up to 50 pounds
The reclining seat can be positioned in multiple positions while accommodating a child up to 50 pounds
This baby stroller folds easily with just one hand, making it the ideal stroller accessory for going out and about
This travel system securely attaches to all Graco Click Connect infant car seats, making it easy to choose the travel system that works best for you
Sturdy, lightweight frame is a great choice for moms on the go because it's very portable and gives moms ease of access
We look forward to many safe and enjoyable strolls
Reclining seat allows you to lay flat and accommodates your baby until he or she is 50 pounds.

Questions & Answers

Could theseat be removed from the body and washed?

You can clean your seat cushion by wiping it with a Afterwards, use only warm water and household soap to clean the stroller frame. Using bleach is never a good idea.

Do you know what kind of recline mechanism this stroller has? Does it recline in multiple positions, or just up and down?

You can do it in just a few steps. One hand is all you need to adjust the seat with by pinching a lever at the back. As far as I remember, there are three positions on it. It is possible to fully recline the chair. Since the child is reclining completely, there is no risk of falling over into the side of the seat while sleeping, as there is with other strollers that don't. Changing diapers on the go is also possible with it.

When it comes to the canopy, can it be adjusted to face the ?

Thanks for showing an interest in our product. Our canopy can be adjusted according to your needs. Clearly visible in the picture is the fully extended version.

Selected User Reviews For Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce

I really like this! I had to take a star off because after 1

I had to change my review. In five years of use, the tube has become stiff when it's time to close. There are times when I have to push all of my body weight on the lever to close the door, and sometimes it works fine. Apart from that, I still love this stroller and have used it for babies and toddlers as small as six pounds (with a car seat) and as heavy as forty This stroller was well worth the money, but I never had to worry about it closing quickly like it used to. Original Review I I am amazed at how light and beautiful it is! I was so pleased to discover that Graco's click connect snugride 30 quickly snapped into place! Even tried to click in my old classic connect snugride, and it worked too! The holder does click into and stay in place (but is not visible in the picture) even though it's not meant to hang on the classic connect. Color and design are appealing to me, as well as the fact that it is Additionally, the umbrella stroller lays flat completely and has a particularly spacious basket for a stroller of this type. To give you an idea of the folded stroller's size, I've included an image of it next to my IKEA crib. As well as the stroller with the car seat and with different canopy lengths, I have pictured it with and without it. As a walker (I have used 15 strollers and more), this is my third stroller that converts into a car seat, and I am very impressed with it! The book is definitely worth a read!.

Kaylani Weiss
Kaylani Weiss
| Feb 01, 2021
The short legs of tall people are too short

The stroller I ordered was primarily for a trip to Europe planned in the near future. It was important to me to have a stroller that was relatively lightweight but still compatible with our Graco click connect car seat as well. There are some really nice features with this stroller while there are others that I'm not too fond of. I'll try to give you my thoughts Among the advantages The words *br I like the design of the stroller, it looks really nice. The words *br There is a reasonable amount of weight to it, not too heavy but not incredibly The words *br Here's how it works One of the best features of this stroller is the ability to fold by hand. You can fold/unfold it in no time at all. The words *br It has a decent amount of storage beneath it. - It's a nice touch to have a cup holder. The words *br I found my 5 month old to be very comfortable in the carrier. The words *br The chair reclines to a pretty flat position, which is great for naps. The words *br Compatibility with graco car seats is a plus (2nd best feature), but has a few negatives The words *br I expected it to be lighter than it was. The words *br You can retract the end portion of the canopy. In general, graco's canopies are too slack in terms of staying in one place. They never stay fully extended, and they always fold a little as you try to move them. Considering they have so many great features like a folding/unfolding mechanism, I find it puzzling why they have trouble with such a simple thing. The words *br There is a bit of a narrowness to the stroller. It seemed to be very comfortable for my 5 months old when I was holding her, but I cannot imagine how she would be able to use it well past 2 years old. The words *br Here's what makes it impossible Low enough. You should not purchase this stroller if you are over 6 feet tall. It was uncomfortable for me to walk it at 6'1". The words *br The following are additional deal breakers I always kick the back wheels when walking due to the fact that it is low to me and narrow at the same time. The shorter person might not experience this problem as they can probably stretch their hands and stride further, but us giants suffer once again because we are so big. I am returning it due to its poor quality.

Dominick Levy
Dominick Levy
| Aug 13, 2020
I find this very There is nothing I love more than The month of January marked the birth of my fourth child

My decision to buy her a carseat without a stroller was based on the storage requirements for the car seat. Since I mostly wear my baby (I do not use the stroller much with my other girls), I didn't feel it was worth the money. The original version didn't have in mind the early days when a child falls asleep in the carseat, and you won't want to wake her to put her in the It took me a long time to decide, but I finally ordered this lightweight stroller, since it is compatible with the baby's car seat. I was able to receive my order right on time in 2 days with Prime. Unboxing it in the dining room was an amazing experience. I was thrilled that all I had to do was add the front and back wheels and I was ready to go! Had to wait for my husband to get home before I could fix it. I love how convenient everything is. This stroller is simple to use with just one hand, and it is surprisingly sturdy. The seat adjusts easily to whatever position you want, and I can adjust it with one hand. Car seat is very easy to install, very secure, and snaps in firmly. My favorite thing about the stroller is that it is much more compact than a full-sized stroller, but is just as attractive, and I can store it in my car much more easily. The purchase I made was a great purchase for me. Stroller is great at an even better.

Gianna Higgins
Gianna Higgins
| Oct 21, 2020
This is horrible

There are a few things that are horribly wrong with this stroller that make me hate it. When you lie your child or lift your child, the back to the seat of the stroller does not lock in evenly. It does not serve much of a purpose at all as a foot rest. As stated on the listing, the stroller is described as a light weight stroller, but it is neither Graco products are always good that's why I buy them and I'm not impressed this time. That money was spent in such a tragic way.

Thalia Elliott
Thalia Elliott
| Feb 12, 2021
The lightest weight you'll find! A trip to Disney is on the horizon and this stroller will be a great addition

I started using this stroller even though our trip is still a few weeks away. The assembly of this table was very easy, and it was very durable for something so lightweight. It's very well made with a bassinet feature, my child is just 3 months old but likes to face forward, she seems to be very comfortable and safe in the bassinet. The fact that it can recline more than an umbrella stroller and I can adjust the back support are some of its greatest features. As long as she is still little, I love that she can click right into the car seat too! The Breaze Stroller takes up less room in my trunk than my other stroller, the Graco Click Connect Fold Stroller, which I love too, but I have a small car so that stroller really didn't work for me. You can fold it effortlessly in one hand and unfold it equally as easily. It has a good size and it allows me to fit a lot of items under it. During our upcoming trip, I think this will make the perfect stroller. Because this stroller can hold up to 50 pounds, I expect its use to grow in the future.

Scarlet Hahn
Scarlet Hahn
| Apr 12, 2021

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